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Well, what is there to say about me? I'm kinda like your average gamer: I like to play games, I like to talk about games, and I hope to work in the video game industry one day. I also hope to write a couple of visual novels (I'm writing out the story as a novel at the moment, but I'll probably get down to it one of these days) but I should probably get my life together first.

I do tend to enjoy videogames more than the average gamer would though: videogames have been my life for as long as I remember so it's as much a part of me as my personality. I can't imagine giving this up.

I have a wide variety of taste when it comes to games as I try to keep an open mind about everything that comes out: just because I play mainstream games Halo and Call of Duty doesn't mean I can't enjoy the underrated ones like Anarchy Reigns, Fire Emblem, and the like. I'm willing to give anything a fair shot... provided that I actually get a chance to play it.

If you want to know more about me, you can check out my contribution to the "10 things about ourselves" blog, that Mr. Andy Dixon asked us all to write as well as any other personal blogs here:

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I am also writing blogs about videogame themed doujinshi (yes, really). I'm just starting, so there aren't many written yet, but the few that are written can be seen here. If you enjoy these, feel free to message me on any recommendations, suggestions, or if one of the images I've chosen is too naughty. :P

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I don't just restrict myself to videogames though!

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If you read my Saturday recaps, you know that I'm not above talking about television shows on the regular. I mean, just this week I had a paragraph talking about the anime Inuyasha because they released the first season for free over the weekend! Though, then again, I have also written about sister incest hentai manga and some deeply personal blogs so I suppose nothing is really off limits to me.

Anyway, normally, I would wait until Sunday to post about my thoughts about the Season 5.5 premiere of AMC's The Walking Dead ("What's Happened and What's Going On?"), but since I got so much to say and talk about that I can't contain my excitement, I figure that I would just write about it here!

While I wouldn't say I'm a huge fan of the series, as the TV show and the TellTale Games are my only experience (though I Wiki the comic books to see the comparisons between the "Rick Grimes" story), I really enjoy watching the TV show. Now, I get that it's not for everyone: people like the cool, action-esque zombie flicks where there's tons of blood and gore, but the main appeal to me about The Walking Dead is how much they spend time on immersing you in the experience of living in a zombie apocalypse, where it's more than just zombies and bad humans: it's about surviving in a world without hope, and trying your best not to let it break you.

And I believe this episode best exemplifies that.

[WARNING: This blog will contain spoilers for the TV show, and the comic books. I'm also writing this late at night at the spur of the moment so there's no real structure to it AND I could be rambling, so read on at your own risk!

The episode starts off with a pretty cool montage of a funeral, and it makes sense: Beth, a character who lasted since Season 2, has just been killed. Now, while I didn't like the circumstances leading to her death, nor that boring-as-fuck "Slabtown" storyline, I did enjoy her as a character, so seeing her go was a damn shame, even if we did get Everybody Hates Chris Tyler James Williams (playing Noah) as her replacement. I can't say like his character, not so much that there's something wrong with him as I don't have much reason to have any attachment just yet, but hey, I felt the same way about some of the others, and I grew to like them.

Afterwards, we see half the group heading towards the shelter that Noah used to live in before being kidnapped for a year or two. Naturally, this being a zombie apocalypse, it has fallen, and Noah isn't the only one devastated: notably, Rick, Tyreese, and Michonne are pretty bummed out as well to lose a potential safe zone, and they're starting to lose hope whereas Glenn has already written this place off during the car ride. I like how Glenn used a CD as a mirror, and as they approached the place, he snaps it in half. I totally get symbolism, even if that one was too on-the-nose.

Recall that the group has been through a lot up to this point: it's been years since the attack, and every place they either thought was safe (Atlanta) or been to under the impression that it was safe (Herschel's farm, The Prison, technically Woodbury, and recently Terminus) has turned out to be short-lived, or downright dangerous. The show tackled themes of depression before, such as Beth's "desperate for a drink" subplot a little while back, but you can really feel like the group here is starting to wonder if all they'll ever do is just "survive".

Speaking of survival, this episode focuses heavily on Tyreese, played by Chad Coleman. Tyreese, to me, has been my third favorite character of the TV series (next to Rick Grimes and The Governor) because he feels like a radically different character in this scenario: while we first see him as a able zombie killer with his trusty hammer, after spending some time in the safe zones Woodbury and The Prison, he has gotten not just softer, but less inclined to kill. Tyreese even became someone very admirable in a world like this: not only does he NOT kill Martin for threatening to end a baby's life, nor Carol for killing his girlfriend, but he even forgave them.

As we all know, it's usually the people with a conscious that are the first to go, and sadly, after the episode also starts off with a bit of his backstory during the car ride, I could tell he was gonna die. See, Noah tries to console him that Beth's death wasn't his fault. If you recall, there was two options to deal with Beth's kidnapper: either they go in and silently kill everyone and extract her OR negotiate a deal. Tyreese manages to convince the others to do the latter because he thought there'd be no deaths on either side (remember that the deal only went south when the kidnapper's leader Dawn tried to take back Noah AND Beth stabbed Dawn in response).

Anyway, since Tyreese blames himself before choosing that option, Noah feels the need to relieve him of the bruden. However, Tyreese tells him that it went down the way it was always gonna go down, and that he isn't entirely "shocked" by it: see, his father used to "make" him listen to horrible news on the car radio because, in order to survive in the world, he couldn't turn away from what was happening around them, and this becomes a recurring theme.

After Tyreese motivates Noah, who fell slightly comatose after seeing the destruction of his safezone, that he should live because of what happened to Tyreese (who threw himself to a group of Walkers to fight to the death, only to survive and eventually save the baby Judith mentioned earlier), Noah wants to see his home. Tyreese accompanies him, and after leaving Noah to mourn his dead mother, Tyreese goes to investigate: he hears one zombie for sure, but he couldn't help but get distracted by a dead body of a young child, and as he looks as the photos on the wall, he gets bit in the arm.

Now, let me just defend Tyreese for a bit because I know a lot of people are gonna be like "that's so stupid: he KNEW there's a zombie yet he doesn't take care of it". Well, Tyreese, at this point, has stopped "unnecessarily" killing Walkers: while better safe and sorry, Tyreese couldn't take the constant killing anymore (shown throughout several episodes), that it's finally wearing him down. So, he no longer opts to do it unless absolutely necessary, which he didn't believe it was because he only heard one zombie, and it was supposefully locked behind a door (he does end up getting attacked by that zombie as well though).

I also want to say, for anyone saying he was distracted, how many times have you go out to do something, only to get distracted and realize five minutes later "oh shit, I spaced out?" Everyone makes mistakes. Even the black samurai Michonne almost got killed because when she used her sword to slice off a Walker's head, it was protected by a piece of rebar. Plus, he was hurt by seeing a dead child on a bed: even though most people would've "hardened" to it by now, Tyreese still had his empathy and emotions, and it just overtook him. I also liked how they used twins (one as a dead child and the other as a Walker) for this scenario because it further drives the point home that it's his emotions that gets him.

After Tyreese gets bit, Noah runs off to find the group, leaving Tyreese by himself to bleed out. Tyreese is starting to feel the blood loss and infection, and thus hallucinates in a damn cool way. Remember back in the prison when Rick Grimes hallucinated that a telephone "worked", and that the people on the other end telling him that there "was" a safe haven turned out to be voiced of the dead members of his original group? Well, this was SO much better.

As Tyreese is bleeding out, he hallucinates seeing Martin, the guy I mentioned earlier who tried to kill the baby. Martin is saying the same things that he told Tyreese earlier when he was alive (for clarification, Martin was only beaten by Tyreese, and later killed by someone else): if you're going to be a good guy in this world, you're going to get killed, and since Tyreese got bit due to his emotions over the death of a boy distracting him, Martin seems right in that response. Furthermore, he tells Tyreese that since Tyreese "forgave" him and let him live, it was his fault that his group came back and kidnapped Bob, whose foot they ate because they were cannibals.

Then, in another surprise cameo appearance, Bob is in the room, and he tells Martin that he's wrong, as Bob reveals that he was already going to die since he was bitten in the chest on a supply run. However, Martin keeps telling Tyreese that he should've killed him in order to save the group from their attacks anyway. Adding to the tension of the scenario, Tyreese not only hallucinates that the radio in the room is playing horrible news, but he later sees my favorite character, The Governor (reprised by David Morissey), whom Tyreese briefly allied with. The Governor, in case you don't remember, is a ruthless badass, and it was not only awesome to see him again, but in context of this "internal struggle" moment.

The Governor reminds Tyreese that Tyreese once said that he was willing to do anything to stay in the safe zone Woodbury, but that now Tyreese couldn't do it after all. We then see Lizzie and Mika (the two girls in the episode "The Grove") come back, reminding Tyreese that not only should he not feel bad for not wanting to be ruthless, but that it's better he's not. I thought this was a nice touch because, if you remember in this episode, Lizzie is a psychopath who killed her sister Mika to turn her into a zombie, and even though Tyreese and Carol agreed that Lizzie should be "taken care of", Tyreese wasn't able to do it himself. However, The Governor says that Tyreese needs to "pay his price", and then we see "The Governor" is actually a zombie!

After dealing with another zombie in a pretty cool way (the zombie was more powerful now that Tyreese is weakened so, to distract the zombie from biting his neck, he shoves his already bitten arm into the zombie's mouth), he further starts to hallucinate with Beth's singing. After her short song, she and the rest of the "group" that Tyreese no longer needs to fight anymore, and that it's okay to left go.

However, The Governor and Martin further chastise that Tyreese couldn't adapt to the world, and in a powerful scene, Tyreese defends himself from the criticism from The Governor by telling that he knows what kind of person he is, and how bad the world was because of the radio mentioned earlier: no matter what kind of news he heard, he never ignored it, and that he wanted to stay true to the kind of person he was because he wanted to do something to help, not add on to the problems of the planet. He believes that people like him CAN make it in this world, but The Governor is insistent that he "pays his bills".

Afterwards, Tyreese's arm is held up by Lizzie and Mika... only for them to be Rick and his group, ready to save him by amputating his arm like they did Herschel's foot when he got bit. The resulting visual style of this episode was awesome: as Rick and his group tries to escort Tyreese to the car, Tyreese constantly fades in and out of consciousness, so it shifts back and forth between what's happening in the real world, and what's playing out in Tyreese's mind, giving the whole episode a "Dreamlike" quality to.

Earlier, although I had the gut feeling that Tyreese was going to die because of the beginning of the episode, I wanted to believe that he could actually make it, especially after his short speech. Unfortunately... that doesn't happen, and I refound that sad realization during the car ride back. As Tyreese is bleeding out or succumbing to the infection in the car ride, he hallucinates hearing the radio one more time, and after a while, he shakes his head and asks to "turn it off".

Hearing that line made my heart sank so much, like you don't even know. I wanted so desperately for Tyreese to live because I wanted to see him prove that good people can make it. But after that line, and seeing the group pull over to check on his final condition, he was gone, and it made me feel depressed. Now, it may not be saying much because I tend to take characters' deaths more personal than others (R.I.P. T-Dogg, Bob, Meryl, Lizzie, Mika, Beth, etc.), but Tyreese's death really gets to me.

It's surely the most memorable death I've seen in not only this show ("The Grove" was equally amazingly eye-catching), but in tons of other media because it wasn't just about a character dying: it was the internal struggle shown in a really awesome, also fan-servicey way. I'll admit that as soon as I saw The Governor, I literally squealed: I love his portrayal of that character (the comic one is such a dick) and I was so glad they found a creative way to bring him back without seeming forced (since he was referring lines said all the way back in Season 3).

Anyway, personal attachment aside, I really loved this episode: while it didn't have the awesome action scenes and casual brutality as the Season 5 premiere "No Sanctuary", this episode had great writing (aside from one glaring flaw: why the hell is Noah, the guy with one messed up leg, is able to OUTRUN everyone else?), features a culmination of the tiny seeds planted throughout the seasons, and had an amazingly cool visual style reminiscent of The Governor's solo affairs in Season 4 ("Live Bait", another one of my favorites).

If I had to give this episode a score (this isn't a review as more as it is my thoughts on it), I would give it a 9.25, if not higher. The cameos were well done, and Chad Coleman was just amazing, but it isn't the only reason why I enjoyed it: even Rick's side of the episode was great, as we saw Michonne becoming desperate for a safe haven. When she kept trying to come up with ideas to salvage an overrun area, you could just sense her desperation, and Glenn's lack of resolve despite having been the funny one in the earlier seasons just shows that they're tired. I also liked how the funeral in the beginning was really for Tyreese rather than the recently released Beth for that surprise red-herring. Overall, this is one episode that I'll be remembering the name of for a while, especially since it's pretty damn catchy.

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You thought I wasn't watching.

You thought I wasn't aware of your antics in the comments.

You thought I was just sitting here, masturbating to hentai.

But guess what, punk?

...I WAS.

But I can multi-task.

Welcome to Round Two of Comments of the Week, hosted by yours truly, Dreamweaver! Comments of the Week is a showcase of all the wonderful comments created by the community for people who may not have time to scour every single article on Destructoid, or for those who would like a sample of some of the funny stuff goes down here! As always, comments will be placed under these lovely categories:

TRUTH: for times when you gotta stand up and applaud.

LOL: for times when you gotta throw your head back and laugh.

WUT?: for times when you gotta wonder "what the what?"

Without further delay, here's what them wacky Dtoiders say!

From Gearbox 'ready to start' Borderlands 3, begins hiring process

Dreamweaver: But then who will make the inevitable DLC for the Season Pass?

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Dreamweaver: Chris Carter has more Power to the Players than Gamestop.

From Touhou games may come to Playstation this year

Dreamweaver: What is thine "hentai" thou speakth of? And is there any of me?

From Witcher 3 may have Insanity Mode, deletes your save upon death

Dreamweaver: Ha, totally got me with that!

From Get your knives out: A list of the best point objects in the business

Dreamweaver: Sorry Sephzilla: you gotta come quicker than that.

From Phriday Night Phights: Phil is Dead

Dreamweaver: He confessed, but the joke's on him: never put Phil that close to your grandma.

From Get hard with Battlefield Hardline open beta

Dreamweaver: America: fuck yeah!

From Jessica Nigri is the new voice of Super Sonico

Dreamweaver: Oh, snap, he's the one! GET HIM!

From Where is our Dying Light review?

Dreamweaver: See, communication is important!

From Here are some things Bill Platt could have purchases instead of Amiibo

Dreamweaver: That's why they're called "Amiibos", amiright?

From Reptile confirmed to return in Mortal Kombat X

Dreamweaver: Those cold-blooded bastards.

Dreamweaver: Zoo gotta be kidding me with that.

From Already done everything in Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes? Try rolling everywhere

Dreamweaver: There are fates worse than death, like public humilation. :3

From Custom Mewtwo amiibo even has its own box

Dreamweaver: "Monster? I hardly know her!"

From Nintendo financials: 9.2m Wii U, 1.9 New 3DS sold

Dreamweaver: It was the peer pressure.

From Review: Nihilumbra

Dreamweaver: Why is 6 afraid of 7? Because 7 ate 9. What a jerk.

FromA Five Nights at Freddy's 3 trailer to ensure you don't sleep at night

Dreamweaver: I think "Wut?" is the best way to describe this.

From Unreal 4 can help make some ridiculously photo realistic apartments

Dreamweaver: ...The white stuff wasn't white when they bought it, was it?

From Ermac joins Mortal Kombat X roster

Dreamweaver: He's looking a little... wooden. Wait, are cardboard boxes made of wood?

From Senran Kagura: Estival Versus gets a whole new batch of voyeuristic screenshots

Dreamweaver: There are no words to describe how awesome that is.

Welp, that's it for this edition! As you noticed, I snip a bit of the article in order to provide just enough context so you could get the gist of the joke. Let me know if it's not necessary, or if it's a good idea. Again, still rough around the edges, I know (some of the pictures looks tinier than I expected them to be), but I hope you enjoyed it!

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9:47 AM on 01.26.2015

So, how does one start a blog that's about to get real heavy? With a funny joke, perhaps? Okay, here's one: a boy and a girl walk into a bar. They fell.

Alright, where do I begin from there? Well, I went to the school guidance counselor shortly after my first depression blog I've written a while back. I came in hoping that I would at least have some kind of path in my life, but it didn't exactly work out. I asked if they had any Creative Writing degrees but they don't offer it where I live. Okay, fair enough, so I tried getting the next best thing, which is probably becoming an English major, but...

You know that feeling that you feeling you're about to make a big mistake, and people know you're about to make a big mistake, but they won't outright tell you? That's essentially how that session went: the guidance counselor did virtually as much as she could (which isn't much due to the limitations of what they're allowed to say to you) to sway me from not taking that path. If I wanted to become a teacher or a journalist, she would recommend it... but since I didn't, she kept giving me that look that I could better spend my time.

That being said, I still have no path in life, and for the next couple of months, I tried to pretend that everything's okay by ignoring it. I went to my classes as usual and just tried to forget about how bleak my future is... but as anyone not delusional like me would know, ignoring something doesn't make it go away. I just keep smiling and hoping that perhaps everything would sort itself out, like whatever's supposed to happen will happen out of some divine intervention.

Remember, I was delusional at the time. Needless to say, nothing happened. Hence, blog.

It's the start of a new year and everyone around me seems to know where they're heading. My brother recently got married and is now living with his wife and stepson. My cousin is going to basic training next month and, if things go well, will ship out afterwards to become military police. My younger brother knows that he's going to college to become a physical therapist's assistant, and is so close to get a scholarship. He even plans to move out soon and live with his friends. All I can think about is how I haven't really made any progress in my life.

The past month or so, after the school semester ended, I became so depressed about my situation that most of my time was spent sleeping. I no longer had the energy to do much of anything.

So all I did lately was lock myself in my room and just sleep until I had to drink some water or use the bathroom. Obviously, and rightfully, my parents didn't like that, and they've became fed up with me by this point. I couldn't blame them though, and it doesn't help that I was draining their money by having them pay my tuition and books. Even now, I feel like I should just quit school to stop being such a burden because, hey, what's the point?

Lately, I've been under a lot of stress. It feels like I'm working myself through school for nothing. I don't even have a job because I thought being unemployed would allow me to continue working on my personal projects. However, I couldn't even work on my "novel" because of writer's block, and it frustrates me to sit there staring at an empty Wordpad. Even when I do write something down, I shake my head and say "that's not good enough" and delete it, repeating the cycle for hours.

I want to be a writer, yet I have so much trouble doing it. It's just starting to feel like torture after a while, yet this is still remotely even the closest thing I want to do in my life... and yet I can't seem to actually do it. It's hard enough to get the motivation to even type in the first place when you wonder if anyone will actually read it, but to then when I look at my work and just delete it all because I think I should've done it differently, it makes me so depressed, so I stopped for a couple of months.

Every full moon or something, I can sometimes get the urge to write, but they're typically fleeting. Two days ago, I managed to sit down and actually typed out part of the next chapter, and for once, I felt good about it. However, trying to replicate that feeling the next day, it ended up with me feeling even WORSE than before.

I still don't know what I want to do with my life. I still don't know what's going to happen to me. I don't even know if life is worth living anymore.

Yeah, lately, I've just been thinking suicide. It started out as just a thought, but the more I thought about it, the more it grew. Now, don't call the cops or anything, it's not like I'm trembling with a gun in my hands or anything. Hell, I don't even have access to one. But as I sit here, I keep wondering why I shouldn't one day do it: I wonder if the world actually be better off without me in it?

My family, and people really, always looked down on me throughout my whole life. They didn't like the kind of person I was, even before this depression fit. My parents were mad that I didn't have friends when I was younger, and they're especially pissed off about it now because my older brother is married and my younger brother has gotten closer with his friends. Before, my parents tolerated me, but as I said, we're wearing our patience with each other.

The others aren't as nice, though at least my younger brother is the most mild of them: he makes fun of me for being dateless and friendless, but it's just teasing. Still hurts though, but he's actually nice to me otherwise. My older brother was the worst. How could you get worse than my parents? By telling me that I should go fucking kill myself because I didn't deserve to live, and that no one would miss me. Regretably, it wasn't the first time I heard that: when I was in high school, I would hear it quite often, especially to my face because they wanted to see me cry. Thankfully, I never got beat up by bullies, but emotional abuse was still hard on me.

As an aside, my older brother mellowed out after he met his wife. He tries to be nicer to me now, but every time I look at him, I only remember what he said to me when I was in a dark place of my life. It's one thing to hear it from people who hated me, but it's another to come from blood.

After those experiences (except the one about my parents, because that was recent), it became harder for me to talk to people. Before, I could barely speak to people due to my shyness. Now? Now, I can barely make eye contact, if even. I get severely uncomfortable when people try, almost to the point that I need to run away. Funny enough though, I can look other people in the eye, but it's only when they're staring back that I'm uncomfortable.

Sometimes, I wish I could wear a mask when I go out in public to hide my face. Sometimes I wish I could just cut off my fucking face off, like I hated myself so much that I wanted to tear it off with my bare hands. Yeah, it isn't the first time I've thought about hurting myself. I still have a face though.

If I were to kill myself, would anyone in real life really care? People say all the time that the people around you do, even if you don't realize it... but I find that hard to believe, all things considering. People tell you that things will get better, and that's something I still have hope for... but doesn't look like it'll happen soon.

I said before that I was thinking of dropping out of school, and I recently told my mom that. She didn't take it well. We're a lower middle class family, and as someone who got good grades, I was always expected to make it through college, like it was the only way I could redeem myself in their eyes. So, after I told her that, my mom no longer thinks I'm worth the hassle anymore. I suspect she's going to kick me out of the house soon.

Before, I try to not overstay my welcome, but as we're losing patience with each other, I finally "snapped" under all the pressure getting to me: I curse out my mom, telling her to go fuck herself. Obviously, she didn't take it every well.

I don't know how you feel about me NOW, but I know that, maybe, some of you guys think I'm a really nice guy. And I try to be: every one of my family members, even the ones on my mother's and father's side, have all had issues with anger management, myself including, but I've always tried to be a nice, goofy guy, as though to break that curse. Unforunately, I failed, and while it doesn't happen often, it would be now that I made a big mistake.

Look, I don't have the means to survive on my own: like I said, I don't have a job, I don't have a car, and I only have a measly... what, a thousand bucks, and that's if it doesn't get stolen, to my name, so I'm screwed. If I'm going to get kicked out soon, and I sincerely believe so, since she's not being subtle about it, is there any real chance I'll actually make it? Why not just skip the middleman and end it soon?

You could say that dying to circumstance is more admirable than suicide (except, you know, I'm the reason why a lot of this is happening), but I've been seriously thinking suicide is the better option.

What if I turn my suicide into a sacrifice?

It's been years since I started thinking about suicide, and since then, I started to at least attempt eat healthier, excerise more, and all that. Why? Because I'm a registered organ donor. After I watched this one anime (which I will not name because it would be a spoiler to an emotional moment), it convinced me to sign up to be an organ donor, especially when you hear about how many people on an organ donor list die before receiving what they need.

What if everything happens for a reason. What if I was meant to watch that anime? What if it was meant to convince me to be an organ donor? What if my life became so hopeless so I would think suicide? What if, if I die, that I could save someone else? I've been in love with the idea so much that not a day goes by that I don't think about it. Once I thought of seemingly good enough plan to execute my suicide, I've become so much more calmer, as if I truly believe in it. In fact, just typing that out just makes me feel so at ease.

I don't know if I'm being delusional. I don't know whether it'd be a sin or not. I don't even know how I would actually kill myself, which the only part of the plan that I can't seem to find the answer for: I want to do it as painlessly as possible without even a chance to ruin my organs, plus it needs to be instant so medics won't try to revive me.

All I do know is that this is my backup plan. And being homeless would put the plan in jeopardy... so if my luck is being pushed, I feel like I need to cash in quick.

Again, I'm NOT committing suicide at this moment, the next, or even at all... It's just something I think about since, lately, I just seem to have cause to go through with it. Maybe my mom will cool off and I get a second chance (though I've been given too many second chances). Maybe things WILL get better and I'll look back and think about how I am thankful not to have gone through it.

Or, maybe when I do it, I'll be able to rest in peace knowing that I helped someone. I dunno. What I do know is that no big decision should be done carelessly, and if I'm not 100% sure, I shouldn't do something I can't take back.

Unless, you know, I fail at it, like others have. Wouldn't be surprising, really. I've always been a failure to everyone in my life, including myself. I tried to be unlike my family despite my conviction to do so and I still fucked up.

Like I said, I'm not ready to die soon. I've been suicidal before, a couple of years back, yet I can still describe it to this day: it was like running away from darkness while it whispers bad thoughts into your head. Your body starts racing as though you have an adrenaline rush, and you start breathing rapidly as though you just ran a marathon. Your eyes become empty, your heart becomes heavy, and your mind isn't in a good place. You hear echoes of people telling you to kill yourself, at least I did, and you're so impulsive and rash that the irrational becomes rational.

To tell you the truth, I don't even remember why I didn't go through with it in the first place. I just remember something in my mind snapped and I started laughing suddenly. I don't mean a laugh like "haha, that was hilarious"; I mean I laughed like a maniac, like someone would after hours of torture. I don't know what stopped me from killing myself...

But I don't believe I ever "recovered" from it. I never gotten to that place ever since, even when my situation got worse, but it's something that I still have within me. It's like as though someone cut the Achille's tendon of my soul: still surviving, but limping. I feel broken, in case you couldn't tell about the way I feel about myself, and I don't think I can survive in this world, but I don't think I can change either. Call it "learned helplessness" or being stubborn, childish even... either way, I just can't seem to get myself straight out.

Even now, I just look at everything and say "what's the point?" My future, if not the very present, feels so unstable. I could count the amount of people I trust in real life with both hands cut off. I feel like a failure in everything I do. There doesn't seem to be any hope for me outside a miracle, and even then, I can't even imagine how my life would even begin to turn around.

I can understand what some people feel like when they're suicidal: they feel like all hope is gone, like there's nothing they can do to help themselves, so the only reasonable answer is just to die.

I don't even know why I'm telling you guys all this. You guys are the only people I told these thoughts to. Maybe it's because I trust you guys more than anyone else?

Listen, you guys, I really do love my time here. Honestly, chatting with you guys, reading your blogs, and even just wandering into the comment section makes me happy to be a part of the community. Whenever you guys give me a shoutout, it's such a nice feeling because it makes me feel like I fit in, which is something I have trouble with in real life.

So it's not you guys' fault why I'm like this, and I sincerely hope I'm not ruining anyone's day with my bitching and moaning; I know a lot of you have actual problems like paying bills and raising kids whereas I'm just stuck in this rut. I also hope I haven't lost anyone's respect for me: I'm just a kid compared to many of you, and I must be sounding mighty childish right now... but still, in some ways, you guys are pretty much all I have left.

Whatever the case, whatever happens happens. I made too many mistakes in my life and I don't think my streak's running out.

Hello, there, I'm Dreamweaver! I think a little context is necessary for what I'm about to ask so...

While I joined Destructoid around 2009, I was never too involved with the community: I was a front page lurker, who would seldom comment on those articles anyway. It kinda makes me question why I had an account if I wasn't going to use it at all. However, rather recently, like last year, I started getting more active, even becoming a recapper in the process, and I gotta say, after my time here, that the Destructoid community is possibly the one of the best, if not the best community on the internet.

And part of that is because we're such a unique bunch.

Seriously, where else would you see a resplendid black grandma, a Canadian scholar, Robocop, a cult with an unhealthy obsession with Gardeoir, an ex-wrestler who leads religious youth groups, a Reinhold Hoffman, and a pervert who's so into porn that he critiques the story, all mingling together on one site?


OTHER than a site for Rule 34.

That's what I thought.

However, as good as the community is, people who have been active here much, much, MUCH longer than I have said that the community was actually really swell back. While my memory is foggy, I do remember that one of the reasons I loved going to Destructoid for the articles is to scroll down to the comments section: while it's cool to see staff members just chatting with people like us, the best parts are always seeing what zany reactions Dtoiders had for the news, as evident by all the gifs and snarky remarks we could come up with.

Of course, we can't keep up with every single comment, and that means that we can often miss a lot of funny jokes. I mean, how often do you check back on articles anyway? Not often, right? Plenty of times I leave an article, only to find out some funny things went down without my knowledge! Thus, this is my proposal to all you Dtoiders: let's revive a piece of Destructoid called "Comments of the Week!"

"Comments of the Week" is a simple premise. Over the week, someone would collect comments and place them into three categories: Truth, for those applaud worthy comments; LOL for the ones that makes you look like an idiot for guffawing in public; and WTF for the random remarks that makes you feel like your brain just suddenly switched off because you don't wanna absorb that.

Afterwards, they get to comment on the comments, then you get to comment on their comment of a comment in the comments section, and if that comment gets commented by another commentator...


My head hurts. What was I doing? *looks at internet tab* Oh, right. Reading porn.


Dammit, this is what I get for multi-tasking.

Anyway, sounds like a fun thing? Well, here's some bad news: unforunately, such an undertaking would be clearly heavy. After all, you not only got the front page articles constantly being seen and viewed by different people in different countries at different times, but more and more articles could be pumping in while you're reading.

However, the same could be said for the cblogs, but then again, not only is the workload easier, but that also has a team of 7 Recappers to round up all the blogs, one Recapper with his or her own dedicated days.

So that got me I thinking... why not attempt to do the same with the comments? For "Comments of the Week", we could have one person shift through all the articles released on that day for the funniest comments, then after the week is over, have one person make a blog using all the content the other members collected. If that sounds too much of a hassle, we could simply do "Comments of the Day", like we do with the Recaps.

Regardless, it'll still a lot of work... but if you're interested in seeing such a thing happen, then why not help make it happen yourself? Like how the Recap team is made up of unpaid volunteers who do it for the love of recapping your blogs (and talking about our lives), would any of you guys like to be a part of a new community group?

I'm not gonna lie to you, it could be a pretty big undertaking: not only would you be reading comments, but you might need to do a little "print-screen" cropping as well, as it would be a lazy effort to simply link to an article and say "scroll down". We'll figure it out later.

My fellow Recappers have been entertaining the idea to bring back somethings that has been missing as well: StriderHoang has been attempting to bring back Fapcast (a podtoid of the recap team, including the very eager PhilKenSabben) and Pixielated wants to do a monthly recap of all the blogs to post on the front page so we can spread the words and crazy porn blogs (mostly mine) of the community to the masses, perhaps gaining some new members in the process... so maybe the timing for this awesome idea is perfect.

I'm not entirely sure how this is going to work, or if I'll even be involved at all, but I'm writing this blog to gauge some thoughts and volunteers because I think many people would be delighted in reading something like this, and we're gonna need folks on board with helping.

So... you interested?

While everyone seems to be watching select shows on Cartoon Network like Adventure Time and Regular Show, The Amazing World of Gumball is the reason why I keep flipping to that channel: while it doesn't have the charm of the former nor the "slacker cool" vibe of the latter, The Amazing World of Gumball just has so much energy that rarely do I ever feel bored watching it. I mean, and this is just the opinion of someone who also enjoys the ocassional My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic but...: the characters are all excellently voiced, the writing is among one of the wittiest I've seen, the timing on the jokes are so on point that you could tell it was written by comedians, and has a unique mix of art styles from traditional animation to CGI and photorealism that I never seem to get tired watching some reruns on a lazy afternoon.

But just as how no cartoons are safe from the law of the internet known as "Rule 34", The Amazing World of Gumball also has its fair share of porn, and I didn't find that out because I "accidentally" stumbled onto it. No, I actually go out looking for it! When you think of cartoon porn, most people will rightfully assume one of a few things: it will be badly drawn, will be more funny (or disturbing) than arousing... and that some will still get off to it anyway. Now, I like to think I'm no different than the rest of you, so just like how some people who have an attraction to videogame or anime characters go out looking for smut, I don't discriminate: if I find a character attractive, then I want to see said character in sexual situations!

The fan art is pretty damn good though! Image is credited to deviantArt's Mike Inel! Click his name for more!

While there are a handful of pretty badly drawn images out there, I did have the pleasure of somewhat stumbling into a couple of things that I really enjoyed, and thought I'd share with you guys! Just like with my videogame doujinshi and original hentai manga blogs, I'm not just gonna dump a gallery's worth of pictures on you; I'm going to talk about a couple of pieces that are not only pretty decently drawn, but are also true to the source material!

Well, that's not entirely true: as with any type of porn, parody or not, there's always a few liberties taken when creating adult entertainment, like a character's bust line or how slutty they are. With these examples, the character have gone from their portrayal of anthropomorphized animals into a human-ized recreations, which is probably for the better. I mean, I have no problems with furries myself, but I think turning them into humans makes people much more accepting of it, and to be honest, I kinda like see artist intrepretations of these characters, like how Luna Sy likes seeing human version of Pokemon.

Alright, that's enough introductions! Now, don't worry if you haven't seen the show: I'll assume everyone reading is unfamiliar, and will provide adequate background information on the characters as we go along.

But check out the show sometimes!

[DISCLAIMER: As always, links are NOT SAFE FOR WORK, and may contain pop-ups and other negative things that may harm your computer. Please enter at your own risk as, like my many children, I claim no responsibility for!]

["Penny Possessed" by Inuyuru]

I can't help but read the dialogue in the character's voice. Anyone else do the same?

Starting with an original piece as possible, Penny Possessed is a short work from an artist who does porn comics of other cartoons like The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, Pokemon, and the aforementioned Adventure Time/ My Little Pony: Friendship of Magic! This piece stars the title character Gumball Watterson and two of the side characters, Penny and Carrie. Penny, the girl in the brown jacket, is Gumball's love interest over the course of the series, while Carrie is this emo-styled ghost with the power to possess others. Since Gumball and Penny are officially dating as of Season 3's episode "The Shell", when Gumball confessed his feelings towards her, the events of this comic appears to take place earlier in the series since it starts with Gumball is still shy about how he feels about her... as evident by the way he's embarrassed about accidentally letting that tidbit slip like in the TV show.

Actually, the comic starts with Carrie making a comment about how "there's gotta be some way", giving a hint that she wants something... and no sooner does she possess Penny does she reveal that she gots the hots for Gumball! Again, there's a couple of liberties taken here: Carrie doesn't seem to have any romantic interests, at least to my knowledge, and whenever she possesses people, they look like this creepy looking ghoul... but that might just be because having to stare at that would kill most people's boners (...but not everyone's). Either way, after "Penny" starts hitting on Gumball, he is quick to realize what's going on.

Nice comeback. Get it? Come... You get it.

Carrie, admitting that she likes Gumball, wants to get down and dirty quick. Even though Gumball likes Penny, he still hesitates: he doesn't want this to happen like this... but it could also be that they're only 12 years, but it might just be another liberty changed from the show. Either way, Carrie tells him that if neither of them will make the first move, then Carrie will use Penny's body to get what she wants! In the episode "The Ghost", Carrie reveals that she can't taste and eat food unless she's possessing someone like Gumball (of course, TV shows are rarely so consistent), so it makes sense that she can't feel herself having sex either, despite the porn-like dialogue of how she can feel it "even in her ghost form".

Since the gallery is only about 10 pages long, with only 8 about the story itself, the sex scenes are really simple and quick, not bloated like the 7 page blowjobs seen in "Fela Pure". There's not much to say about the sex, since it's pretty standard stuff, but when Gumball announces that he's about to cum, Carrie says that it's okay to do it inside since her ghost form will absorb it. I have no idea how the hell that's supposed to work, but it doesn't matter since Gumball doesn't question it and does that anyway. After she climaxes herself, Carrie immediately vacates Penny's body, who "wakes up" and surprised to see what a predicament she's in!

Carrie looking a little chubby despite not being able to eat...

The two pages at the end are just a better look at the artist's idea of a human Penny and Carrie. Penny, in the show, was seen as this walnut-looking character with antlers, and the artist decides to change that to a jacket with the antlers as attachments on the hood, like a Fluttershy hoodie... not that I own one or anything. Carrie is mostly the same from the neck up, though she's thicker than what my version of her would be... but I'm not complaining!

["The Bully" by Inuyuku]

Wait, is that an insult!?

Of course, liberties are definitely taken with another one of this artist's work because this next comic stars Tina Rex who, in the show, is a giant dinosaur (a T-Rex, to be specific)! While I'm not saying denying that there's no dinosaur porn on the internet, because it is the internet after all, in this next piece, Tina is portrayed in this piece as a lizard looking lady. This comic, rather than being an original story like in the previous one, is actually based off the episode in Season 3 called "The Fight"! As the title of the comic suggests, Tina isn't exactly seen as the friendliest character on the show: being the big ass dinaosaur that she is, she is seen as the butch girl of the group because she isn't girly, is easily angered, and quick to resort to violence, as seen on several accounts. In fact, in one of my favorite episodes, "The Quest", she was the main antagonist, as she chased the characters through a junkyard trying to steal back the doll she stole!

In the other aforementioned episode "The Fight", Gumball shows up at home with signs of being picked on, so he tells his family what his day in school was like: after he reveals that Tina took his money, tore his homework and resulting him getting an F, and shoving his face into his lunch, they believe he's being bullied. Gumball, however, being the "innocent" guy that he is (I say that in quotes because in most episodes it's his adopted brother Darwin who is usually the wide-eyed one), says that Tina is just having fun with him... but now that his family has pointed it out, he now can't stop thinking about it! Although his sister Anais tries to settle it peacefully by calling Tina up, she accidentally arranges a fight between Tina and Gumball.

Because of course she does, it's a cartoon: everything always goes wrong.

A little lazy, in my opinion, but a decent attempt to add some perspective shots.

Throughout the actual episode (so we're not at the actual comic yet), Gumball tries to find advice on how to handle this, but eventually he gets to the showdown with Tina... only to run away at the advice of his father. After getting a shiner by accidentally running into a door, he couldn't hide the truth from his mother, Nicole Watterson, who immediately gets enraged at the sight of it: previously, the only one who knew about this was Richard (his father), Anais, and Darwin, since Nicole was at work. Despite Gumball telling her the truth that it really was an accident, despite the fact that it was only because he was being chased by Tina, Nicole drives Gumball to Tina's house to not only order the two to make up, but to have a talk with Tina's father. Since Tina's father is an even bigger T-Rex, and Gumball's mom is "only" a cat, he dismisses her... but like a mother willing to protect her son, Nicole locks the door and has a "talk" with the dinosaur a dozen times her size.

This is where the actual porn starts: starting off with a slightly abridged version of the transcript of the episode (for the most part, it's pretty word for word), they both find common ground by realizing that the other's parent is scary as fuck. However, curious as the cat that he is, Gumball then has to ask if Tina was really bullying him this whole time. As he suspects the first time, Tina tells him that she wasn't, that she thought they were just having fun together. Sullen because she realizes that everyone sees her as a brute like her father, Gumball tells her that he doesn't think that at all, much to her surprise. This is where the deviation in the story starts: in the TV show, they hug and make up, and Nicole walks away from the fight victorious.

Art's a little funny looking as well, but pretty decent enough to get the point across.

In this version, Tina takes it one step further: she asks, since Gumball doesn't see her as a brute, if he sees her as cute. Saying that she is, Tina blushes hard at the compliment, and after pulling Gumball towards her chest, she then opts to give him a blowjob before finally culminating with sex. Again, like the last comic, the sex is really short, and there's not much else to say about it other than how odd it is to hear that "dinosaurs are actually sensual". In a brief reference to Nicole's "fight" with Tina's dad, I'm not entirely sure what's going on there: it doesn't use the same lines of dialogue as the TV show like the beginning conversation between Gumball and Tina did, and I think the artist is trying to imply that, like mother like son, Nicole is getting some. In another deviation, it ends on a different tone: in the TV show, Tina still "picks" on Gumball by shoving his face into his lunch, but he's much more accepting of it since he knows the truth behind it, whereas in the comic, you see Tina looking annoyed, maybe jealous, that Gumball is hanging out with Penny.

This is one of the reasons why I liked this comic and wanted to talk about it: while it's virtually unable to standalone since it assumes that you have seen the show, it serves as a great companion piece to the episode because you already have the background information, and it only deviates near the end, as evident by the way the comic starts by using almost the exact same dialogue exchange. You may say that maybe I'm having a bit too much of a nerdgasm and giving the artist too much credit, but I appreciate these little nods to the source material!

["The Fridge" by Manyakisart (45 seconds)]

Cats lap milk out of a bowl, so I imagine they're good at getting "milk" as well. *winkwink*

Unlike these other two entries in this blog, this last piece I wanna talk about is NOT a comic or anything like that... but rather, it's a short hentai (yep, they're getting fancy with it) video clip! However, though most of the 45 seconds is just sex stuff, not only is it still true to the TV show by being based on another episode, but it also features one of the hottest versions of my favorite character of the show, Nicole Watterson! As I said a couple of times before, Nicole Watterson is Gumball's mom, and I really like her as a character. It's no coincidence why some of my favorite episodes like "The DVD", "The Remote", "The Limit", and "The Mothers" heavily feature her: she is arguably the most enjoyable character to watch other than the title character Gumball or his best friend Darwin, especially since when she's calm, she has a really nice, maternal sounding voice... but she also has a temper that fun to watch her explode, to boot!

This short hentai clip (I believe this is the entire thing, unless someone knows something I don't!) is based on another one of my favorite episodes, "The Fridge"! Throughout the series, Nicole is seen as this really competitive, over-the-top person, and in this episode, she takes it up a notch! With a chart on the fridge, she motivates her family to "reach for the stars" by ranking what they perceive to be their top achievement for the week. While she places herself on the top for winning the company paintball tournament, even though Anais discovered a new bacteria strain, she is disappointed when it's Gumball's turn to say what he did for the week and comes up with nothing. Wanting Gumball to value winning-over-everything, Nicole decides to do something about it!

And you know what that means!

Oh, you know what that means!

...Funny enough, the sex stuff doesn't start yet... but did I fool you? :P

Okay, moving on with the episode, Nicole starts out with simple tasks like going shopping and snagging cheaper goods from other shoppers... but then it quickly escalades when she leaves Gumball stranded at a DESERT with no supplies and tells him to walk home! Gumball does eventually make it home around night time, but he comes home to a mess! He sees the place is trashed with the lights off, with the only source coming from a TV emitting static, which his father is sitting in front of. Gumball asks what happens, and Richard tells him that he trashed the house for being placed so low on the chart (I should mention that his character is actually extremely goofy and lighthearted, and that his "achievement" was trying to make a crayon out of cheese... so you don't get the wrong impression that he's some violence jerk) and that Darwin and Anais are depressed for not being moved up higher up. After hearing that his mom has actually moved him up the list above everyone else BUT Nicole (competitive, remember?), Gumball is slightly happy... but slightly isn't good enough, as Nicole is still not satisfied since Gumball still doesn't have the drive for victory at any cost.

Now, the episode goes on to have Gumball decide to challenge Nicole: if he beats her at paintball, she must tear down the chart, as Gumball could see what the obsession is driving his family into, like how a nice guy like Richard snapped. However, I mostly got this far for the set-up and context of the porn clip because it takes place between the time Nicole leaves Gumball in the desert and until he gets back, as evident by the setting of the dark house and the TV with static. Wanting to drive her family to move up the chart, the video is of Nicole Watterson giving someone a titty-blowjob combo, finishing it off with a cum shot into her mouth. When she finishes, she tells the character "maybe that'll push you to reach for the top", and as the camera cuts to the chart on the fridge, she concludes with the line "the fridge is waiting". Though, understandably, the creator had to use a different voice actor, the biggest disappointment is who the character receiving the "motivation" is.

Kenny? Kenny (from South Park), is that you!?

Rather than have it be her son Gumball, since that's who she's been trying to motivate this whole entire episode, this clip features her pleasuring who appears to be Darwin. Darwin, seen in the show as a goldfish with legs wearing green sneakers, but as a human character wearing an orange hoodie in this porn video, is the Watterson's adopted... something. Legally, as mentioned in the episode "The Genius", Darwin is only their "pet", but since he's such a integral part of the family, especially Gumball, he might as well be his brother. Regardless, I can't tell you how huge of a disappointment that revelation is; I mean, it's not like the greatest porn video I've seen, but it's probably going to be the only one of The Amazing World of Gumball at this decent a quality... but because it's Darwin instead of Gumball, I am actually heartbroken over this.

No, really, I'm serious. Imagine the last videogame you were actually hyped about but were disappointed when you got to play it (so mostly anything released in 2014, HEY-O!). Now, take that feeling and multiply it by like a thousand, since you know how it is with me and porn. Actually, a better example would be Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty: the game is good, and Raiden isn't bad, but you can't help but wish you were playing as Solid Snake. I mean, technically, it could make sense in the context of the actual episode since, if Gumball is out in the desert, he obviously can't have sex with his mom... but it also doesn't make sense since Darwin was already motivated to climb the ranks, thus making the "motivation" unnecessary. In my mind, this sex scene could easily take place after Gumball gets home as an alternate ending to the "paintball proposal": since Gumball still doesn't acquire the drive to "reach for the stars" even after beating everyone else, Nicole could've done this as the "final ensurance" to mold Gumball into the person she wants him to be... Because who the hell wouldn't want to have more sex!?

Women always be aroused by household appliance...

Anyway, ranting aside, I can't believe I typed up over 3000 words on The Amazing World of Gumball porn, but that's how I am with porn of series that I really like, and I really like these pieces because not only could they all kinda be canon, but the second and third entry provide enough context to place it exactly within the episode!

As always, thank you for reading! I hope you enjoy these as much as I do, and we'll get back to actual hentai next time around!

Photo Photo Photo

"Now I face out, I hold out,
I reach out to the truth of my life,
Seeking to seize out the whole moment, yeah!"

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 has great music... but that's not what the game is best known for, at least in my opinion. No, Persona 3 and Persona 4 are mostly known for a couple of things, like its difficult gameplay, the school simulator, and its unique style and presentation. However, if there's one thing that stands out to me when it comes to these games, it has to be the characters themselves. From Chie's love of karate and meats to Yukiko's horrible attempts of making a dish that could actually be edible, there are a ton of likable people in the small town of Inaba, and they are the friendliest people since South Park, Colorado! Speaking strictly for Persona 4 for this blog because my favorite crew of Persona 3 deserves their own entry, I want to showcase a couple of doujinshi that has exemplifies how well these characters like each other by showing you how intimate they get with one another.

Yes, that means hentai, ya horny fuckers. :P

[DISCLAIMER: Like any adult website, proceed to the link provided at your own risk! Also, although there will be story spoilers for Persona 4, one of them is a character spoilers that pretty much everyone knows by now. However, in case you haven't heard it and desire to play the game, proceed with caution! The other, more significant spoiler, will happen at the very bottom, and will have another tag. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.]

Sorry, there's no real way to imitate a deep voice in text.

[Glaucidium Palmatum]

This particular doujinshi was recommended by fellow Dtoider EdgyDude!

The story starts out innocently enough: Rise catches up with Naoto as she's leaving school, and thus invites her to go to shopping at Junes. We also, for some reason, see a short conversation about a couple of guys spying on the girls, debating which of them is hotter, with one overly enthusiastic guy talking about how Naoto's appeal comes from her tomboy appearance. This is the only time they appear in the story, and they seem to serve no other reason than to explain that Naoto is a girl, which, as an adult manga, we're gonna find out anyway. Now, that is the spoiler that I mentioned earlier that I'm sure everyone is well aware of by now: Naoto is a girl. Shocking, right? However, the reason I gave the spoiler warning is because, if you haven't played the game before, they tried to deceive you by showing off Naoto as a boy, made even more evident by the fact that she wears pants instead of the skirts the other females wear. So, if you never knew, and you're playing the game for the first time, you might not have known until the actual reveal.

Unless your female radar is just that good.

Senpai's a lucky guy...

Anyway, back to the story: Naoto, curious about what Rise plans to buy, learns that she wants to get a really cute looking bra for Yu. Immediately afterwards, Rise has the idea that she should get one for Naoto as well: she remembers back to their time at the hot springs together that she has a very boring, very practical one, and that just won't do! However, as reserved as always, Naoto is flustered by the idea, thinking that getting a bra would be useless because she doesn't plan on letting anyone see it anyway. Not one to take "no" for an answer, Rise not only find a nice pair for Naoto to wear, she even drags her to the changing room to have her try it on. As Teddie (of course) stares at them, he could see Rise getting a little too handsy, telling Naoto that she needs to feel her up in order to get an accurate measurement for her bust. When she starts getting a little down south than Naoto would prefer, you start wondering if a little yuri (lesbians) will be happening...

NOPE! In what could only be determined as a tease, the story shifts to the boys, specifically Kanji, whose nose is just gushing with blood. Apparently, Teddie's been telling a story to the others, much to Kanji's embarassment. Flustered, he tries to avoid the topic, only to get roped into another: Yu Narukami (I believe the official name for the Persona 4 protagonist is), being Kanji's elder, then starts talking to him about condoms and how he should not only start carrying some, but also learn how to put them on. After bagging on Yosuke for a bit, we watch the boys have a quick laugh before learning that, at the very least, part of Teddie's story is true: we see Naoto walk home with a bag from Junes, as well as a reminder from Rise to wear it tommorow at school.

Not the best Scorpion impression. Also: under my umbrella-ella-ella...

The next day after class, we see Kanji staring out the window, obviously waiting for someone. However, Naoto surprises Kanji by appearing right before him, asking if he knows where Rise is. Kanji says she's out sick with a cold, much to Naoto's disappointment, then asks if she needed her for anything... but Naoto drops the subject, much to Kanji's disappointment, every bit as awkward as any other high school drama. Naoto then decides to walk home alone, only to find out that she forgot to pack an umbrella (which is weird, considering how vital knowing what the weather will be is in games). Not wanting to get wet, she starts running home with her book bag over head to use as a shield, because fuck whatever's in there, only to see that Kanji not only caught up to her, but that he also has an umbrella that they could share.

They both walk home under the umbrella for a bit, but soon they must part ways. However, since it is still raining, Kanji, in his own unique style, tells Naoto that she can stay at his place because he doesn't want her to walk home in this weather and get sick. She agrees to this idea and heads on over, finding out that Kanji's dad isn't home. She starts undressing, taking off her signature black jacket... but since she has on white clothes underneath, and we all know what happens when white clothes gets wet, we could see the frilly little bra underneath. We aren't the only ones though, as Kanji manages to sneak a peek before Naoto could cover herself, embarassed because she doesn't think it suits someone like her. Kanji tries to convince her that it does, but he ends up tripping over something and knocking her into his bed... because of course he does.

I'm sure this is gotta be the start of another hentai...

From there, things get a little steamier: being so close to each other, they both feel some sexual tension, and Kanji can better admire Naoto's body. Still insecure about the bra, Naoto still doesn't believe it looks good on her, but Kanji keeps telling her that it does. Funny enough, Naoto still doesn't believe so, and takes it off to give to Kanji because he likes it so much! However, Kanji turns it around by dropping a smooth line on her about how it looks good because Naoto is the one wearing it... before dropping a smooth line of his own (if you know what I mean...)!

Realistically enough, the first time isn't so wonderful: after Kanji covers himself with a condom, he pretty much finishes as soon as he starts, and he even decides to call it quits by redressing Naoto's shirt. However, Naoto decides she wants to keep going, and soon the two share some sweet, sentimental sex with one another, trying out all kinds of different positions. Different from all the other hentai mangas, instead of finishing it off with one big cum explosion, it just... ends, albeit with a kiss. Kinda like softcore porn.

Come on, sound it out, big boy.

Afterwards, Kanji walks Naoto home at night. Kanji apologizes for taking advantage of her, but Naoto puts him at ease by telling him that she wanted it as well. However, she wonders if they went too far with each other, as she isn't the type of person who could express herself properly. Kanji, though, reveals that that's fine, because that was the kind of person Kanji fell in love with. After he confess his feelings, he also confessed that he ran out of rubbers during their sex session, ending the sappy school sweethearts with a little bit of humor.

Overall, this was a pretty great doujinshi! While it doesn't satisfy the base urge we had that drives us to read or watch porn (where's the crazy cum drizzling or the pussy pounding!?), it's stuff that this that makes me want to read hentai mangas for hopefully a well written plot. It feels like something that could happen in real life, and it definitely feels like it would work in the context of the videogame. It stays pretty true to the characters, which as I said, is one of the main reasons people love the series.


Say it, don't spray it!

Now, here's a doujinshi that I myself recommend! While you could probably assume that Yu Narukami went for Rise in the one EdgyDude suggested, this one has him gunning for Naoto, arguably best waifu of Persona 4! After school one day, Naoto asks to meet with Rise to reveal that she and Yu are dating, much to Rise's disappointment! Rise jokes about how she wanted Yu for herself, but after seeing how cute and flustered Naoto is at the thought of her stealing him away, Rise calms her down. Better yet, Rise decides to help Naoto when she asks her for her fashion sense: since Naoto is always wearing the black jacket get-up, even on dates, she wonders if Yu is okay with it. Of course, being the charming fellow that he is, he says that it's fine... only to remark that it would be interesting to see her dressed up like a girl for once!

So, after teasing Naoto that she doesn't know how to be feminine, and that maybe she could wear something sexy that shows off her body, she takes her shopping, just like in the previous doujinshi. However, rather than just a frilly bra, we get treated to seeing Naoto in a girly outfit, complete with a blouse, jacket, and skirt! It's so cute to see her in that get-up, though she had a couple of other cute, chibi-like moments sprinkled through the comic.

I like to think Kanji actually heard that and said "Hey!" out loud.

As Rise and Naoto are walking home, Rise assures Naoto that the date will be fine. However, in a wistful tone, Rise wonders if there's anyone out there for her, even asking Naoto if she could introduce her to someone! Naoto, on the other hand, claims that she doesn't... but suggests that Rise should be going for Kanji since they seem to have that kind of chemistry together! Naturally, Rise is flustered and denies any sort of connection, even almost going as far as to reveal the true person of Kanji's affection... only to stop before actually saying who it is. Getting a bit gloomy because both Kanji and Yu want Naoto, in addition to Naoto winning that beauty paegant, Rise teases Naoto by pulling her cheeks in an endearing fashion.

I kinda like how these two doujinshi compliments each other when it comes to relationships, and how interesting the coincidence is: EdgyDude's recommendation shows what it would be like should Yu date Rise and Kanji date Naoto, whilst mine shows what happens should Yu date Naoto. It's kind of like an alternate universe from one another because of the whole love triangle thing they got going on, like a "what if" scenario. It's also technically unnecessary since it's never brought up again (though this might've been a series) but still appreciated nonetheless!

*Cue sitcom "ooh!"*

Alright, onto the date! While Naoto doesn't wear the outfit she wore back at the store (which is a lot more cuter in my opinion), she does have a schoolgirl outfit's on. Anyway, this scene takes place at Yu's house, and it starts with how Naoto feels nervous being in his room. She then starts wondering how empty it's going to feel since, if you played the game, you know that Yu is only staying in Inaba for the rest of the school year. However, Yu assures her that he will be back to see his friends (which he does in the canonical fighting-game sequel Arena and Ultimax), but especially her, giving her a pat on the head and a tussle of her hair before a kiss. Revealing that his uncle and Nanako won't be back for a while, they decide that this is the perfect moment to share a tender loving moment with one another. The sex scene is rather short and sweet, even less than half the book if not a quarter, though it does end with the "cum explosion" I mentioned earlier... though more like a cherry bomb than a nuke.

Then, as Yu walks Naoto home (man, such fine gentlemen, these two boys are!), he sees that Naoto is walking funny due to their time together. Joking that Yu is more ferocious than a Shadow when he's aroused, Yu only smiles a chagrin smile... only to state that the next time they do it, it'll be at her place!

Overally, I like this doujinshi because, once again, it does feel like such a natural part of the story that it could easily be canon: they even establish some past events so you can figure out when it's supposed to happen. I also really like the art style of this book: it feels a little like Sailor Moon only not as overdone, and the cute moments feels distinctively Japanese.

[The Velvet Prostitutes]

She wanna l-l-l-l-l-l-l-lick me like a lollipop... Dammit, it's stuck in my head!

As an extra, because these are really too short to talk about in length, I got two more doujinshi that I don't recommend, but thought I should talk about anyway. First of all, let's start with The Velvet Prostitutes, which is essentially some horny guy wanting to have sex with Marie. Now, I never played Persona 4: Golden, and even though she appears in Persona Q, there isn't many scenes with her, so I have no idea who she is and what she's like. However, this story depicts her as this seemingly unwilling prostitute: unlike other hentai mangas, not only does she NOT like the sex, even eventually, she seriously just wants to get it over with. Honestly, this story is just a collection of various sex scenes, but I found it interesting because of her attitude; plus, The Velvet Room sounds like it could be a brothel... and also a fancy French restaurant.

Eventually, the guy hires Elizabeth to join them, and as you might expect, she's more into it than Marie due to her curiosity and personality. She even offers the man a "Muscle Drink" (woot, bringing in items!) to increase his stamina and prolong the session, much to Marie's reluctance. Like I said, there isn't much to say in terms of story, and it ends abrupty, but in case you like Marie or have weirdly specific fetishes like armpit sex, thigh sex, ejaculating in a sock or hat and making her wear it, then this is for you. Ya horny fuckers.

[DISCLAIMER: This brief section COULD contain MASSIVE spoilers for Persona 4. To avoid wandering eyes, I will try to be as elusive as possible in case you want to read it anyway, but the link WILL spoil it.]

[Vanishing into the Night]

Come on, do the bad guys EVER keep their promises?

This story, if you wanna call it that because of how light it is, starts hardcore and escalades from there: Chie wakes up and sees the serial killer of Persona 4. However, the villain not only taunts Chie for falling asleep while in the Shadow Realm, but he has already captured her female friends and has been using them as their sex toys. He then tells Chie that her boyfriend, Yu, has been defeated by Shadows and is being beaten to death... unless Chie gives in. Honestly, this doujinshi is just sexy fluff: if you have a fetish for mindbreaking, ahegao-inducing tentacle rape impregnation with the female party members, then this is for you. Why did I want to talk about it then? Because I like the cliffhanger ending.

Glum because his friends have disappeared, Yu is feeling depressed. However, one night during the Midnight Channel, Yu sees through the television not only the serial killer's face, but also what happened to his friends. The serial killer than offer something of a conundrum: like in the videogame, he's going to change the world by spreading the effects of the fog throughout the planet... but to stop him, the killer will be waiting at a location SEPARATE from Yu's friends, so he has to make a choice: will he save his friends, or save the world?

Which one would you pick? As if I didn't know the answer. Ya horny fuckers.


So, did you enjoy this blog? Hopefully you guys found it rather amusing! If there's any suggestions, definitely let me know! As always, you can check out older Videogame Doujinshi blogs with the links to your right! I don't know how often I'll do a hentai blog, videogame or original, but I'll try to do it... maybe once a week? We'll have to see! Anyway, you got a couple of ones you'd like to talk about? Don't be afraid to blog them yourself! Got a series you'd be interested in seeing porn of? Let me know below! I'll try to fit it in!

Yeah, sexual innuendo intended.

...Ya horny fuckers.


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