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11:30 PM on 01.01.2011

I Was a Teenage Gamer - 008 - 02/01/2011

I Was a Teenage Gamer is the daily journal of an extremely competent young man pursuing his goal of becoming a staff member at his favorite independent gaming blog, Destructoid. Beginning on his 19th birthday, he embarks on the adventure of a lifetime while sharing his experiences and thoughts as a video-game addict and spilling blood, sweat, tears and a variety of other bodily fluids.

You caught me. I missed a couple of days. And I feel like garbage about it! Okay!? JUST LEAVE ME ALONE.

Nah, it was bound to happen at some point. I'm only human, of course! *Desperately trying to convince myself I'm still worthy of existing*

Sorry about that. Its been a hectic last few days. Guess its the least I could do to fill you all in:

- Thursday: Worked all day... than ran out and got an iPhone 4. Beautiful device. I always thought that when people said it was hard to go back to the old generation screen, they were just tooting their own horn. I thought wrong. After using the new screen, every single imperfection and pixel you see on the last-gen iPhone/iPod touch stands out. This is a double-edge sword because some apps have not been upscaled to the new resolution and the flaws stand out quite a bit.

The camera on it is surprisingly good and the HD camcorder takes videos that come out very crisp and smooth. I won't lie. In terms of pure speed I don't see too much of a change between it and my old 3GS. As far as WiFi goes, it accepts Wireless N now which does seem to give it a boost loaded pages and videos.

Its been hard to put it down. Especially now that I've picked up Angry Birds, Game Dev Story, Plants vs Zombies, Infinity Blade and a few other great titles... I can't lie. When it comes to portable gaming, I get the feeling that the iPhone occupies the spot of ideal platform for me. Great, inexpensive, unique titles that I can whip out and play with for a few minutes and.. Never mind. Lets stop that sentence there.

- Friday: Stayed at Takeshi's and helped setup for Pixel Bash. I guess we have some 'splaining to do in that department. At first, we were just having slight technical difficulties in regards to camera positioning. But our real problem was that a lot of guests who had for over a month planned on showing up, had to bail at the last second. That was fine, of course. However, the whole event went from being a tournament to just a NARP, which is okay but not quite what we had planned.

So the streaming thing kind of died alongside the whole tournament plans but don't feel like you missed out on too too much. We'll make it up to you another way if you catch my drift. In other news, we're planning on getting back into our podcast recording routine now that things are cooling off a little.

- Saturday:

Some of our friends from the Pixel Bash NARP decided to stick around and hang out with us for the morning. We dined on candied bacon - which is delicious, by the way - and played Smash Bros Brawl until separate family-engagements pried us all apart. This is our lives on holiday.

So, as I said, you haven't missed out on a whole lot. But I did feel bad for going MIA on you all for the last while! Time to get back on track!


9:28 PM on 12.29.2010

I Was a Teenage Gamer - 007 - 29/12/2010

I Was a Teenage Gamer is the daily journal of an extremely competent young man pursuing his goal of becoming a staff member at his favorite independent gaming blog, Destructoid. Beginning on his 19th birthday, he embarks on the adventure of a lifetime while sharing his experiences and thoughts as a video-game addict and spilling blood, sweat, tears and a variety of other bodily fluids.

New header image FTW! Smexy, right? Just got it in the mail and I can't wait till Pixel Bash this Friday to tear people apart while wearing it. Getting all fired up, Destructoid style!

First off, I wanted to thank everyone for supporting my series through its first week! I know I'm not the most skilled writer on Earth and everything I know about video games can be summed up in 15 years, which seems like a lot but compared to some of you is probably a very short span of time. I want to thank Jhonny and the rest of the gang at Chill Bros for commenting and fapping, Pico and Jesse for supporting me and giving me guidance and the community for giving half a crap about my opinions and thoughts.

I wanted to do a super long post about iPod/iPhone gaming and how I feel that its on track to control the handheld market but I feel like you guys would be comatose by the end of that entry. I don't want to put any more people into a coma with my poor blogging skills so I'll just talk to you about something cool that falls under that general topic. Kinda. Not really. GAMES. I PLAY THEM.

Today, Jim Sterling alerted us all to the fact that another nifty little iPhone app title has been tossed with reckless abandon into the 99 cent bargain bin. For a limited time, to be sure, but I was skeptical no less. Than I made the most horrible mistake of my life: I turned it on.

My iPhone was glued to my hand for the next 2 hours. Game Dev Story is dangerously addictive, guys. I could barely eat and get changed for work without looking at my phone. I started a company called Destructoid which surely did not help my case. As my first outing I'm producing an epic Ninja adventure title. Thought I would play it safe. I hired a few people including a fine young man who is heading up the audio department with his electric guitar. I'm feeling pretty confident that it will be a success but I'll keep you guys posted!

If you haven't already figured it out, I fully endorse this game. Go purchase it right meow if you haven't yet. If you have, let me know and give me all the tips you've got! I think I'm going to need them!


11:36 AM on 12.29.2010

I Was a Teenage Gamer - 006 - 28/12/2010

I Was a Teenage Gamer is the daily journal of an extremely competent young man pursuing his goal of becoming a staff member at his favorite independent gaming blog, Destructoid. Beginning on his 19th birthday, he embarks on the adventure of a lifetime while sharing his experiences and thoughts as a video-game addict and spilling blood, sweat, tears and a variety of other bodily fluids.

I'm not going to lie to you guys. I am a gaming enthusiast and consider myself a hardcore gamer. However, a gaming collector I am not. I have a hard time holding sentimental attachment to objects after their use has expired. To that end, I have owned many consoles over the years but if you were to scour my household you would not be able to locate any of them. Most have gone the way of garage sales and local classifieds. Some have been adopted by friends and family members. However, I consider this a good thing. Because I've never really carried over a preference from generation to generation, I have experienced every side of the gaming industry for myself.

Now, I'm not saying that just because you bought an SNES you were going to be inclined to buy an N64. But, yes that is exactly what I'm saying. At current, I feel most closely associated to the Playstation fanbase. But thats because the PS3 is my console of choice this generation. But thats not because I'm closed off to Nintendo and Microsoft's offerings. I've had my time thoroughly enjoying both the Wii and 360. They both offer different things that I love. The Wii provides reminiscing, classic characters I love, and the most hassle-free/no-strings-attached experience of this generation. The Xbox 360 was a great way to connect with my friends, truly experience current-generation technology and appealed overall to my more mature gaming sensibility.

The PS3 was the console I was initially most cautious about. I thought it was overpriced and its games were looking pretty lackluster at a point. From a purely gaming perspective, it held little value to me. But than, something funny happened. My friends who were once Wii and 360 owners started switching over. They talked about Metal Gear Solid 4 and Uncharted and Modnation and Little Big Planet and I? I was the kid who nodded in silence while slowly eating my ham-and-swiss sandwich.

Not looking to be an outcast, I started surveying the PS3 landscape. "Hmm... Little Big Planet looks good... so does Ratchet and Clank... and there are some series that are multiplatform that I haven't got to try yet.." At that point, I was tired of paying $70 a year after tax on Xbox Live, out of my movie theatre Concession Stand salary (long before I started making these big bucks over here at Old Navy). It was not so long prior that we had purchased an HD TV and I had never experienced blu-ray before. Everything started adding up.

So I took the plunge.

I can with full confidence say that my time with the PS3 has been my most enjoyed time with any non-handheld console, my entire life. I love having free online, playing high-def content so easily, streaming media from my PC via Vuze, checking up on what my friends are playing... And when it comes to games, I'm in heaven. Every thing I want is here. I have a thing for random, Korean/Japanese games and this is satisfied to the full thanks to PSN. I also love the controller, the ease of the XMB and the way everything just works. I know whenever I turn on my PS3 I am going to have some fun.

To that end, Sony has made a success. Because to me, thats what gaming is about: That feeling you get when you just know that every last penny you spent was worth it. And I know many people who feel the same about other consoles and not necessarily from this generation, either! Thats the true spirit of gaming.

What are you still doing reading this? As Mr. Destructoid would say "GTFOAJPG."


10:39 PM on 12.27.2010

I Was a Teenage Gamer - 005 - 27/12/2010

I Was a Teenage Gamer is the daily journal of an extremely competent young man pursuing his goal of becoming a staff member at his favorite independent gaming blog, Destructoid. Beginning on his 19th birthday, he embarks on the adventure of a lifetime while sharing his experiences and thoughts as a video-game addict and spilling blood, sweat, tears and a variety of other bodily fluids.

You're probably wondering why I've called you here today.

Or, not.

I'm finding it hard to feed my gaming diet, lately. I've been so since the holidays began with getting my courses setup for next semester and work and spending time with my friends and family. It feels like everyday there is something on the schedule that needs to be done.

It's unfortunate because if I had it my way, theres a lot of newly reduced price stickers on games that I've been dying to trying and I would be hold up in my room playing them all with a bowl of cheetos, Fruit Punch Rockstar and a Captain America snuggie. Dreams. I have them.

Not possible, though. This is going to be a crazy next few days, especially. On the datebook I've got Two shifts, planning a visit to the city to purchase items for Pixel Bash, Tron Imax, a gaming tournament, a family reunion party and a podcast to host. All by Saturday's end. Will I complete my mission or will my head explode? I'm going for the latter.

This is just a reminder for EVERYONE to tune into Pixel Bash this FRIDAY AT 2PM ON JUSTIN.TV/PIXELBROS . Huge tournament going to be streamed live for you guys, hosted by Destructoid Toronto. Gonna be good times!


7:51 AM on 12.27.2010

I Was a Teenage Gamer - 004 - 26/12/2010

I Was a Teenage Gamer is the daily journal of an extremely competent young man pursuing his goal of becoming a staff member at his favorite independent gaming blog, Destructoid. Beginning on his 19th birthday, he embarks on the adventure of a lifetime while sharing his experiences and thoughts as a video-game addict and spilling blood, sweat, tears and a variety of other bodily fluids.

Hey, everyone! Unfortunately, I don't have much time to talk. About to head out for the first family outing of the holidays.

I just got back from Takeshi's house where I slept over. He's got a new Sony Bravia with that super high refresh rate, Flow Motion thing. Needless to say, we didn't manage to get much recording done but hopefully we can get the ball rolling at some point this week.

That Flow Motion stuff... I tell you. It works. Really well. In store displays it freaked me out but in an actual living room environment it's actually very fluid and appealing. We started drinking fruit punch energy drinks around 3am with some friends and were pretty out of it. That's when the Flow Motion turned on us...

Lets just say at one point the words were uttered, "Its like they're in the room with us!" and than when the Matrix Reloaded was loaded up... thats when all hell broke loose.

Sounds like we were on something more than Rockstar, right? My lawyer is about to cease control of my keyboard so I'll leave it at that. I'll be back with a post that is actually semi-intelligent soon! :) Have an awesome day, chill bros. <3


9:14 AM on 12.26.2010

I Was a Teenage Gamer - 003 - 25/12/2010

I Was a Teenage Gamer is the daily journal of an extremely competent young man pursuing his goal of becoming a staff member at his favorite independent gaming blog, Destructoid. Beginning on his 19th birthday, he embarks on the adventure of a lifetime while sharing his experiences and thoughts as a video-game addict and spilling blood, sweat, tears and a variety of other bodily fluids.

Earlier today, I got my board out and hit the hills for the first snowboard session of the season! Getting your snow legs back is not fun. I feel beaten, bruised and thoroughly worked over... I feel the urge to take a jab at a domestic violence joke but I think I'll resist. I wouldn't want to cause Jonathon Holmes to relive any painful memories.

As many incredible and documented contributions as I've made to the gaming world, I think the most awesome of them all is my newest project with my two friends-with-benefits, Azzerare and Takeshi. When Hamza declared a call to action for all community members to start working on bringing Destructoid to their hometown, we decided to answer. That's why we started doing our weekly/semi-weekly podcast known as Pixel Bros! We figured, "Hey, we have these long, in-depth conversations about video games literally every time we chill. We might as well record them. Just make sure to cut out the cries of agonizing children in the background..."

We're just three regular kidnappers/extortioners/dudes who wanted to do a little more and have some fun along the way. I've known both of these guys since childhood so we know never to take ourselves too seriously. Takeshi is both a very talented artist and musician. He's actually drawn and written a oneshot manga of his own. Azzerare is probably the most skilled video game player I know at his age and is generally equivalent or better than me and Takeshi in a lot of things we play. We fully expect him to surpass us at some point. Right now, we try our best to delay it as much as possible.

These are the two people that motivate my gaming habit above all else. I wouldn't want to go tell that to my teachers or in-laws, but I'm proud of it. I'm really fortunate to have grown up along side friends that share my excitement for this crazy thing called vidya games and between the three of us, we've been able to get our hands on nearly everything we've wanted to play!

If you have someone in your life that sponsors your addiction, thank them. Everyone needs a drug-dealer. And go ahead and thank those people who you play games with, as well. They're pretty cool. I guess.


11:09 PM on 12.24.2010

I Was a Teenage Gamer - 002 - 24/12/2010

I Was a Teenage Gamer is the daily journal of an extremely competent young man pursuing his goal of becoming a staff member at his favorite independent gaming blog, Destructoid. Beginning on his 19th birthday, he embarks on the adventure of a lifetime while sharing his experiences and thoughts as a video-game addict and spilling blood, sweat, tears and a variety of other bodily fluids.

Hey again! Welcome to the second entry in my journal and further proof I have nothing better to do with my weekend evenings! Huzzah!

No, but seriously. Thanks for reading this column, everyone! Last entry I wrote all about what this project entails and just why I'm doing it. I feel like most of the boring details are out of the way now but that is purely a matter of opinion. Yesterday, I said I'd talk a bit more about what I hope to bring to the table if I were employed at Destructoid and some of my personal thoughts.

At this point in my life, the things I learn have a big influence over my train of thoughts and how I view the world. I'm in my second semester of college and my major is Advertising but I also have courses in Marketing, Communications and Design. Now, I wouldn't stretch your suspension of disbelief by saying that everything I'm educated on is paramount to the gaming world. But it does come in handy looking at the industry from a purely business perspective.

It's helped me to become more aware of the marketing side of the gaming industry. Promotional events, demo booths complete with girls you could have sworn you saw at Hooters last night and those occasional, semi-relevant items that publisher's send out to the press (like when EA sent Nick Chester a demonic check for $200 as a promotion for Dante's Inferno). That's all marketing. And it takes a lot of it. Especially these days where budgets can reach far into the millions, public attention is something any publisher needs to grasp by any means possible. Thats why we have Heidi Klum swinging a plastic guitar around in her underwear and Jimmy Kimmel blowing choppers out of the sky with an RPG. Because video games.

People have a sturdy layer of cognitive dissonance and psychological blocking when it comes to advertising. Because of that, the game industry is just like any other highly competitive business: a year-long mud wrestling match. At my best guess it will only get more aggressive from here on out. My worst fear is that these highly promoted games don't ruin things for the smaller, lower budget developers who start to see their sales really being eaten away when people are blowing their gaming budget on Call of Duty 17, Halo 29, Madden 2027 etc.

Anyways, I feel a rant coming on and I should really save it for another entry.

As I grow in knowledge of the marketing/advertising end of things, I believe that could be something that I can offer to Destructoid. They handle themselves pretty awesome but we all know Niero does his best to keep industry PR (those bloody leeches) away from the associate editors. Not that I think Jim Sterling is very sensitive to those things. But perhaps an opportunity for a middle-man lies therein? Guess I might find out one day!

Thanks for reading, and I'll be back tomorrow with another crudely written journal about things that are only slightly interesting. Don't forget to Fap! Just make sure to clean yourself up after. Than scroll down and hit the FAP button, would ya? :)


6:54 PM on 12.23.2010

I Was a Teenage Gamer - 001 - 23/12/2010

Imagine if people never aspired to be actors or musicians or politicians. The world would be an empty, boring place. If you want to be something all you gotta do is just reach out and go for it.

At the risk of sounding like a mush-bag loser (which I am), my mom is an endless source of inspiration for me. These were her words after I asked her how she would feel if I ever moved out to San Francisco to work for a certain favorite independent gaming blog of mine. What she said surprised me. She's the protective-type - I suppose like most mothers - and San Francisco isn't exactly around the corner from our Central Ontario, Canada town.

Of course, afterwards she reminded me that California is due for an apocalyptic-scale earthquake any day now. I was almost surprised she didn't tell me that I would have to pack at least four pairs of clean underwear.

Today is my birthday. I'm officially 19 years old. This means a few things for me:

- I'm now legal drinking age! Beeeeeeer <3

- I've been alive on this Earth for nearly 7000 days! (6935 to be exact) That's a crapload of orbitation.

- Scariest of all, I'm taking my first few steps towards adulthood!

Now that's not to say I haven't made any progress of maturity in my life. I've got my driver's license, I'm halfway through college and I made it 48 hours into Final Fantasy XIII without throwing my controller at a wall. That's patience.

You're probably wondering where this is all going. Or maybe you've already figured out from the first paragraph. Either way, I'll clear it all up.

My name is Andreas - Dre for short. Excuse the header but I AM a teenage gamer. In fact, I've been playing games since I can remember. My first console was an NES that I loved like a rebellious adopted child. That's because I technically did adopt it from an older cousin and rebellious because I constantly had to blow the cartridge slot to get a game of Blades of Steel or Mario Bros up and running.

Needless to say, video gaming is a hobby that stuck. I've played Pokemon cards, snowboarded, was in a House League soccer team, joined a weekly anime/manga fanclub... You get the picture. To varying degrees, I still have interest in those things. However, I always was and always will be above all, a gamer.

At this point, I'm part of Destructoid Toronto, host a weekly podcast with my buddies called Pixel Bros, acted as a Moderator on the official Destructoid Live show (prior to the recent position resets) and am an avid fan of all types of games.

As you can probably guess, my aim is to one day work for Destructoid. I've been a member of this community since I was 16 and I've seen it change, expand, evolve and even digivolve into the amazing place I call homepage.

Now, I'm not completely naive. I understand the circumstances of employment at Destructoid. I've had the awesome opportunity to talk to some of the amazing editors and hosts on numerous occasions. I'm aware that they don't allow just anybody to be a Staff member.

That's why I've started this series: I Was a Teenage Gamer. Every single day for the next 365 days - right up until my 20th birthday I plan on updating this blog on my experiences with Destructoid and with the greatest past time this Earth has ever known: Vidya Games. I hope this way I'll get to know the community even better, learn a lot about writing, blogging, gaming and about myself! I have nothing to lose but self respect and I gain an awesome venue to showcase my dedication to all that is Destruct and Toid. And perhaps, just maybe, I'll get the attention of some of the people who are behind the unholy yet 100% righteous website.

Tomorrow I'll talk a little bit more about what I think I might be able to bring to the table and some of my personal experiences! Talk to you than! Oh, and happy holidays you damn nerds! <3


12:08 PM on 09.09.2010

Halo Reach LIVE Event was AWESOME

I'm gonna start this off by letting you all know I don't own an Xbox 360. At least not anymore and definitely not by my choice - though that's a story for another day. That said, I spent vast hours in Halo 3 when I did own one and I have to say, it did change my perspective on gaming. VidMasters, armors, map packs, you name it, I did it.

So that's just a lot of words to say this: When me and my friends found out about the Halo Reach event going down in Toronto, we were morally obligated to hit it. Hard.

My buddies had been given vague details about the event at Fan Expo the week before. Basically what they told me was: "Laser tag, Halo: Reach demo booths and a Covenant turret." Obviously I was instantly sold. However, heading down, I wasn't exactly sure what to expect.

When we arrived at Dundas Square, sure enough, the lot had been transformed into a literal battlefield. Little could be seen from the sidewalk. Dry-ice coated the caged-arena and drifted over the crowd, giving the pink and green lasers even more intensity as they flew through the air. As if we needed any more incentive to gun it across the busy four-way intersection.

We joined the massive line of "recruits" waiting for our shot to battle Covenant scum. It was moving at a glacier's pace and we knew instantly that this was gonna be a long, long, evening. Fortunately, we had some entertainment. Making his way through the line-up and meeting and greeting each and every soldier-to-be was the big-man himself: Master Chief. Or a big, guy in a suit pretending to be Master Chief. Either way, he was a cool guy and we got to hang out with him for a bit. [Does Master Chief show up in Reach after all? Guess we'll find out...]

I'm the kid with the controller, if you couldn't tell. About that: during the four-hour wait, the Microsoft-hired babes were randomly picking people out of the line and obnoxiously asking them to loudly shout "Hoo-Rah". Everyone who was encountered obliged, and I couldn't help but think "sucks to be you". Than they came up to us.

For some reason, they chose my younger cousin to answer some Halo trivia. With frustrated protest from me, he told them quite honestly that he didn't own an Xbox 360. I suppose they took my deceitful ways as a challenge and decided to give me the quiz instead. Bad move, ladies.

The first question was Halo 3 related and I answered it with ease. The second was Reach-related, and I honestly haven't been following it very closely of late. They allowed me to pick someone in the line-up to answer it for me. Thankfully, the kid up ahead knew the answer. Needless to say, he quickly became my best friend. Long story short: I won the controller and got a picture with the cuties, as you can see above.

Fast forward four hours and we're at the gate.

A jacked bouncer in Halo: Reach gear chit-chats with us before selecting our group of five to head around into the pre-game training tents. We're debriefed... by several more very cute girls in war paint and Halo: Reach shirts. The acting is awesome, each one carrying on like a real drill sergeant. Though admittedly, the intimidation factor is betrayed by their petiteness and their prettiness. And there's the fact that their voices are clearly strained from yelling all day long, but the effort was appreciated. We are lead into tent after tent. In one, we are forced to take a short video game related survey on standing monitors. My attempt to wheel the gorgeous army commander backfires:

"Must have been a weird job interview, huh?"

*Death glare / Silence*

"What do YOU think?"

Than, we are treated to clips of Halo: Reach in action, being told this is footage of the war we are about to be part of and likely killed in. One obnoxious kid in our group (who earlier had asked me to trade the controller for Halo: Reach dog tags) exclaims: "I've seen this trailer a bazillion times already!" The mood is killed instantly.

Finally, we are lead back outside where we are suited up with laser tag vests. I "unfortunately" couldn't get mine on correctly so another beautiful soldier had to come and assist me. ;) Me and my buddy are given heavier Assault Rifles while the others get away with Magnums. After a short countdown, we're off!

Covering behind, boxes and slabs strewn at random around the map, we get to live every Xbox-user's dream: Blasting down endless Microsoft employees. The face paint and purple shirts do nothing to disguise them as the Covenant. Than as me and my pal take down the final opponent and hit the beacon, winning the mission, I take the opportunity to do a mock-TEABAG on a downed "Covenant" grunt (yes, they were forced to play dead after being eliminated). Definitely the highlight of my night, and we all share a collective chuckle. Thankfully, he also found it amusing.

We had back into the main tent, and are given the opportunity to play some Halo: Reach for real. My friends, tired, hungry and having played it at Fan Expo, insist it's not actually worth the extra wait. I guess I'll find out for myself in a couple weeks.

All in all, an awesome day. We had back out to Union Square, and wind up at a 24 hour Japanese buffet for dinner. Hit the spot, after a long afternoon of destroying Covenant scum... Or waiting to do so at least. Well done, Microsoft Canada. Maybe we can be friend's again some day. Until than, I had fun explaining to the fan boys in line just why I prefer playing Kz2 on my PS3 and I think I'll be just fine doing that for the next little while!


9:53 PM on 08.15.2010

Hamza is on Facebook Chat right now! GO BUG HIM!

I know the guy isn't exactly a celebrity but he plays a big role in a network that I consider my number one internet destination. I guess star struck would be an exaggeration. More like the feeling you get when you finally interact with a relative that you've never actually been in contact with and only hear about in stories or see in photos. And for a Canadian kid that's never so much as been on a plane, I know I'll never get the chance to meet him or any of the editors in person.

I love what you guys have built, accomplished and stand for. Hell, even getting to talk to my fellow community members makes me feel part of something great.

Also, don't actually go bug Hamza. Poor guy, now I feel guilty. :$   read

9:06 AM on 04.01.2010


I was thinking to myself, "Holy crap, Niero has lost it" with the video chatroulette comment beta. But the GotY Edition Deadly Premonition sealed it. It took me half an hour to realize the date. Well played, you jerks.   read

5:00 PM on 03.19.2010

Final Fantasy XIII: Fastest Selling FF - CONFIRMED

Okay, yeah. All I do these days is sit at home looking up random information about FFXIII and telling you guys about it. That's of course when I'm not at my day job ... Which is playing it.

Coming straight outta IGN are the latest sales figures for the title that had it's North American launch earlier this month:

Square-Enix announced Final Fantasy XIII has recorded the largest first-week sales in the franchise's history. The game has sold over one million units in North America in its first five days on sale for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, according to the company's internal estimates.

Not exactly shocking to anyone who's been following the coverage the game's been getting since it got off the boat. Slightly more interesting are the entire franchise numbers.

The series has now sold a total of 96 million units globally since the original Final Fantasy game was released in Japan in 1987 for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

If my research is correct (which amounts to little more than quickly scanning Wikipedia), these figures place the Final Fantasy series at roughly double that of the Legend of Zelda series and just under half that of the Mario series. It also places it at nearly twice that of Japan's sweetheart: the Dragon Quest series. This of course means that Square Enix and Final Fantasy's favorite-child-but-don't-tell-the-others relationship is continuing to mature at a steady pace.

Steady and awkward.   read

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