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DrainedMind's blog

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DrainedMind avatar 11:33 PM on 09.08.2011  (server time)
Someway Review of the "Event Gears Of War 3 Mexico City"

*In advance sorry for my bad english and the lack of photos, my cam just broke*

Hello to you kind person for reading this, let me present i'm Drain(or Andrew), an average gamer of Mexico city(i will make a blog to present myself in the future), with some lucky of getting to see the free but exclusive event of GOW3, the only way to go to this event, was reserving a copy of the game, standar or epic version doesn't matter, then you registered, and waited for the invitanion, why i was lucky to go? because you could bring someone else with you!!, but only +18, and yes there was kids trying to enter with their moms, so hilarious.

After watchig a large line of people, to enter the Bulldog Cafe (a very known bar here), where was held the event, finally we get inside, a large space full with especial rooms, for the kind of game you wanted to play, in the big center was the 2 vs 2, surviving 5 encounters and you win a COG medal, then in a room to the left the Tournamet with some sweet prizes i was tell, and then 2 floors, 1 for some VIP people with Withe bracelet, and the other fill with 360 to play Horde, that where my friends and me go, getting in line waiting, but the people gaming just for themselves, when we shouted for a Link system (or Lan) party to play, that is when the game was full of expection, shouting, screaming, trash talk, aplausses, all the room was pure fun.

After that we tried to enter the tournament, but the inscriptions had just finished, so with no where to go (the 2 vs 2) the line was just large as the line before when we tried to enter the bar, so with the expection of seeing Rob Ferguson(Of going Cliff to the event, that's where people heads started to roll, but no), whe get outside to get some food in our systems to see the final events, when we get returned, there was Rob and Carlos Ferro, talking and presenting the beginning of GOW3, talking about the process, some easter eggs, like a slider interaction in a playground, where the COG's fight some lambent, the presentacion of the game was in the spanish version(latin american, made here in mexico), so they where laughin with the "pendejos, hijos de puta" and more spanish profanitys, then working the people, making us shout "Defend The Queen", when he was talking about the Beast mode, and screaming with all our loungs to be in a american ad, presented by Carlos, and shouting "Gears Nation!!".

So in the end, a good experience, but overcrowded, it looked like a mini E3, i think they where just overruled about how much people in the end go(they say like 2500 in that smal place), but for all i get a mini tatto of the logo of Gears, and a great poster, sadly no autograph, you needed a black wrist for that xD.

I hope you liked this blog, i know i'm not a good writer but i do what i can, any problem with this blog, some comments, anything i will happy of respond

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