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10:46 AM on 12.15.2008

I hate when this happens. A decent looking game with a cool premise is released, and the gaming community shits all over it. 2.5 from IGN, 3.5 from Gamespot, the general view on this game is that its atrocious. Well, gamers, I have finished Legendary, and surprisingly the game isn't as bad as everyone is making it out to be.

The premise, like I mentioned before, is pretty neat. You are an art thief who breaks into a museum to steal a priceless artifact. Turns out its Pandora's Box, and you open it. Shit hits the fan, crazy mythological creatures are unleashed, and you now have a glowing hand that gives you magic powers. You have to escape the city, kill the monsters, and fend off a weird organization called The Black Order. The story is told through minimal cutscenes and average dialogue, but the point still gets across. Kill monsters and restore order to the world. That's it.

The gameplay, which is where the game took its biggest hit, is simply average. The gunplay feels like any other standard FPS, and there are a small assortment of guns but they work just fine. One really neat aspect is that when you kill enemies, they drop health spheres that you absorb with your hand. Yes, Legendary has a health bar; something I haven't seen in awhile in a FPS (no more of this "hide behind stuff and wait to heal" bullshit). You also have the ability to heal yourself or to do a force push. Other than healing, the powers feel very tagged on and aren't that useful.

There are a lot of different monsters you will be killing in Legendary. The most prominent being the werewolf, which are also the most fun to kill. Once you kill them, you have to chop their heads off or they will revive themselves. Its not deep in the least bit, but its strangely entertaining lopping their heads off, especially when there are more than one to square off with. You'll also kill griffins, minotaurs, weird fire toads, golems, and a Kraken. The graphics are also pretty decent, with some impressive particle effects.

Legendary is about 10 hours in length, but there isn't anything to entice replaying it. The multiplayer flat out sucks since its incredibly basic and there is never anyone on. I recommend a rental if you are willing to give the game a shot.

In the end, Legendary's only real suffrage is from being too mediocre to stand out. With better shooters like Gears of War 2, Resistance 2 and Call of Duty:WoW, most gamers will look at IGN's score and simply pass it by. But if you are willing, you will get some fun out of bringing down a minotaur with a Molotov cocktail.

My Score: 6.5/10

P.S. I made a new header for my reviews :)

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