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DrakeF's blog

8:04 PM on 10.18.2012

Extra Life is upon us!

With Extra Life, a charity populated by gamers to help children, looming in the near future, I am proud to stand with Dtoid in raising money for our CMN hospitals. This will be my second year participating. Before I go any further, it's time for a question. How many of you have participated in Extra Life or similar gaming charity events? Leave your answer in the comment below

What follows is a basic FAQ for Extra Life for those curious.

So. What exactly IS Extra Life?

To put it simply, it's like I mentioned in the beginning of the post. It's people who enjoy gaming, coming together to raise money for their local Children's Miracle Network Hospitals wherever they live. More info can be found Here

What do I do?

First of all, set a goal! It helps to have a goal in mind so you can plan what you're gonna do and for how long. From what I've noticed, you can change it at any time during the event and it'll edit the thermometer accordingly.

Second, spread the word! (As long as it's not spammy mind you) The more people that know, the more opportunities you'll have to raise money and the more fun things you can plan!

Lastly, have fun with it! People will enjoy it and may donate more, especially if you have donation incentives in play.

Extra Life is over. Now what?

Once you've followed through with what you've set out to do and the event is over, make sure to thank the people that donated! It can be done many ways. Send 'em an email (if they provided one), make a YouTube video, or v/blog about it! It'll make them feel good about themselves and possibly want to do this themselves next time!

In conclusion, I look forward to this and hope those that read this will want to do this with us next year. See ya on stream!

EDIT: Oh yeah, my extra life, if anyone cares to donate (It also helps Dtoid out towards their $10k goal), go here: and watch the stream at   read

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