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Got back from camping...woo

So I've been gone for some time. Mostly school, working, jacking off, etc. But this past week my parents wanted me to come up with my brother and camp in an RV they rented. Sounds fun. I personally hate being away from te...


New Let Me In poster is boring and lazy

For those who don't know, Let Me In is the upcoming American remake of the awesome Swedish vampire flick Let The Right One In. I sobbed aloud when it was announced, because this film does not need to be remade. Ever. As if...


Final Fantasy XIII Japanese box art leaked *maybe*

This may be old news, or not. But supposedly THIS is the official box art for FFXIII in Japan. It depicts Lightning riding a horse that honestly looks rather unsafe to ride on. Spikey. The game is being released in Japan on December 17 this year, with the NA release being either June or July next year. So yeah...that's it.


Halloween II Review

As many of you probably didn't know, I was rather keen of Rob Zombies' Halloween remake (as well as his other films too). I get a lot of shit for it, but I picked up the Blu-ray the other day and you know what? I still like...


Picked up a PS3 Slim today

So after some consideration and much pacing about, I decided to try and snag a PS3 Slim from a Gamestop today. I had heard that both Gamestop and Amazon.com were getting the systems in while other retailers will have to wait...


The Wolfman trailer emerges

I've been hearing about this film for for quite some time. It was announced back in 2006 but hit some rocky roads due to constant cast changes and issues with the budget. But now the film is nearly finished, and the trailer...


A nostalgic rush (Comix Zone)

So I picked up 1600 Microsoft Republican Credits today in anticipation for Shadow Complex, which releases Wednesday. And since its 1200 points, that left me 400 to do whatever I pleased. I didn't want to to buy more stupid ...


Quick Reviews Part 1 (yeah, I do those)

Since summer started I've been playing a lot of games. Some good, some bad, and some vomit inducing. So here's a taste of what I've played and my two cents on if you should or shouldn't play them (because I'm controlling like...


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