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Drach's blog

9:47 PM on 09.11.2010

Damn. Saw a girl at the Toronto Fan Expo dressed as Shanoa and I was so stunned I failed to strike up a conversation. lol Stupid luck.   read

6:01 PM on 01.23.2010

iTouch first generation GTA:CTW Blues.

Found this post, I'm attempting to confirm if it works.

"If you are one of the early adapters of Apple's iPod Touches, you are probably pissed off to find out you can't get GTA Chinatown Wars on your 1st gen touch, because it's not compatible with it.

Well, I've found a solution.

1.) Download WinRar
2.) Go to your applications in iTunes and find the app that is not compatible with the 1st gen Touch, in this case GTA Chinatown Wars. Right click it and click "Show in Windows Explorer"
3.) Drag the .ipa file to your desktop.
4.) Right click the .ipa file and click "Open With..." Then find WinRar and open it with that.
5.) Double click "Payload."
6.) Click the .app file and on the top hit "Extract To" and extract it to your desktop.
7.) On your desktop you'll find a new folder "Payload." Open it and drag the .app file to iTunes. Make sure the other GTA Chinatown Wars file isn't on iTunes. The .app file on iTunes won't have an icon, but don't worry, there'll be an icon on your iPod touch.
8.) That's pretty much it! Enjoy."

Confirmed working. Most current OS on the touch.   read

2:53 PM on 01.04.2010

Modern Warfare 3 already in production....

Features ultra-realistic military game play, such as repairing trucks and awaiting orders.

[embed]159530:26298[/embed]   read

8:28 AM on 03.18.2009

Starcraft 2 without LAN?

I've been reading a few articles that speculate that Starcraft 2 will not have LAN Multiplayer. This boggles my mind, I can understand excluding it from Diablo 3... But this game would severely suffer from lack of sales if they left this feature out. RTS games are really best played over a local network (in my experience Starcraft games play very well over my LAN) and removing this feature or not including it would be a huge mistake on Blizzards part.

They already decided that they're splitting this game up into 3 separate packages, which in my opinion is another huge mistake, being that people don't like to pay $180 dollars for a full version of a game.

This would hurt their overseas sales (namely Korean). If someone is serious about playing tournaments, and contests where their Starcraft skills are put to the test, wouldn't LAN be most appropriate? There's no lag over a local network, therefore you would have a reliable connection and your match wouldn't get dropped, lagged out, or any number of network issues that could arise if you were required to connect to to play a local game.

I can't help but wonder if this is Activisons hand, or if Blizzard is getting way too greedy with their pricing.

I remember playing WoW for 2 months and not even playing with my third month. The reason? No game is worth a monthly fee in my opinion. The game was frequently unplayable due to stressed and overcrowded servers, not to mention the spam filled chat.

So their answer to the millions of fans that thirst to do a Zerg rush with updated graphics and mechanics?

"We need moar cash plz, kthx"

[via] and   read

8:30 AM on 03.12.2009

Fucking Piece of Shit.

Sony introduces their "Stupid Piece of Shit That Doesn't Fucking Work"


I have mine!   read

4:02 AM on 01.31.2009

Holy Shit!

X-men Origins: Wolverine trailer looks real good.. hope the game play looks that good.
Saw it at:
For the people who want to see it in HD:

I don't need to write anything else about this video., because I don't have the fucking time, kiddies.   read

4:49 AM on 01.24.2009

Bowsers Minions Mutuney

12:30 AM on 01.23.2009

LEGO. <3

I am an avid LEGO fan.
I've made 2 ships from Descent 3 (and I'm working on the other two now)
I also saw someone else's model of Cloud's buster sword, and I mimicked it.

Follow the link:   read

12:11 PM on 01.16.2009

Shadow of the Colossus

I've been considering on picking this game up for $20 on amazon, and was wondering on if anyone thought I should pick it up. I've heard many good things about this game, and I still am interested in expanding my PS2 collection. (just got a nice cheap copy of Persona 4 with a kick ass art book).

Also: is there a collectors edition of this game (SotC)? There's a few listings that say "Collectible" and if theres a special box or book that comes with it I think I would like it.

Anyone think this is a good purchase?

If not, Why?   read

8:48 AM on 01.14.2009

The King

In celebration of the new DLC for Castle Crashers my fiancee drew out the King from the game.
I thought it would be nice to share her drawing with the community.

She was very excited to hear that he became playable, since he is her favourite character in the game.I think his little expressions are the reason why she fell in love with him

She would like to excuse the smudges on the paper though. She had lost her black pencil crayon and had to use charcoal pencils instead.


7:58 PM on 01.11.2009

Late Present

Here he is. He's the little Tin robot that I think of when I see Mr. Destructoid. He was a little hard to find but I finally found a replica of the older ones that were made in the 50's? 60's? I'm not quite sure what era these toys are from.

But anyways, Happy New Year Dtoid.   read

2:53 PM on 01.04.2009

Gaming Apocalypse

It's coming soon.. with the advent of "Guitar Zero" and "Cock band" We've come upon the equivalent of an atomic bomb in the gaming world. "All-star cheer squad" How do people let such crap get made?! Is THIS why I'm not getting a Descent 4 from THQ?! And this seems to be the beginning of the end of gaming as we know it! <sic> Who will be responsible when future generations come across this shit, and look at us like we just farted on their grandmas lap? Most of us will be blamed. Blamed for letting these atrocitys see the light of day.

I saddens me to see such an utter atrocity be dubbed as a "video game" Whatever happened to actually trying out for your schools Cheer squad? or even the damn flag line... I guess society is to blame... That or the "choreographer" who helped make this piece of bear diarrhea.

But it still pisses me off that THQ publishes and produces such atrocity's when they could be working on one of the best First Person Shooters ever made....

Fucking THQ and their fucking stupid fuck shit.

I guess we could fight it by not buying that crap.. but I can see it being a hit with girls 10-16. and even boys 13-15. (hey you can't buy porn here until you're 18, and in some states 21)


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