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DrachulaX's blog

8:33 AM on 12.13.2008

Happy Holidays from MadWorld!

To remind us how good 2009 will be for the Wii, Sega released a new trailer just for us. This new trailer shows new (but censored) gameplay footage, as well as revealing new elements of the story. This game continues to impress me, and is easily one of many reasons 2009 will be a good year to own a Wii. God damn I cannot wait!   read

3:33 PM on 12.09.2008

Terminator Salvation Trailer

Don't feel like seeing Keanu The Robot's new film The Day the Earth Kept Messing With Its Hair But Eventually Stood Still? Well here's the TS trailer that's premiering with it. Now with 100% more people yelling at each other!   read

9:35 AM on 12.06.2008

Stupid Reviews: Prince of Persia

Its been a long time since I played a game like this. If you notice, I have not placed a silly line on the picture above. No sarcastic remark or witty words. This game is just pure fun. Without a doubt the best adventure ga...   read

4:38 PM on 12.04.2008

Hahaha! Wal-Mart is useful for something other than cheap ramen!

I picked up a sweet deal about a week ago; Gamestop's 75% off all DVD's and Blu-ray sale. One of the stores across from mine had some very good Blu-rays for a couple dollars each. I couldn't pass this up. So I pick up Iro...   read

7:48 PM on 11.30.2008

Stupid Reviews: Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe

Ever since Marvel vs. Capcom we have all thoughy about what other forces could combine to make a crazy fighting game. To be honest, I actually though of MK and DC characters fighting each other a long time ago, but I never ...   read

5:50 PM on 09.24.2008

I'm Sick, And It Sucks

I've spent the last few days playing RE4 with my girlfriend because she's the type who loves to watch others play videogames. Its pretty cool to have a gf that would rather watch you get exploding shurikens thrown up your a...   read

2:52 PM on 09.11.2008

Fans Only Dood! (Disgaea 3 Review)

Its been awhile since I've been able to sink my teeth into a really decent RPG (since Atlus' last two 360 titles were absolute shit, and that's all that has been available recently), so Disgaea 3 really satisfied my lust fo...   read

3:40 PM on 09.04.2008

I'm Not Dead

Despite many individual's hopes, I am still alive. I've been away for a long time so I could get some of my school shit together. Other than that, not much has changed; I still love video games, I still hate kids who wear t...   read

11:27 PM on 07.16.2008

My Thoughts on E3 2008

Now that its a day after the conferences and all the dust has settled, I'd like to take a look back on what ranged from fantastic to truly abysmal. Microsoft's conference took second place in my book for giving a fantasti...   read

5:01 PM on 07.10.2008


I had hoped that this would never come. But it has, and I honestly have nothing to say. Ace Ventura 3, yet another Jim Carrey sequel minus Jim Carrey, is arriving sometime later this year in theaters. Think about it. Eva...   read

12:06 PM on 07.09.2008

Oh Cliffy, You're So Crazy!

Seriously, if Cliffy B was a dog, he would be some kind know..some kind of...yelpy thing...or something. Sorry, I lost my train of thought. Cliff really reminds me of a crazy kid who still plays with toys and lov...   read

9:58 PM on 07.08.2008

Fast Racecrafts and a Drunken Superhero

This past week I was busy watching fireworks, drinking, and playing WoW. But I did get to spend some time with Fatal Inertia EX, and I saw the film Hancock. So at least I did something (kinda) productive. Here are two quick r...   read

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