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Dreamweaver avatar 10:08 AM on 01.13.2014  (server time)
Fapping to Favorites: Videogame Doujinshi (2 of 2)

Welcome to the final part of my blog about my favorite doujinshis based on videogames! If you're just joining up with me now, while not necessary, I do recommend reading the first part just to get you up to speed. In short, basically, besides my first two examples, the introduction tells you how casual I kind of am about pornography, and how I sometimes read hentai mangas as a sort of hobby. While, yes, I do get more than just a kick when I read these things, sometimes I do adore the story inside: sometimes it's the typical, romantic fluff, which is great in itself, and sometimes there's some elaborate stuff going on that you're thinking "wow, they've put way too much thought into this."

For the next two examples, I kind of think they went above and beyond what we expect from mere porn. Word of warning, though: the subject matter for the next game may be somewhat distasteful if you haven't come across (dat phrasing...) or enjoyed any porn videos that deals in rape and such. I know the very first example I gave had rape featured in it, but it was done in a more comical manner (not that rape isn't a serious subject), and it ended up being much more than a simple rape story considering the twist that happens (again, click that link above for the details of the story); for the next entry, rape is, rightfully, depicted in a much more darker manner. I gave my impressions of how I felt about the next story fits within the tone of the game within explaining the story itself, but if you want to skip it, the doujinshi after it is less taboo, and really, the one that inspired me to write this blog, so I hope to see you again after the detour.

Sinner's Soul: Chain of the Wedge (Dark Souls)
Actual cover art this time!

Remember when I mentioned I used to write fanfiction? Yeah, one of those series I wanted to write was about Dark Souls, and, in planning out the plot, I had to look up tons of lore videos: see, Youtube already had a bunch of fans who put up videos of their intepretations of the game's lore, with tidbits and evidence from the actual game to support their theory. Now, because of that, I couldn't very well make up my own lore, especially since I didn't even find some of those clues they did, so instead, I used a mixture of my intepretation of the game mechanics and story, and fan's version of the universe, in order to come up with my version of what I think a character-focused Dark Souls narrative would be.

For that reason, I liked this particular entry of Demon's Souls doujinshi (which might be the only one to exist, at least to my knowledge) because it feels a lot like fanfiction: it uses characters that we know from the game, and they created a story that's not only befitting the tone of the game, but also incorporate some of the game's mechanics. First of all, while not bloody or containing any gore, the story is a bit darker than what I'm used to: in this world, just as the game is populated with griefing, newbie-killing players (at least Dark Souls was), this world is inhabited by people who abuse their ascension to power by killing anyone in their way, raping women (because of course they do) and just generally doing what they want in the midst of the world's ruin. One of the game's character, Yuria the Witch, becomes the victim of this tussle.

Not only is she gang-raped in front of her devoted protector, who is probably only left alive because performing the immoral act in front of someone dear to her is acting as a sort of ectasty to the corrupted men, but she then becomes one of the man's sex slaves to satisfy his desire. But while he praises her pretty face, he's not fine with such a slim, tiny girl, and instead, travels to the Nexus to seek the services (non-sexually, surprisingly) of the Maiden in Black. Like how players can use her powers to become strongers by fusing souls into their own, the man wants to combine Yuria's soul with that of a demon, which would contort her body into a pleasure-heightening vessel (essentially putting more junk in her trunk). Yuria, naturally, refuses to become something she wants to save the world from, but she's forced into it aginst her will.

To be honest, if I expected anyone from Demon's Souls to have a doujinshi, it'd be her...

But after she's been forced into incorporating the soul of a demon into her own, she soon stops being forced into sexual slavery: her mind broken from all the sex, though the translation also hints that the demon's soul might be corrupting her as well as the man's constant verbal abuse, Yuria not only accepts her fate as a sex slave, but she also finds pleasure in it now because she thinks this is her way of being able to help the people of this world since her abilities as a witch were, apparently, lacking and she thinks being a sex slave is a better way to serve the people. Of course, it's been a long while since she's been abducted, so guess whose skills with a blade have been lacking as a result of all the sex? Her master, who is promptly attacked by a mysterious black knight who kills the man's underlings and sucks his soul out of his body. As this black knight comes at her (pun unintended), Yuria offers him her body, but the man refuses, saying that he has come for her: turns out, this man was the soft-hearted protector early in the story, and when she realizes this after he apologizes for being late, she starts tearing up.

So, good ending, right? Nope: turns out, in the effort to become strong enough to save Yuria, he has lost himself, and became a brutal, cold hearted, killer that has become corrupted like the others in this story who ascended in power. In fact, to make the similarities more apt, he doesn't actually save her as he does take her as his own sex slave: he even tells her that she is his property now, and that he will take her by force if he has to. While Yuria was kind of on the edge of being "saved" (internally, I mean: she finds her hero too kind that she felt didn't deserve his kindness), and even becomes sane enough to ask for death so she no longer has to live as a demon... at his proclamation to force her to servicing him, she willingly accepts it, her broken soul now beyond repair as she thinks this is more acceptable to her.

Sounds pretty befitting for a Demon's Souls hentai, eh? A somber ending for such a somber story based on such a somber game: most of the art is even pretty dark in tone, even for a black-and-white color scheme, and clearly, demon Yuria is meant to exaggerate lust with her very plump portions, with her big ol' booty and her flopping breasts being just on par the Sorceress from Dragon's Crown. The atmosphere and tone of the story is pretty on point, especially as one tackled in many post-apocalyptic scenarios (I think Fallout 3 had some sort of harem with its devastated world since it's the best chance for survival for a woman, and Jacob's loyalty mission in Mass Effect 2, which features scientists on a stranded island, touches upon this as well) and, like I said, it works well even as fanfiction.

Kokui no Tenma (Darkstalkers)
I actually bought a copy of this

Speaking of fanfiction once again, although I've entertained the idea numerous times, I never actually wrote a piece featuring my all-time favorite videogame character crush: Morrigan Aensland. I've mentioned how much of an influence she has on me as a gamer, despite never having played a Darkstalker game before (I'm limited to the rosters on Marvel vs. Capcom games) and although my attraction appears to be surface level (unlike this fellow Dtoider's reason), Morrigan Aensland has been one of my many inspirations for creative fuel, and in almost a non-sexual way: while I dare not divulge the details of my story, I really wanted to write a three-part epic that incorpates the meaning of love to a succubus, and what that entails to for the human who falls for her. This stems from personal thought because I've always wondered what being in a relationship with Morrigan Aensland would be like (I guess you could say I dream about it). I may touch upon this subject again in another blog, but for the context of this one, I just wanted you to know how much I find Morrigan Aensland both alluring and a source of inspiration.

Anyway, back to the subject of fanfiction, this doujinshi is, from what someone tells me, at least, a reimagining of Morrigan Aensland's past, and it's actually a pretty well written one; in fact, as a standalone comic book issue, it's pretty damn good! Sure, the art isn't the best out there... hell, it's doesn't turn me on that much (which would be a failure for something supposed to suit my horny habits)... but I really love the tale it weaves: in the intro, you see Morrigan Aensland residing in a church when these thugs comes in and starts shooting up the place. When the nuns duck for cover and pray for God to save them, Morrigan gets out of her seat and kills these men violently with her demonic powers; this prompts the nuns to now fear their savior, who walks away not only thankless, but called a monster.

Ruthless; Over in a Flash

The night still young enough to be enjoyed, outside the church lies a demon who wants incapacitate Morrigan Aensland, and when she seemingly isn't paying attention, he goes in for the kill. Just then, a keen eyed young man spots the assassin, and rushing in to save her from a stab from his sword: he shoves her aside to avoid the brunt of the attack, but she tells him she didn't need his help and pushes him aside to chase after the demon. However, she starts feeling weak, and, upon closer inspection, her hand is bloody from the wound she gets from the sword lunge earlier. She questions why she isn't healing quickly and starts guessing that the demon must have acquired a demonic blade, but her attention is quickly turned to the boy upon mentioning that he has called for an ambulance; fatigued, she tells him that she's going to take a nap, and should she wake in a hospital bed, she'll kill him. Not left with many options, he takes her home.

While she slept, for some odd reason, she has a dream of the boy's past: when he was a child, he used to steal food from the local shops. When he got caught stealing, he got beaten by the villagers... but all of it was worth it because, even if he didn't get as much as he takes, he still smuggles a tiny bit for his little sister back at home. The dream takes a nasty turn when the sister starts coughing up blood, suggesting she's seriously sick... Regardless, Morrigan wakes up, slightly confused as to her location, which the boy, who reveals his name to be Anburo (at least, what the translators said), tells her that she's in his home. Morrigan asks if he's the one who patched her up, and he tells her he did, only that he, evidently, didn't need to: her wound had recovered by the time he brought her home.

She plans to leave for a bit for a walk but she is still weak, stumbling onto to Anburo. In the arms that catches her, Morrigan finds out that, when he pushed her out of the way to avoid the sword earlier, he get nicked by the blade a bit. He tells her not to worry, as it wasn't as bad an injury as the one she substained, and she appears to do just that: she continues to leave for her walk. Just then, the sister of Anburo comes out to tell him that she doesn't think it was wise of him to get involved with this woman, and Morrigan eavesdrop on the conversation before finally making it back to her manor. There, she asks an old demon about the sword that she was stabbed with: he tells her that it's relatively harmless to her, as the only main boon of the blade is its magic-negating effect. However, when she asks what should happen if a human should be struck, the old demon reveals that they will eventually die within 15000 heartbeats.

I'm Friends with the Monster

With this in mind, Morrigan goes back to Anburo to reveal this tidbit about him dying to the curse of a demonic blade. Naturally, Anburo doesn't believe her, but with no time to beat around the bush, Morrigan reveals her true form, the costume we've all come to associate her with, to prove her point that demons exist (though he inteprets her as an angel). She then pushes Anburo to a nearby bed and proposes the following: he can either simply die wastefully, or he could give his soul to Morrigan, apparently making her more powerful, in exchange for some steamy succubus sex. Anburo asks if he's really going to die, but Morrigan tells him that all humans will die eventually, sealing in his decision by seducing him.

As you can guess, they have sex multiple times, and, eventually, it comes to an end as she finally absorbs the remains of his souls. More powerful, and more pissed off, than before, all the more notable since she's had on a straight, almost bored face throughout most of the manga, Morrigan goes out and ambushes the demon who tried to assassinate her earlier, and unleashes her full fury... though not before mentioning that their name was Morrigan Aensland. Meanwhile, back at Anburo's home, his sister eventually finds his dead body, and starts suspecting Morrigan as the cause for this sudden corpse. That's where the comic ends, unforunately, on a rather abrupt and melancholy note, but all in all, I found the entire plot to be pretty interesting, and I loved it. It's actually been a bit of inspiration for the story I wanted to write, that I mentioned earlier, so don't be surprised if there's some similarities (if I ever get around to making it and publicly releasing it).

Honorable Mention: Ico

Just be Friends

Not much to say now, since pretty much the reason I loved these hentai mangas are because of their story, which I summarized (if not outright retold) in detail, I still want to give an honorable mention to a series that I've always searched to see hentai of, but never produced satisfactory results. So why it on this list and not a separate one of other series of videogames I want to see hentai of when this blog is about doujinshi that has been made? Well, first of all, Rule 34 exists: although the quality is questionable, there is almost always porn of a series, and if it doesn't exist now, it just may later; there's no need for another blog based on what I want to see appear, since, eventually, it will. And second, the reason I wanted to mention it is because the image above is freakin' teasing me: I said I wanted a hentai manga of Ico, and who better to pull it off than an anime artist who drew the above image?

Now, I want to say, before you look up his other "works", that his subject matters are very questionable in content (for this, I withhold the online handle he uses on sites like Danbooru, just in case anyone starts looking him up and is horrifed). That being said, he's one of my favorite: I love his adorable art style, as you can see above, and he's definitely the one who should ever make a hentai manga of one of my favorite videogames ever. He's not always doing adult material, as some of his doujinshis looks pretty interesting, and safe for work, to read (I haven't come across many that are translated), but like I said, I think he's well suited to make something like this based on what he's done befpre. You may be asking why I would want to see hentai of Ico, of all things, and, well, guess what: my next blog is going to explain just that! It actually stems from a bit of my interest within the game and personality, so it goes a bit beyond the typical "I'm horny for her" excuse.

Anyway, that's pretty much it: I've been reading up translated doujinshi for many years (mostly original works), and these are honestly the best I've seen so far (based on videogames). In fact, I wanted to have a top 5 doujinshi blog, but I had trouble sifting through my favorites trying to find which ones are based on videogames and not animes, which ones are worth mention, and which ones are just good enough to satisfy base urges; most doujinshi based on videogames are really just porn with a bit of window dressing. I do kind of think I have something unique to bring to the table of the wonderous community potluck of the Dtoid family, so I'll try to keep an even bigger eye out when I peruse hentai sites (maybe this could even be somewhat of a series!), but I don't want to force nor promise anything. If you have any suggestions, or just wanna comment, feel free to say anything! :D

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