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Well, what is there to say about me? I'm kinda like your average gamer: I like to play games, I like to talk about games, and I hope to work in the video game industry one day. I also hope to write a couple of visual novels (I'm writing out the story as a novel at the moment, but I'll probably get down to it one of these days) but I should probably get my life together first.

I do tend to enjoy videogames more than the average gamer would though: videogames have been my life for as long as I remember so it's as much a part of me as my personality. I can't imagine giving this up.

I have a wide variety of taste when it comes to games as I try to keep an open mind about everything that comes out: just because I play mainstream games Halo and Call of Duty doesn't mean I can't enjoy the underrated ones like Anarchy Reigns, Fire Emblem, and the like. I'm willing to give anything a fair shot... provided that I actually get a chance to play it.

If you want to know more about me, you can check out my contribution to the "10 things about ourselves" blog, that Mr. Andy Dixon asked us all to write as well as any other personal blogs here:

"10 Thing about Me!"

"Top 10 Favorite Videogames!

"Most Life-Changing Game"

"Top 10 Fetishes"

I am also writing blogs about videogame themed doujinshi (yes, really). I'm just starting, so there aren't many written yet, but the few that are written can be seen here. If you enjoy these, feel free to message me on any recommendations, suggestions, or if one of the images I've chosen is too naughty. :P

Part 1: Monster Hunter and Kid Icarus: Uprising

Part 2: Demons Souls and Darkstalker

Part 3: Blazblue

Part 4: Super Mario Brothers

Part 5: iDOLM@STER

Part 6: Persona 4

I don't just restrict myself to videogames though!

Two Siblings - Fela Pure

The Amazing World of Gumball porn (ya, really)

The Amazing World of Gumball porn part 2: Nicole Watterson edition!

I also have done a couple of Comments of the Week! Check out some of the articles here!

Comments of the Week 1 - Prototype

Comments of the Week 2 - Ready for Round 2?

Comments of the Week 3 - Rhyme for Reasons

Comments of the Week 4 - Oh, dream-maker, you heart breaker...

Comments of the Week 5 - Number 5 has arrived!

Comments of the Week 6 - Better check the clock...

Comments of the Week 7 - From out of the blue!

Comments of the Week 8 - Alive once again!

Comments of the Week 9 - Robo Revolution!

Comments of the Week 10 - Don't need no Facebook

Comments of the Week 11 - Just can't live with you

And just for giggles, here's a couple of blogs that I've personally enjoyed writing myself!

Videogame references in The Amazing World of Gumball (not porn edition)!

Pokemon Rap - Dibs on Miltank

Band of Bloggers: Stories from the Capital Wasteland

A Fantasy Fulfilled: Adventuring Akihabara

Short Story: Love Over Time (videogame related)

Ice Climbers fan fiction part 1: Siblings of the Summit

Ice Climbers fan fiction part 2: Siblings of the Stadium

Ice Climber fan fiction part 3: Siblings of the Subspace
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Yo, welcome back to Comments of the Week! This is a series dedicated to display what Dtoiders, such as you, have said in the comment section that I have collected in order to give them a second chance at popularity for the people who either want to relive that moment, or experience for the first time. The comments here can vary, but they can always be placed within these three categories:

TRUTH: money does not grow on trees.

LOL: but fruit does, which can be sold for money.

WUT?: so money does grow on trees, just not directly.

Mind blown, right? How many of you are going to start planting trees in your yard? Or are you all still too busy making hideous creatures like what happened last week?

From Save Me Mr. Tako! gives the damsel trope an octopus twist

Dreamweaver: Remember kids: always lock your homes for Holmes!

From Twitch will play a man in the woods for three days

Dreamweaver: Like reality TV!

From Pokemon movie Hoopa and the Clash of Ages to air on Cartoon Network

Dreamweaver: It was clearly a Tuesday.

From Microsoft's unreasonable demands caused Phantom Dust dev's demise

Dreamweaver: Gosh dammit, It's About To Get Gay In Here!

From Development on Kickstarter funded Midra paused

Dreamweaver: Seriously, if you can code a game, I expect you to know how to do math!

From Nintendo felt the need to share ten facts about squid

Dreamweaver: It's time to face the facts!

From Star Wars: Battlefront making silly laser noises first on Xbox One

Dreamweaver: I can't even imagine what that would be like.

From Destiny data miners uncovers new quests, missions, and social spaces

Dreamweaver: Ain't it the truth.

From Feeling bulletproof: Steam authentication available now on Android

Dreamweaver: Looks like Putin has been putting your login info.

From 2K Australia completely demolished

Dreamweaver: Why haven't we nuked Australia yet!?

From Should GungHo bring back Grandia and Lunar?

Dreamweaver: He never did answer that.

From Ion implements an old idea I had for a chemistry card game

Dreamweaver: This is comedy [Au].

From We're changing our review descriptions to be more emotional

Dreamweaver: WHAT DOES B DO!?

From What would a Daredevil game look like?

Dreamweaver: Worst sex scene in a video game ever.

From Mario Kart 8 gets 8 new tracks: Baby Park, Animal Crossing, and more

Dreamweaver: But there's still so Germany of them.

From XSeed just released this new PSP RPG in Europe

Dreamweaver: We all know Kanye's an ass man.

From Pillars of Eternity beaten in less than 40 minutes

Dreamweaver: Doesn't quite roll off the tongue. Pun intended.

Dreamweaver: Is that a good thing? Sounds like torture to me.

From Are you interested in Assassin's Creed Chronicles?

Dreamweaver: I never knew he had a thing for donkeys.

From F1 2015 feels mostly the same as last year with incremental improvements

Dreamweaver: I would totally buy his translation audio tapes!

From Nintendo's NPD sales report has a lot of numbers

Dreamweaver: Or future Hitlers!

From Miss PlayStation Home? Check out The Tower Unite

Dreamweaver: That's a lot of sofas.

Dreamweaver: ...Enlightenment makes my head hurt. Ignorance is bliss!

From Review: Titan Souls

Dreamweaver: Does it contain actual zombies?

Dreamweaver: But bugs give protein!

From Street Fighter V will be something that nobody is expecting

Dreamweaver: Court Fighter.

Dreamweaver: Because the end is coming?

From Gaming adjacent: Your favorite Attack of the Showhost is going to be an X-Man

Dreamweaver: Is that why you're called Occam's Electric Toothbrush?

Dreamweaver: He's busy making his handmade mayo!

From My new boyfriend is coming to Skullgirls this Friday

Dreamweaver: I don't know why you'd fondle a table, but hey, whatever floats your boat.


From Mortal Kombat X's fatalities too hard? Pay to make them easy

Dreamweaver: ...Then why suggest it!? *throws away baggies*

Dreamweaver: Left, right... what was the next part? Right again? Dammit, these are too hard!

Dreamweaver: Mental note: bring my own controller.

From EA's pulling the plug on four free-to-play PC games

Dreamweaver: I guess you could say "Love is a Battlefield"?

From Here's Mortal Kombat's first canonically gay character

Dreamweaver: 50 Shades of Light.

From New StreetPass game Ultimate Angler gets dark for a brief moment

Dreamweaver: ...

Yeah, I can't think of a better way to end this week's Comments of the Week, so that's it for now! Hopefully we'll get another edition soon, so make sure to interact in the comment sections! Who knows, maybe you'll even be featured next time!

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Welcome back to another round of Comments of the Week. We've been through this song and dance enough to know what it's about, but just in case: Comments of the Week is a series that showcases the best comments of the community for others to enjoy! So whether you've been gone for most of the week and haven't seen these live, or are just catching the re-runs, then this is for you! As always, comments will be placed within three categories:

TRUTH: people used to have to record shows with video cassettes.

LOL: I know! So stupid, right?

WUT?: How did we ever manage to watch TV back then?

You can catch last week's edition at this link right here. No VCR needed.

From First Ness, now his game? Earthbound sold out on Club Nintendo reward list

Dreamweaver: Gosh dammit Mike.

From Review: Etrian Mystery Dungeon

Dreamweaver: Okay, try to tell me it doesn't!

From Bastion on PS4 is still great, but not worth a double dip

Dreamweaver: Sexbox 360 sounds like a four person position.

From The Last of Us multiplayer DLC is not okay

Dreamweaver: The Last of Our Money.

From Persona 4's best character (also Kanji) gets Dancing All Night trailers

Dreamweaver: Yeah man, we were being nice about it.

From Yo-Kai Watch is coming west, thanks to Nintendo

Dreamweaver: I like that name. At least it's not as bad as a henchman named Keith.

Dreamweaver: No joke, I thought those were Japanese styled donut when I was little. I thought the Japanese were weird because of it. ...That didn't change over the years.

From Warner Bros. making a Five Nights at Freddy's movie

Dreamweaver: You'd think people would learn not to mess with America.

From Best Buy exclusive Meta Knight amiibo may be getting a restock this summer

Dreamweaver: It's just like the McRib...

From GTAV may be seven disc on PC

Dreamweaver: I hope no one takes off work for this.

Dreamweaver: This was days go... Did anyone actually send help? No? Let's pretend this didn't happen.

From Rumour: Uncharted The Remastered Trilogy listed 30 September release

Dreamweaver: Too much truth.

From Won't somebody think of the children?

Dreamweaver: Looks like people need to start thinking of the parents.

From Earthbound is back up at Club Nintendo

Dreamweaver: Wanna trade for my 3's and 7's?

Dreamweaver: That needs to be in the next Sup Holmes/ Samus and Sagat.

From One crucial tip for locating the new boss in Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin

Dreamweaver: Needs to be featured.

From Level-5 announces Fantasy Life 2... for smartphones

Dreamweaver: Where's the sunglasses!?

Dreamweaver: Such skills.

From Colorful action RPG Izle planned for all current-gen systems

Dreamweaver: For rizzles.

From LEGO Dimensions reveal trailer and release date

Dreamweaver: Gosh dammit, I say, gosh dammit.

From Review: MLB 15 The Show

Dreamweaver: Does the jockstrap match the pajamas?

From Pineapples are our future in No Pineapple Left Behind

Dreamweaver: A pineapple a day keeps babies away!

From Where the hell did Little Devil Inside come from and why is it AMAZING?

Dreamweaver: That's how plagarism start!

Dreamweaver: GoofierBrute sounds like a comic book name...

From Stretching Mario's face will never get old

Dreamweaver: ...Apparently a villain's.

From First look at Monster Hunter Stories for 3DS

Dreamweaver: People with Rathalos gets the bitches. Bitches loves Rathalos.

From An unconscious man kicks off Square Enix's three day game reveal

Dreamweaver: The Last Slice for Us.

Dreamweaver: How can anyone refuse such a stay?

From Beware this naked fatty in Bloodborne

Dreamweaver: Why are you naked?

From Make an unholy shrine to Sonic out of bones

Dreamweaver: Keep making that villain backstory!

Dreamweaver: Wait, is it a Sonic or a Sanic?

From Ghost in the Shell first person shooter coming west in 2015

Dreamweaver: Seppuku-mon.

From Podtoid records today, ask us question

Dreamweaver: Here's a question: does PaRappa wrappa when he goes digging for treasure?

Dreamweaver: ...I can't wait to hear how they respond to that.

From Friday Night Fights - Goodbye Sweet Prince

Dreamweaver: I always knew he was a dick sun.

Dreamweaver: ...Your guess is as good as mine.

From I hope Veryman.Expert becomes America's next great pastime

Dreamweaver: If you want to see more, click the link above (bet you just now noticed that)! You sick bastard.

Welp, we're ending on that nightmare fuel. Hope you don't get too freaked out to show up next time! Keep commenting, you fine folks, and hopefully we'll get another edition up soon!

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Welcome back to another edition of Comments of the Week! As you may know, Comments of the Week is a series where I, your host Dreamweaver, will select the best comments to showcase to others whether it's something funny, random, or questionable! This community spotlight is here to not only give people a first or second chance at 15 minutes of fame, but to also provide people who might have been busy this week to see what went down. As always, these comments will be sorted by three categories:

TRUTH: I'm right behind you!

LOL: Nah, man, I just be kiddin'.

WUT?: ...OR AM I?

In case you missed last week's edition, you can follow the link here. While I'm following you.

From Borderlands: Claptastic Voyage screenshots, we got 'em

Dreamweaver: Am I sympathizing with Kim Jong-Il!?

From MusicGlove helps stroke victims recover by playing Guitar Hero-styled game

Dreamweaver: For the people who need to do it but don't have people to do it for them.

From Review: Grey Goo

Dreamweaver: It tastes even worse.

From Dead or Alive 5 PC missing features

Dreamweaver: They're hoping the boobs will distract us!

From Metal Gear movie gets new screenwriter

Dreamweaver: May sell less tickets, but the theatre's gonna make a killing off concessions.

From There will be a Nintendo Direct tommorow

Dreamweaver: Be honest: how many of you thought it was Hitler?

From You don't know what you got 'til its gone

Dreamweaver: They told me I can't go Home again. I told them I never did.

From PlayStation Home is dead

Dreamweaver: Dude also looks like he's hovering over the couch. Ghost confirmed.

From Good God why: Jigglypuff a US Target exclusive

Dreamweaver: Why so angry?

From Badass with cerebral palsy beats Destiny's Crota with his feet

Dreamweaver: Is that why Billy's so chilly?

Dreamweaver: It's okay to laugh.

From First Apple Watch game approved

Dreamweaver: If only Eve was allergic to apples...

From Can't find anyone for co-op in Bloodborne? Try resetting the game

Dreamweaver: Did you say "lolnope" and slid down the ladder?

From Yoshi is trying to seduce me

Dreamweaver: That Charizard's always chasing tail because his is on fire.

From Assassin's Creed Chronicles: China gives the series a fresh perspective

Dreamweaver: I put a lot of work into female characters that caused me bankruptcy too!

From Review: Evolve: The Hunt Evolves Update

Dreamweaver: She can't talk with her mouth full!

From This isn't 'goodbye', it's 'smell ya later'

Dreamweaver: Basements teens are so overrated.

Dreamweaver: "Lots of lube" is never a terrible mistake.

From 800 Slowpokes escape secret Japanese research lab

Dreamweaver: Then the world is doomed. In, like, 500 years when they actually do something.

Dreamweaver: Neither could I!

Dreamweaver: You can walk but you can't walk forever!

From Star Fox in the Hanna Barbera style just looks right

Dreamweaver: Now I can't get the theme out of my head!

Dreamweaver: It really does.

From Amazon's giving away Bloodborne with new PS4s

Dreamweaver: Why use a fence at all? Have you not seen a Edgar Wright movie?

From Smooth Operator: Rainbow Six Siege lets you destroy suburbia your way

Dreamweaver: That taser probably helped the granny more than it hurt.

Dreamweaver: Then what is his final!?

From Pro gamers wear giant cotton onesies

Dreamweaver: They're professional asses!

Dreamweaver: ...Ew.

Dreamweaver: I've never seen anyone so passionate about Winne the Pooh onesies!

From Review: Story of Seasons

Dreamweaver: That dog will haunt my nightmares!

From Bloodborne beaten in under 40 minutes

Dreamweaver: WHAT? I'd go crazy just TRYING to resist that long!

From Club Nintendo posts Platinum and Gold rewards

Dreamweaver: But the vowels are the best part!

From Why Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem is light on the SMT, Fire Emblem

Dreamweaver: ...Can't it be both?

From The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing III will arrive on Steam this May

Dreamweaver: Whether I do it or not, my shower length is still roughly the same.

From Mortal Kombat X will have rotating free DLC characters, like League of Legends

Dreamweaver: More like blue balls.

From Oh good, there's a PC demo for Titan Souls

Dreamweaver: He never did answer that question.

From Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate's April DLC includes 14 quests, Sonic Palico skin

Dreamweaver: ...I just get directed to gay porn sites.

From Stick Shift let me jerk off a car

Dreamweaver: So this is what they mean by car porn.

From New Tropes vs Women series Positive Female Character debuts

Dreamweaver: Kim Jong-Il... wins? WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR AMERICA?

And that wraps up this edition of Comments of the Week! As always, I hoped you enjoyed this, had a laugh or few, and I hope to see you guys again! Stay who you are, Destructoid: there's no one else I'd want you to be. Except maybe my sexy sister.

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Welcome back to Comments of the Week! Comments of the Week is a series where I showcase a collection of comments that you, the community, have made that I think are worth sharing! So, in case you've been gone this week, or simply want to relive some of the moments you love once again, then this is for you!

As always, these comments are selected and placed into three categories:

TRUTH: did you know dolphins ejaculate at over 150 MPH?

LOL: no, really, it's true!

WUT?: I read it in a bestiliaty hentai.

In case you missed last week's episode, either because you weren't available or you simply miss it and want to experience it again, you can click here to see the show before getting started with this one! I'll wait.

From Get both Hotline Miami games in a brutal physical box set

Dreamweaver: Well, now I've heard everything.

From Believable rumor: Remastered Arkham Asylum and Arkham City coming this year

Dreamweaver: I'm okay with people wanting HD ports, but there's gotta be a limit.

From Someone rigged their Hearthstone turn to take over 40 hours

Dreamweaver: Why not? Just think of the missiles as "looping money shots".

From Guy beats Dark Souls with DK Bongos

Dreamweaver: But bongos soothe the savage Souls.

From Make your own visual novels with this simple tool

Dreamweaver: Now that you're featured, you are doubly obligated to make that dream come true! Hehe, come.

From Kill Strain, that MOBA shooter from Sony, will have an Early Access period

Dreamweaver: That graph also doubles as the state of my erections from arousal to orgasms. Clearly the reason why I'm single.

From You can sign up for the Rainbow Six: Siege beta with a preorder

Dreamweaver: Back then, people got paid to test games! Crazy, I know!

From How to find most of Bloodborne's hidden optional bosses

Dreamweaver: I guess we know now who's Bloodborne, amIright?

From How to locate the final, hidden boss in Bloodborne and achieve the true ending

Dreamweaver: To his credit, this means Chris Carter knows how to use his hands!

From New Splatoon screenshots reveal clothing, weapons, stages, and characters


Dreamweaver: Shame you're a ronin for life, because that's like Sensei wisdom right there.

From Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker's amiibo functionality adds a small incentive to replay every level

Dreamweaver: Naw, he's just charging up for the most epic bro-fist.

From Marvelous, Senran Kagura creator launch new series

Dreamweaver: All those years of swinging women around have prepared me for this.

Dreamweaver: I'm not sure if I'm coming or going.

Dreamweaver: The joke is that the shovel is Occam's grandma who turned into a weapon. Also a lesbian.

From Nintendo: 'Splatoon is aiming to do for action shooters what Mario Kart did to racing

Dreamweaver: Like something Kanye would do!

From More Dissidia Final Fantasy arcade cabinet details coming April

Dreamweaver: Or not enough, depending on how you look at him.

From Man at Arms crafts Legend of Zeda shield

Dreamweaver: I hear Arms is nice this time of year.

From Senran Kagura sticks tongue through cheek with jiggling website, fake boob-based console

Dreamweaver: This is why I can't make eye contact with girls unless they're flat-chested. At which point I probably wouldn't be talking to them in the first place.

From Your PS4 is getting better tommorow with the Yukimura update

Dreamweaver: You can't miss it: it's the console actually running away!

From Devolver Digital & Dtoid Live Stream: Not a Hero

Dreamweaver: They wouldn't if you had a beard!

From Review: Game of Thrones: A Telltale Game Series: The Sword in the Darkness

Dreamweaver: I guess he colon't handle it.

From Grand Theft Auto V graphics are worse in recent update

Dreamweaver: So soon?

From Review: Jump'N'Shoot Attack

Dreamweaver: I jumped N and shoot attack at people. It wasn't very effective.

From Dirty Bomb aims high with its focus on hardcore FPS action

Dreamweaver: You're not a dick, you're a cock. Totally different.

From 1001 Spikes Wii U off-TV patch finally coming

Dreamweaver: What happens if you lose count?

From Want to know exactly how Xenoblade Chronicles 3D's amiibo and StreetPass mechanics work

Dreamweaver: He never did answer that.

From Nippon Ichi Software now committing to PS4 and Vita

Dreamweaver: ...Never before did I want Rule 34 of a Vita.

From Batman: Arkham Knight delayed once again

Dreamweaver: Seriously, how outdated are they?

Dreamweaver: ...I don't want to come in there.

From We're streaming Bloodborne right now

Dreamweaver: I hope these guys aren't going to be streaming Bloodborne if you know what I mean. Which, I hope you don't, because even that disturbs me.

From Very Quick Tips: Bloodborne

Dreamweaver: So that's why my chocolate milk was full of pulp.

From Final Fantasy XV is a Goddamn Sexual Tyrannosaurus

Dreamweaver: Yeah, how else are you supposed to pitch a tent?

From Blizzard provides more details for WoW Tokens, the currency that can purchase game time

Dreamweaver: I would be afraid to know what goes in there.

From Review: Life is Strange: Out of Time

Dreamweaver: I'd love to see the baby pictures!

From Having trouble wih VR nausea? Just follow your nose!

Dreamweaver: I featured this comment so the rest of you can suffer the same fate!


Dreamweaver: Almost makes you forget about the nose on your face. HA, I BET YOU'RE LOOKING AT IT AGAIN!

Welp, that's it for this edition! Keep on commenting, fellow Dtoiders, and hopefully we'll meet again next week!

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To all who may concern: this site has been taken over by ROBOTS.

It's horrible: it's like, all of a sudden, the people we love the most are the ones with all the power.

Occams is a robot with a beard of cats!

The Great Fairy Pixielated is a robot with wings!

I say, I repeat, I say Isay Isay is a robo-rooster!

Mike Martin is a metal mech menance!

Even old granny Elsa is a robot!

Sephzilla is... exactly the same.

Anyway, as one of the survivors of the community, not enslaved by their tyrannical rule, and I'm going to chronicle what life is like in Destructoid by taking entries from people's daily lives and recording them down. As always, their testimonies will be separated into three categories...




How did things come to this? I remember when things were so peaceful last week with tater tot rain and an awesome rap battle against Kim Jong Il... two miracles I never thought would happen in the same week.

From Isbarah is an unforgiving bullet hell platformer

Dreamweaver: At least it appeals to Destructoid just by having balls!

From Play Family Feud with Google autocomplete answers

Dreamweaver: I didn't expect that: why would you ever want to STOP?

From Cancelled Kingdom Hearts concept art with Frozen, Wreck-It-Ralph, Star Wars

Dreamweaver: I don't blame you: it's TOO TEMPTING!

From Review: Mario Party 10

Dreamweaver: You could, but it's gonna be much more expensive to replace.

Dreamweaver: I prefer fake breasts to a flat chest!

From Nintendo and DeNA enter into licensing agreement for mobile development

Dreamweaver: ...Nah, man, too easy for me.

From DeNA spent 5 years trying to partner with Nintendo

Dreamweaver: Never gets old!

Dreamweaver: Better late than never!

Dreamweaver: She'll give in - who could resist someone as sexy as you?

From My Little Pony avatars available for PS3 at $3.99 each

Dreamweaver: But squares like those would put companies in Jeopardy!

Dreamweaver: That's a burn.

From Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void seeks to conclude the trilogy with an exciting finale

Dreamweaver: I can't remember what I did last summer.

From Microsoft is cool with pirates upgrading to Windows 10 for free

Dreamweaver: Believe in the dicks: they only point to the future.

From Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima expected to split with Konami after The Phantom Pain

Dreamweaver: That's pretty fucked up in my opinion.

From Grab a free copy of Bioshock Infinite on Xbox Live

Dreamweaver: Girls dig a guy who's honest! ...Or was it "hung?"

From Uh, ew: Ermac's Mortal Kombat Fatality is disgusting and visceral

Dreamweaver: So this is what "puking your guts out" looks like!

Dreamweaver: Guess he couldn't stomach it. Also, your avatar is just perfect.

From Rory McIlroy replaces Tiger Woods on EA's PGA Tour

Dreamweaver: Meaning's entirely different when you're a robot!

Dreamweaver: Open your mouth wide, let me see how big your mouth is!... Yes, I did just quote a Big Sean/ Calvin Harris song.

From Happy St. Paddy's Day

Dreamweaver: The reason why this is in "LOL" and not "Truth" is because it's laughable how simply not true that statement is. French fries for life! Only a robot without one would say otherwise!

From Sweet closure: Blade Kitten adds Episode 2 DLC years after its debut

Dreamweaver: Here's looking at you, kid!

From EB Games Australia offering NX pre-orders

Dreamweaver: The money or the well?

From Nintendo talk NX, mobile game pricing, DeNA partnership

Dreamweaver: That's what you get for "dragon" it on for that long!

From Atari bullying indie developer behind Tempest 2000

Dreamweaver: No joke, I actually know a hentai by that same name! ...Yes, it has brother-sister incest!

From Mortal Kombat X punishes quitters with head-exploding Quitalities

Dreamweaver: Only a robot could make a pun like that!

Dreamweaver: At least you didn't lose your head!

From Donate blood in Denmark & your free copy of Bloodborne will be blood-born

Dreamweaver: You think he made all those by hand?

From Review: Fruit Ninja Kinect 2

Dreamweaver: I think I know what a backstab in this scenario would be!

From Mortal Kombat X has a giant spider and nope nope nope nope nope

Dreamweaver: I can't top that.

From "Do it" with female Nintendo characters to celebrate Women's History Month

Dreamweaver: That's what we thought. But then...

Dreamweaver: Implying bears wears clothes in the first place.

Dreamweaver: I don't want to think when I watch porn: the blood's in a DIFFERENT head!

From Ass-to-mouth dinosexual action in Nintendo's Fossil Fighters: Frontier

Dreamweaver: Man, if I was alive before I was conceived, I'd totally impregnant my mom. If I do it now, it'd just be weird.

Dreamweaver: And I thought I saw everything.

From Best $5 ever spent!!

Dreamweaver: Lube? As in for MACHINES? Now I know how to stop one of the metal bastards...

From This Sega Dreamcast theme for 3DS is legit

Dreamweaver: ...Do I want you to clarfiy what you meant by "worked fast"?

Dreamweaver: #WetDreamweaver a.k.a. best Dreamweaver!

Dreamweaver: The last three minutes of my porn videos usually ends with the girl telling me how bad I should feel for cumming in the first 10 seconds.

From Xbox Store slip confirms Predator for Mortal Kombat X

Dreamweaver: ...That just happened.

Shoot, I transmitted for too long: they're on to me! I must escape today, but hopefully I can stay alive long enough to bring you another edition! Remember: it's up to YOU to keep this community alive by being your wacky-ass selves!

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You know that feeling you get when you're playing Mario Kart, and you're on the last lap on the final turn to the finish line, and right when you're about to win, a blue shell comes out of nowhere and knocks you several places back?

Well, I don't know why I brought that up because this has nothing to do with that.

Welcome back to Comments of the Week, a series where I collect what I hope to be the best selection of comments that you, the community, have made! So, whether you've been busy this week and want a peek at what happened and what's going on, or want to relive some of the funnier moments because you can't let the past go, then this is for you! As always, comments are placed into these three fine categories:

TRUTH: absorb that knowledge.

LOL: bust that gut.

WUT?: scratch that noggin.

Get it. Got it? Go!

From Sonic Team lead plans to continue making Sonic for consoles

Dreamweaver: Looks like business... is booming. In the bad way.

From eBay endorses $200 scalped gold Mario amiibo pre-order

Dreamweaver: And your bank account.

From Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster hits PS4 this May

Dreamweaver: Good thing he's a doctor, because I'm going need one for the headache that comment gave me.

From Prepare to pay full price twice to unlock all of Battlefield: Hardline's exclusive features

Dreamweaver: Anyone who pays for all that is bending over for EA to give them a Hardline.

From Oh hey, this looks like the final Steam controller

Dreamweaver: Be perfect if it had a giant joystick...

From Seen at GDC: game development is for whites only

Dreamweaver: Master Hand always gets blamed for Crazy Hand's mischief.

From Meme Rub pulled from Wii U eShop by Trollface creator

Dreamweaver: I think he's lactose-intolerant, am I right?

From Runbow for the Wii U still looks amazing, is still nine players

Dreamweaver: My imaginary friends never lets me win at games.

From Evolve is getting a free 'Observer Mode', I'm surprised it's not DLC

Dreamweaver: This sounds about as fun as watching evolution in progress in real time.

From Play Evolve this weekend, earn a special gold monster skin

Dreamweaver: "There's gold over dem hills!"

From Rumor: It looks like there might be amiibo for Splatoon

Dreamweaver: And that we actually WANTED the cards to be in mint condition.

From Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster hits PS4 this May

Dreamweaver: Hell yeah fucking right!

From GIFs surface for Shower with Your Dad Simulator 2015

Dreamweaver: Better take a cold shower for that BURN.

Dreamweaver: I've seen enough hentais to know where this is going.

Dreamweaver: True story: I typed the comment, saw the mistake right before I hit "send", cock my head to the side staring at it, then hit send anyway. Best typo I ever made.

From Beards optional: Embedded difficulty decisions in Fire Emblem

Dreamweaver: Them bearded ladies in the circus gots the right idea!

From Resident Evil: Revelations 2's Throwback Map Pack isn't worth your cash

Dreamweaver: After making that Revelation, right?

From EA closes SimCity maker Maxis Emeryville

Dreamweaver: There needs to be a nega-Andy avatar with a thumbs down and a frowny face.

From Rumor: Phil Harrison taking his talents elsewhere

Dreamweaver: Cumming on communism, eh?

From The Destructoid Guide to Community Podcasting

Dreamweaver: What the phuck is going on here?

From Call of Duty developer Activision showing off Fun at GDC

Dreamweaver: Yeah, man, where's your Call of Duty?

From Gone Home canceled for consoles

Dreamweaver: When did you start to realize? When you were having fun?

Dreamweaver: So much truth, so much laughs, I didn't know how to categorize this. Just like Gone Home, really.

From Destructoid saves the world, sorry Kyle

Dreamweaver: Now I know why the aliens killed him, presumably with fire.

From Here's what's been happening in the Dtoid Community

Dreamweaver: Well, now that's a story that makes you go "wut?"

Dreamweaver: It's a penis.

From Review: Blackhole

Dreamweaver: Tragic.Justtragic.

From That was fast: Five Nights at Freddy's 3 is on Steam

Dreamweaver: I got a sudden release coming in the next hour or so, if you know what I mean.

Dreamweaver: Does it take place during Taco Tuesday? Because that's the real fright!

From Mad Max is releasing the same week as MGS V

Dreamweaver: Metal Gear's gonna bring the Phantom Pain.

From Review: Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines

Dreamweaver: That's how I feel on a daily basis!

From Review: Starwhal

Dreamweaver: Better image for therapists to use than ink blobs.

From Let's guess how much the Nvidia Titan X will cost

Dreamweaver: I thought it was Microsoft's attempt to make an iPod.

From The Best Buy Gamers Club discount program is now $30

Dreamweaver: Mind = blown.

Dreamweaver: ...I don't even know what to say other than I'd watch it.

From We'll never get to play this Final Fantasy VII fan sequel

Dreamweaver: Whelp, I didn't need to sleep tonight.

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