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DrRockso's blog

11:43 PM on 09.04.2008

Oh wowee, Warhammer 40K: Space Marine for the 360


Go check that video, then we can talk. Hopefully THQ hasnt taken it down yet.

From what's shown in the interview, its looking to play like an amalgamation of DMC and GoW. Which isnt a bad thing at all. And if that build is as early along as they kept repeating, than this is going to be phenomenal by final polish. My only complaint thus far, and its a minor one, is that in 40K, the bolters arent really a submachine gun. More of a auto grenade launcher, an instrument of the Emperor's divine wrath. But who knows, maybe they'll change that little bit.

So, fellow 40K fans. I know you played Fire Warrior. I know you play Dawn of War (unrelated by genre, but...). How is it looking to you?

EDIT: Apparently this game was shown at Leipzig, and for whatever reason, THQ / Games Workshop didnt want it shown. But its out now, and THQ has been taking down the video left and right.

Cats out of the bag now, sucker.

EDIT EDIT: Replacement video! Thanks, BWARK-KUPO.   read

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