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8:33 AM on 12.13.2008

Happy Holidays from MadWorld!

To remind us how good 2009 will be for the Wii, Sega released a new trailer just for us. This new trailer shows new (but censored) gameplay footage, as well as revealing new elements of the story. This game continues to impress me, and is easily one of many reasons 2009 will be a good year to own a Wii. God damn I cannot wait!

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3:33 PM on 12.09.2008

Terminator Salvation Trailer

Don't feel like seeing Keanu The Robot's new film The Day the Earth Kept Messing With Its Hair But Eventually Stood Still? Well here's the TS trailer that's premiering with it. Now with 100% more people yelling at each other!

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9:35 AM on 12.06.2008

Stupid Reviews: Prince of Persia

Its been a long time since I played a game like this. If you notice, I have not placed a silly line on the picture above. No sarcastic remark or witty words. This game is just pure fun. Without a doubt the best adventure game I've played since Shadow of the Colossus. Is this the best adventure game this gen? Yes. Is it better than the Prince series on the last gen consoles? Yes.

This time around the Prince (not sure if its the same Prince from before; Ubisoft hinted that it is) is on his way home with the spoils of his latest adventure when he is separated from his donkey and comes into contact with the mysterious Elika, who is being chased by her father's (who is the king of those lands) guards. The king ends up releasing an evil god and The Prince and Elika have to work together to seal him away. The story isn't mind blowing, but its engaging enough to keep you wanting more.

The platforming is fantastic, the combat surprisingly addictive, and the dialogue entertaining. The conversations Elika and The Prince have together are witty, fun to listen to, and never seem to run dry. You'll be amazed at how much recorded dialogue is in this game. And the voice acting is simply stunning. It helps make the chemistry between the two believable; and The Prince is quite a jerk, but his character is so much fun to listen to.

The only complaint I had was that the game never seems challenging. Since Elika jumps to save you every time you fall or an enemy is about to slice you in half, you never get the feeling that you can die. Because of this the game does loose some edge, but it never worsens the experience.

Prince of Persia is one of the best games this generation; one that will be remembered for quite some time. Other than some extra costumes, there isn't much after you complete the game to do. But I will happily be going through the game a few more times. From doing crazy fun acrobatics to the heroes' amazing chemistry, Prince of Persia is just pure fun. And that's something all gamers should not pass up.

My Score: 9.5/10   read

4:38 PM on 12.04.2008

Hahaha! Wal-Mart is useful for something other than cheap ramen!

I picked up a sweet deal about a week ago; Gamestop's 75% off all DVD's and Blu-ray sale. One of the stores across from mine had some very good Blu-rays for a couple dollars each. I couldn't pass this up.

So I pick up Iron Man and 300, both in perfect condition (not scratches, no stickers, no nothin'). But the third, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Overly Long Title, was messed up to hell. So I thought of a solution; switch it up at Wal-Mart. I love their return policy, especially since I'm a collector. Return your fucked up item, no receipt needed, and they will swap it for a new one. Its that easy!

I know this is probably old hat for some of you, but I've never had to use it before. So today I went home with my sticker-free Blu-Ray, and I am glad.   read

7:48 PM on 11.30.2008

Stupid Reviews: Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe

Ever since Marvel vs. Capcom we have all thoughy about what other forces could combine to make a crazy fighting game. To be honest, I actually though of MK and DC characters fighting each other a long time ago, but I never thought they would do it. The final result is fun, but far from fulfilling.

There are 22 characters to choose from; 11 from the DC Comics universe and 11 Mortal Kombat characters. The game contains your basic fighing game modes; arcade mode, a story mode, training, and a kombo challenge mode. For multiplayer there are standard one on one matches and online matches. This is one of the biggest blows to the game; a serious lack of content. There are a few unlockable charaters, but maybe some alternate costumes or new stages would have been nice. There just isn't enough here to keep anyone other than hardcore MK fans going. Hell, even a tag team mode would have been sufficient.

The best part of the game is easily the story mode, which has the DC heroes' world and "Apocalypse" collide. DC characters and MK fighters change places and control a condition called Rage, which makes the characters, even heroes, go mad and pummel the crap out of each other. The DC heroes especially shine here since Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray wrote the script, so the they feel and act like their comic book counterparts. There is some good dialogue as well as humor that makes the story mode flow along exellently until the end.

I am happy to report that all of the characters feel different and have their own move sets as opposed to two or more characters having the same moves (although it feels like everyone has a cheap teleport move). Some characters feel perfect like Sub Zero or Batman, while fighers like Flash and Wonder Woman feel too button-mashy. Whatever your preference is, there is bound to be a character you'll love and stick with.

There was a lot of talk about DC neutering the game's violence, and they did. All of the blood and gore we have come to love from MK is mostly gone, but it does not hinder the gameplay in any way. This is still a Motral Kombat game, and it plays like one. Characters die offscreen, but the hardcore pummelage is still here.

If you're looking for a fighting game to spend hours on by yourself, I suggest you look elsewhere. But if you have friends who love fighting games or you're a DC Comics fan looking for a good time, check this game out. It won't kill you. GET IT!!!

My Score: 7.5/10   read

5:50 PM on 09.24.2008

I'm Sick, And It Sucks

I've spent the last few days playing RE4 with my girlfriend because she's the type who loves to watch others play videogames. Its pretty cool to have a gf that would rather watch you get exploding shurikens thrown up your ass than drag you off to the mall, and I thank her everyday for it.

As you can read from the title, I am very sick. Its the flu, I believe, unless everyone I care about is lying to me and I am now the host of an alien virus. This would suck greatly, because if I die today I won't live to see tomorrow when Megaman 9 is released, and this would greatly dissapoint me. The chills are over, and now its mostly just head congestion. But I still feel like shit, and I've still got a ways to go.

I'm very glad that my gf made me start playing RE4 over again, because I knew I was going to do so again sometime before RE5's release anyway. RE4 is still one of my favorite games; engaging, fun, and all around awesome. But it also harbors one of my least favorite characters of the gaming world: Ashley Graham. Fuck I hate you so much Ashley!!! Useless, obnoxious, depressing bitch! Why can't you fend for yourself? Bitch slap that monk for god's sake! Do something!!!

Ugh...but I love the rest of the game. I'm playing the Wii Edition because I love playing with the Classic Controller and I needed an excuse to have fun with my Wii again (stupid white brick with no recent good games; exept DeBlob). Which leads me to my next conundrum; which system should I get Megaman 9 on? PS3 so I can see the amazing visuals in 1080p? Or on my Wii so I can play it with a pseudo-SNES controller?   read

2:52 PM on 09.11.2008

Fans Only Dood! (Disgaea 3 Review)

Its been awhile since I've been able to sink my teeth into a really decent RPG (since Atlus' last two 360 titles were absolute shit, and that's all that has been available recently), so Disgaea 3 really satisfied my lust for roleplaying blood. If you enjoyed the previous two titles in the series, then you need to buy this game immediatly! Sadly, that's as far as I can reccommend it. If you don't like RPGs or have trouble getting into them, Disgaea 3 will not make you think any differently. And even some RPG gamers will feel like they've played this game before.

Sure the game is a damn good romp, but the story is pretty much a rehash of the original's story. Mao is pretty much Laharl(the main character from the first game), as both must become Overlord of the Underworld, and Raspberyl is really just another Etna. The story is unoriginal, but everything that made the first two Disgaeas cult favorites is back. The strategic gameplay is as addicting as ever, and the silly dialogue and sense of humor are well intact. New classes and the ability to deal one million damage are some of the neat new additions, but apart from these not much has changed.

One thing that has improved is the level designs, which have added effects to different tiles, so battles are now even crazier as the strategy experience deepens. But the first thing gamers will notice is the unchanged graphics. This game has taken a lot of crap for its last-gen looking graphics, but I couldn't care less. Sure it looks strange watching these little sprites jump around in HD, but its not enough to take you out of the game. The game would have looked nicer with 3D models or even HD sprites, but the current ones won't bother fans.

Like the rest of the series, Disgaea 3 contains hours upon hours of gameplay; possibly up to 100 or more! There's a ton of items, moves, and overall customization to be had here. Fans will bury weeks upon months into this game, but others will probably pass. Disgaea 3 lives up to the series' name in addictive RPG gameplay, but it feels more like an expansion thats strictly for fans. You like Disgaea? Jump right in and have fun! Don't? Then you're better off playing Cabela's Dinosaur Hunter.

Grade: B-   read

3:40 PM on 09.04.2008

I'm Not Dead

Despite many individual's hopes, I am still alive. I've been away for a long time so I could get some of my school shit together. Other than that, not much has changed; I still love video games, I still hate kids who wear tight pants, and I'm still convinced that Obama is secretly one of those mutated roaches from the movie Mimic.

Over the last month I've kept myself busy playing Bionic Commando Rearmed (amazing!), Soul Calibur IV (pretty fun), and R&CF: Quest for Booty kept me entertained for about four hours until it ended. I finally picked up Okami for the Wii so I could play through its marvelousness again (and buff up my Wii collection). I've also started Resistance: FoM again so when the sequal rolls around I'll be ready to kick ass. Speaking of that, I think I'll go play some now. DrachulaX out!   read

11:27 PM on 07.16.2008

My Thoughts on E3 2008

Now that its a day after the conferences and all the dust has settled, I'd like to take a look back on what ranged from fantastic to truly abysmal.

Microsoft's conference took second place in my book for giving a fantastic show that covered ground for some upcoming games. Watching Gears of War 2, Fable 2, and Resident Evil 5 played live on stage was really exciting, and the announcement of Final Fantasy XIII was a huge one. But as far as surprises go, FFXIII was the only one. The rest of the show was spent talking about the new avatars, which look really neat but are clearly blantant rip offs of Nintendo's Miis, and the new dashboard (which looks fatastic).

Sadly, this year Nintendo's conference left a lot to be desired. With an overall lack of good looking games and original IPs missing in action, there just wasn't much here. Animal Crossing: City Folk was honestly the only game that looked fun. The rest of the games were either boring to watch or the skit that tied in with the game was so bad that I had to divert my attention away from the screen (yeah, Wii Music). Wii Sports Resort looks like a cheap way to get the WiiMotion Plus, and I am interested to hear more about Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, but that was as far as my interest could take me. I'd honestly have to say that Nintendo's conference was a failure in my eyes.

And last we had Sony's conference, which I'd have to say was by far the best. With the live demo of Little Big Planet, PS3 price drops, an awesome introduction to Resistance 2, and a teaser for God of War III, Sony had me hooked the whole time. Now that's not to say that everything was perfect (Resistance: Retribution looks like it could use some work), but the rest of the show was very polished. I am also interested in seeing more of the game M.A.G., which boasts 256 player online matches.

Now out of all the games I saw played this year, I'd have to say that my most anticipated would be:

1. Resident Evil 5
2. Killzone 2
3. Resistance 2
4. Fable 2
5. Little Big Planet   read

5:01 PM on 07.10.2008


I had hoped that this would never come. But it has, and I honestly have nothing to say. Ace Ventura 3, yet another Jim Carrey sequel minus Jim Carrey, is arriving sometime later this year in theaters.

Think about it. Evan Almighty? Son of the Mask? And now this; when will they stop with the Jim Carrey sequels!? Its not like fans were clammoring for this film, especially when they knew that Jim wouldn't be seen within 100 feet of it. Like it or not, its coming. I guess its to punish us for having such a good summer at the movies (kinda like Alvin and the Chipmunks did last year).   read

12:06 PM on 07.09.2008

Oh Cliffy, You're So Crazy!

Seriously, if Cliffy B was a dog, he would be some kind know..some kind of...yelpy thing...or something. Sorry, I lost my train of thought.

Cliff really reminds me of a crazy kid who still plays with toys and loves Michael Bay movies. He always shows up for interviews/conventions acting wacky and crazed like a squirrel who just drank a full can of Monster. If you're a gamer, you either like him or hate his guts.

I recently have found it hard to decide which group I should be in. On one hand, I really like what he did with Gears of War (the only game of his that I've ever played), and I find his childish antics kind of cute (not in a homoerotic way of course). But I also hate his exponentially large ego, which if it were food could feed all of the starving nations in the world. And his recent stating that the 360 controller "looks like an alien spaceship" is either an attempt to be cute or a step towards showing the world that he is completely nuts!

The point of this blog is not to attack Cliff in any way; I personally have found myself having more respect for him than hate. The reason for this is due to his recent appearances in the media, mostly concerning Gears of War 2. He seems so sure that his game with be the next messiah of th gaming world, but I beg to differ. So let the System Wars: Holiday Edition begin later this year, and may the best game win, Cliffy!   read

9:58 PM on 07.08.2008

Fast Racecrafts and a Drunken Superhero

This past week I was busy watching fireworks, drinking, and playing WoW. But I did get to spend some time with Fatal Inertia EX, and I saw the film Hancock. So at least I did something (kinda) productive. Here are two quick reviews:

Fatal Inertia EX is a pretty standard arcade racer. You race vehicles dubbed "racecraft" on futuristic tracks and use some pretty entertaining weapons on the other pilots. The game's design is straight forward: you can do a quick race or compete in a career mode to unlock new racecrafts. There's a practice mode as well, and the package wouldn't be complete without online modes too. You can also race split screen and LAN with a friend.

The controls are good (although I hate using face buttons to accelerate in racing games)and although the graphics are not PS3-caliber, they are serviceable. The true star of the game is the weapons. Physics-based weapons are a blast to use, like magnets or a chord that pulls other racers back. Fatal Inertia also gives the player a good sense of speed; something I have felt lacking in recent racing titles.

Its not the best racer on the PS3, but with a $30 price tag on the PSN Store, it makes for a fun diversion. But I doubt this will pull racing fans off of Grid or GT5: Prologue.

On the fourth I did catch Hancock before I went down to the fireworks. I wasn't sure what to expect from Willie's latest; I looked like an interesting premise, but early reviews said that it was awful. So I figured that there was no way to know unless I saw it myself.

The trailers for the film tell you a little of the story: Will Smith is Hancock, a drunken superhero who lives in the real world where collateral damage is relevant, and someone with superpowers can't just go around doing whatever they want. Hancock drinks while he flies, isn't mindful of his surroundings, and acts on impulse. And he's a huge jerk. But when Ray (Jason Bateman), a public-relations spokesperson, tries to improve Hancock's image in a city that hates his guts, Willie decides to improve himself and become a real superhero.

Hancock is a film where the trailer tells you almost none of the story. The twists and turns this story takes are crazy, and to explain them all here would give away too much. However, this is not a great film. It starts out fun, but the story starts to drift into really stupid territory and it never resurfaces until the end. The twists are crazy, but not logical, and the emotional scenes are lost due to the overall silliness of the story. The film also serves as a missed opportunity to really spoof superhero conventions that many of us have grown accustomed to in films these days.

There are some neat scenes (but are filled to the brim with CGI), and Smith is rather fun to watch as a drunken, socially-deprived hothead. The ending of the film establishes a comic book world that would be very interesting to see more of, but I guess we'll have to wait until the sequel.

Fatal Inertia EX
My Score: 7/10

My Score: 5/10   read

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