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My E3 Predictions - How wrong was I?

OK, so just before E3 I made a series of predictions about what would/might/wouldn't happen. Let's go back and see how far off base I was. Things that were definitely going to happen Sony announces PSP Go - Hardly needed...


The best goddamn birthday present ever

It's my 21st birthday on Tuesday, and as a result, my longtime friend and co-conspirator Corporal Rutland, messed around a little with the Rock Band 2 poster editor and Photoshop, and came up with this... The most awesome thing ever. But then there was also this... He printed them up and had them laminated, and I'm going to frame them and hang them in my room. Most amazing presents ever.


Things that may or may not happen at E3

Hey, welcome to a blog full of E3 predictions. In no way are these predictions based on anything other than my own fevered imagination and questionable powers of reasoning. And with that, let's start with... Things that will...


Putting on a Show - MLB09 Review

There's an important preface to this review - namely that fact that I'm British. Here, Baseball ranks just below lawn bowls and hitting your head against the wall as sports we're interested in. It literally has no presence he...


Christmas comes very early

I would have waited an eternity for this moment...and I sort of did to be honest. Back in February, I spent a lot of money. And then nothing happened for quite a while. But then, without warning, this turned up on my doorstep...


5 games that would make great cartoons

1 - Psychonauts Tim Schafer's crazed masterpiece couldn't be better suited to a TV adaption. It's already widely praised for having a fantastic cast of kooky characters, and with the game's distinctive visual style it woul...


About Dragonziggone of us since 4:28 PM on 10.01.2008

Hey, I'm Martin, though the internet knows me as Dragonzigg

Unlike many self-confessed gamers, I'm not a lifelong fan, in fact I was barred from playing videogames til I was about 13. Unfortunately, I think this had the opposite effect to what was intended, instead simply making me more obsessed with games. Since then it's been impossible for me to get enogh of them, and I'd happily call myself a super hardcore gamer. No matter when it was made, what it is or for what platform I'll play it, unless it's Madden. I'm also from Tea-and-Crumpets land, aka Britain, and thus have got used to waiting twice as long and paying twice as much for my games. Nevertheless, I've managed to scrape together an Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, 2 DS's, PSP, Dreamcast, Megadrive and a gaming PC. Told you I was serious.

What else do people put in these things? Oh yes, I'm a masochist, aka a Sonic fan. Yes I know there hasn't been anything good in a decade. I love adventure and platform games, while I'm not so hot on driving and RTS games, though I'll try anything once. I love good stories and characters in my games, and have no problems wading through a tidal wave of cliche. Proof? I love JRPGs, especially Kingdom Hearts. Don't think anybody can question my nerd credentials there.

Will this do?

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PSN: Dragonzigg

Steam: Dragonzigg

A few of my favorite games, in no particular order

Super Mario Galaxy, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Rez HD, Kingdom Hearts II, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, Little Big Adventure 2, Street Fighter II, III and IV, Resident Evil 4, Sonic Adventure, Eternal Sonata, Rock Band 2, Burnout Paradise, Prince of Persia (all of them), The Legend of Zelda (all of them)

Also, cocks.

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