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Dreamweaver's blog

6:42 PM on 08.10.2015

Comments of the Week - Can't get it up edition

Welcome back to Comments of the Week! While I may have been a bit away during the week, that didn't stop me from spying on you guys! Like Batman and Gotham City, I'm where the site needs me most so even though Gamescom saw a...   read

6:53 PM on 08.02.2015

Comments of the Week - Let's all gather 'round!

Welcome back to Comments of the Week! Whether you've been stressed out by what's going on or not, why don't we all take a load off, cum together, then clean up the mess with our tongues? Comments of the Week is the place to ...   read

5:52 PM on 07.26.2015

Comments of the Week - Go ahead. Swallow.

That's right, Comments of the Week is back with another load of delicious comments from the community. Don't resist it. Just let it slide down your throat, slipping back your tongue as the uvula bounces off the tip like a sp...   read

4:04 PM on 07.19.2015

Comments of the Week - What's going on over there?

Welcome back to 26th edition of the second generation of Comments of the Week! As you already know, this is where I compile comments from community members to showcase some of the best things them wacky Dtoiders have to say ...   read

2:49 AM on 07.14.2015

A drawing for Satoru Iwata

I don't consider myself an artist or anything, but I felt like I wanted to do something different to honor the man, so I picked up the stylus and tried to do a decent drawing. I know it's not good or anything, maybe even dis...   read

5:36 PM on 07.12.2015

Comments of the Week - Doing things in the dark

Hello, everyone (who reads this blog), and welcome back to Comments of the Week! If you're still reading this intro, that's because you're new here and you have no idea of the wonderful comments I've compiled down below. If ...   read

4:58 PM on 07.06.2015

Comments of the Week - Am I doing it right?

Welcome back to Comments of the Week, y'all! Hm? What's that you say? You don't know what Comments of the Week is? Boy (or girl -- not sexist), quit playing dumb! You know this is a showcase of kooky comments that has been s...   read

4:38 PM on 06.29.2015

Comments of the Week - A little too happy

Welcome back to Comments of the Week! As you're all probably aware by now, this is a community showcase where I scour articles to find the best comments said by members of the site such as yourself. So, whether you've been d...   read

3:28 PM on 06.28.2015

Let's get a little gay (hentai) in here (NSFW!)

Hi, everybody! As you may have heard, there's recently been a ruling from the United States Supreme Court that same-sex marriage should be, and is, a right for all citizens nationwide. I'd say that'd be a cause for celebrati...   read

4:24 PM on 06.21.2015

Comments of the Week - E3 2015 Edition

Welcome back to Comments of the Week! This is a somewhat special edition of the usual series because all of the comments being featured today were said during the week of E3. "But wait!" you may say, "What exactly is Co...   read

2:21 AM on 06.15.2015

Comments of the Week - This tastes funny

Hey, there, folks! Welcome back to Comments of the Week, where yours truly set out to collect the best comments I could find that's been said by you, the community. Whether yor were out last week, or want to take a look...   read

7:18 PM on 06.08.2015

Comments of the Week - "What the what!?" edition

Welcome back to Comments of the Week, folks! If you're just tuning in, what took you so long? This is a weekly segment where yours truly gathers up all the funny things the community had said to compile them in one conv...   read

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