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Dris1983 avatar 9:47 PM on 11.01.2013  (server time)
OK, I'll stop with the lurking...

I made a decision to start blogging about the <3Video Games<3 one night ages ago after reading some of the blogs here.  I wrote this massive bio and filled in my personal details. Then did nothing. Bottled it. Writers block. Whatever. I went back to reading the site, browsing the blogs and making the odd comment here and there, but not ever really contributing anything to any discussion.

I'm generally a quiet, anti-social dude who likes peace and quiet, but I also like talking. Like most people I talk about what I'm passionate about, and for me that's gaming. If I get into a conversation about gaming with people, I can generally hold my own.  I just suck at starting them.

So anyway a few blogs I've read recently here have been these call to action, get off your arse and start writing inspirational pieces. And I sit here thinking, yeah I should totally do that. I read dtiod near enough daily. If I have a few quiet minutes between 5:30 and 6am, before my daughter wakes up I come here to read what the good folks write.

So I'll give this a go.

So, um, games.

God Eater.

So looking through the pages I spot the God Eater 2 opening anime article.  I got a thing for anime, I got's a Vita (<3), so I read/watch/get-hyped.  The opening anime looks sick, it's like Monster Hunter, which is cool, and I read somewhere it's going to get a EU release maybe when researching a bit of history on the series. Awesome.

Later I'm browsing the PSN store on the Vita and see Gods Eater Burst on there for £7.99.  I just been paid, so I'm feeling flush, and I've put my money down for a pre-order of XCOM Enemy Within, so why not treat myself.

I've maybe put 2 hours in, so I'm barely scratching the surface, but I see a lot of potential.  It's got a post-apocalyptic, Digital-Devil Saga feel to it which I can dig on, and plays pretty similar to Monster Hunter. I found a neat thing being that the right-stick of the Vita can be set for camera control which instantly makes playing easier.  It's looking pretty dated and the animations in the story are a little bleh, but it is a PSP game that's a few years old, and I have just been playing Dragons Crown, which is gorgeous on the OLED screen of the Vita, so I'll let that slide.

So yeah, good first impressions, this will do nicely for the two weeks until...

XCOM Enemy Within.

XCOM Enemy Unknown was a runaway hit with me when it was release.  It was sci-fi. It was unforgiving. It made me sad when Col. Xian, the sniper I had from touchdown in the first mission bought the farm. 

That was something I loved about this game.  The soldiers are randomly generated pixel junk, yet  over time they become old friends. Reliable.  They they die on Ironman mode. The void they leave in the game is unlike any other game experience I've had, they are genuinely missed, and from reading online, other people were having similar experiences, so I'm not as soft in the head as I thought!

Overall, it's a great game if you like turn-based strategy games, SRPG's or just a real challenge. It's not the best looking game out there, but it's true to itself with some nice lighting effects and atmospheric background music.  Seriously, if you didn't play this game the first time round, go pick it up, turn the lights off, make a cup of tea, and enjoy! Or hold off a few weeks and get Enemy Within, which overlays and expands on the original game.

Yeah do that.

So, um yeah, I think I'm just going to click publish on this blog before I bottle it. I hope it's not been to hard work to read, I kinda just splurged without structure.

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