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[title]Let's begin a journey to Pandora[/title]

Borderlands is a sci-fi hybrid FPS/RPG developed by Gearbox for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. The game takes place on the planet Pandora where you and up to four other friends can engage on the experience of a lifetime, or at least the next couple of hours. There are different quests like get this, get that, kill this, etc. At first it starts slow but gets highly addictive when you get the hang of it.

If you want this to be mildly interactive do the following: Open this YouTube video on a new tab and let it play while you read the rest. Don't bother with the video which is kind of lame but I'm interested in the music experience. Trust me!

[title]Meet the cast[/title]

From left to right that's:
[*]Roland (Soldier)
[*]Lilith (Siren)
[*]Mordecai (Hunter)
[*]Brick (Berserker)
They all have unique abilities for their class which sets them apart. Is not like you are playing with different skins. Roland has a machine turret that can come in handy in heavy battles. Mordecai has his trusty pet of prey to attack annoying baddies. Lilith the siren has a phase walk because of some powers she has (I don't like spoilers). And last but not least Brick that goes into Berserker mode and can take lots of damage and beats the shit out of anything in his way with his fists.

Beware: I don't now if this is a PS3 only bug but if you play with Mordecai you need to keep up with Clap Trap (Robot host) all the way to the first mayor check point where you meet the Doctor. I'm not talking about the fixed bug of the Coop (Yeap! that's right). If you don't do this you'll get stuck and have to restart, quit that game. It happened to me twice until I figure out I was screwed and had to start over ( after wondering like an idiot for a while). There are a couple of bugs in this one, but not serious enough to spoil a great gaming experience.


The game looks great! The unique hand drawn, comic book artstyle set it apart from anything of what at least I have played. But there is some minor loading of the graphics that for me was a little let down, now let me explain. Remember that the last game I played was Uncharted 2 Among thieves and after that everything looks like a turd, go figure! Asides that the character models look great very detailed.


The vastness of Pandora feels like a hell of a big place. They have a nice way of engaging those invisible walls we all hate but I'll let you discover that for yourselves. I heard people complaining of long walks to here from there but exploring is what this is all about and there's always something to do and or someone to kill. Remember the only way you are going to find those nice guns and loot is by exploring everywhere (wink, wink!).

It handles like an FPS and as for the RPG aspect it handles like an FPS too. Meaning this is a shooter with nice simple RPG elements that doesn't overpower the action of the game. This one grows on you and before you know time will fly fast. This is the one every Fallout 3 fan was waiting for.

As you level up creatures and scavengers level up too. Is a blast to overpower smaller enemies but is equally frustrating to take bigger ones with out the proper leveling and equipment (specially shields).

If you die you get a second chance that if you kill something after getting teleported to your checkpoint you revive and is called a second wind.


There is 4 player coop online which is a blast or split screen with a buddy. Now the greatest thing in this is the combat duels. When you get a nice weapon and any one in the game wants it, he can melee you and if you answer it back you start a fight between you two in a dome like electric field and you go at it. Do it for the loot or just to be a dick if you want, but you need to experience this at least one time, you'll see its a blast.

[title]The verdict[/title]
Do you like Fallout 3? Did you thought it need it more action? Do you like shooters? Then this is for you. If you don't like shooters this could be for you too. Because of the RPG element, there is none of that FPS constant pressure unless you get to a part where the shit its the fan (then it's on like Donkey Kong!).

I mentioned earlier Fallout 3 twice, but this is far for being that game. Is only the post apocalyptic style like Mad Max that you'll like. I'm not comparing them because there are truly different styles. But this game is hot and fun and I doubt that you'll find a better 25/50 hours experience...wait, Did I say 50 hours? Yes. After you complete the game you get to play a second walkthrough with your character.

At the forum there was a thread about the sleeper hits of this season. Borderlands and Demon's Souls were mentioned a lot. Now have in mind those two games has sold out on different parts of USA. Is that a Sleeper Hit? What do you guys think? IMO this is a better investment than some games out there Uncharted 2 included. JESUS CHRIST!!! WHAT DID HE SAID!!! Now clam down, I'm not cockblocking Saint Drake since you know I'm one huge fan of the title...I say as an investment because if you have the money for only one game this season (like all the threads in the forums) I'll bet you'll play more of this game than other new titles.

On to the next one!
What do you think guys. Demon's Souls is next but I don't think I'll be able to squeeze a review this next week since I have a couple of medical conferences to attend (Free Food!). Let see how it goes. So leave your comments guys you know I like them.

EDIT: My GameTrailers friend TheRealGamer brought to my attention a hilarious YouTube video about Borderlands and I think you should enjoy it too.

Thanks again to [user]TheRealGamer[/user]!

What I've been playing

Over the past days I've been playing Uncharted nonstop. Sunday through Tuesday I've been occupied with Drake's Fortune which I wanted to finish to catch up to the story. That's a great game right there. The fact that when I started the game and couldn't put it down say's a lot. If a game doesn't get my attention from the get go I'll probably leave it and gets to be a casualty of trades.

On Tuesday I picked up my copy of Uncharted 2 and there I moved a credit reservation and decided to get Borderlands. I didn't get Brutal Legend because it got mixed reviews. I'll probably get it but there's no rush for it right now. On Tuesday Drake's Fortune was finished so Among Thieves it is.

My Impressions

Warning: After you play this game all others are going to suck. You've been warned.

Uncharted 2 Among Thieves[/b] is awesome! I'm just about on the final stage that took me about 12 hours, I managed to do it in about 3 sittings. This game gets you so involved in the story that is difficult to let go once it starts. This game has gotten many perfect scores, and it deserve them all.

The fucking chickens look better than half the lead characters of new games out there! It looks so good its amazing. LOL! It's true! You won't believe it until you see it for yourself. I was skeptical at first. Since I played Drake's Fortune back to back with this one I couldn't see the difference at first. It looks beautiful! The scenarios are vast and well detailed. Character models look smooth and lifelike.


If you played the first the controls are basically the same. Minor tweaks were performed specially the grenade trows feel better this time. Cameras mechanics has been fixed too. No leaps of faith this time. The combat mechanics have changed too. I think there are better than on Drake's Fortune. Gameplay is what you would expect from a game of this magnitude.


This is the first multiplayer I've played and liked in a long time. Is fun you can do the usual party up with some friends or play with others. What I liked the most is that you don't have to wait too much to find a game and the matchmaking is usually fair. My PSN is DrTron so add me up to play online once in a while. I don't have a microphone yet but I'll try to find my old Motorola's Bluetooth and se if it still works.


Do I have to say it? Go get it if you haven't already and lets meet on multiplayer.

Photo Photo Photo

Well whoever said the Uncharted 2 : Among Thieves Fortune Hunter Edition wasn't going to be sold anywhere should take a look at today's eBay listings. The seller psn_voltroid explains how he got it and what is on the loot if you are the high bidder (At this time is at $3050.00 dolaroonis!):


Fortune Hunter Edition includes:
- a replica of the Phurba dagger with stand
- an art book
- a collector's case autographed by Naughty Dog
- exclusive download-able content
- a copy of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Will also include an Uncharted 2: Among Thieves lanyard with contestant badge and an Uncharted 2 drawstring bag from event."

There's still like 9 days left if you want to bid a kidney or your first born to get this precious game memorabilia. The guys at Infinity Ward are going to be so jealous since they played that fine statue of theirs so nice (Click the link). In times like this we say: "Fuck the resetion! I need to pay thousands of dollars on plastic crap because I need this to live like a Man. Damn it!"

Photo Photo

Activision must be on a gambling debt and needs to pay it with your Modern Warfare 2 money. They just release their Modern Warfare 2 Veteran Statue Bundle on Gamestop with a hefty price tag.

No no no! That's not pesos, that's in U.S. currency or dollars as you call it, a hundred and forty of them. They are starting to see the SUCKER sign on peoples foreheads. I hope they are not $2.00 plastic crap like the Night-goggles.


Some lucky fans (lucky bastards) got to attend the UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves cinema event that took place on San Francisco. They not only got to play an unseen multiplayer map but got to meet Naughty Dog's Creative Director Amy Hennig. As is that wasn't enough they also got a copy of the game! Here is the video from the Playstation blog. See it as I have a seizure from ENVY.

I can't wait for this to be released.

Since we only got a non-review of Demon's Souls I thought it would be nice to see some of the reviews that are coming out for this game. The first one is in Video form by GameTrailers.com:

Honestgamer: "In Demon's Souls, though, there's a difference: your hero will actually take that extra step and die for his cause. Repeatedly, he will die. Or she will, if that's the way you roll. Then, shortly after that first death, there will come a second one, and a third and a fourth... probably all before you've cleared so much as a single stage. That's just the way things work in Boletaria.

You've heard similar things said about other games, though, about other fantasy kingdoms. You've heard about this one huge boss in that one game who clobbers heroes with a continent-sized fist. Maybe you've even witnessed such things for yourself, like when you finally reached the villain at the end of Final Fantasy VII and found yourself unceremoniously squished between colliding planets because you hadn't bothered to earn the most powerful spells and equipment. Games like that are enjoyable, sure, but they're a different sort of affair. They're tough because you haven't prepared yourself sufficiently or because there's an unavoidable attack that will always drain away most of your life. In stark contrast, Demon's Souls is tough because everything is completely fair, because every disaster is technically avoidable and because every enemy can kick your ass if you let your mind wander."

Acegamez: "Demon's Souls doesn't want to hold your hand. It doesn't want to be beaten. And it definitely doesn't want to be friends. Don't expect a relaxed learning curve or well placed checkpoints: just turn the lights off, grab your PS3 pad and get ready for one of the most brutally rewarding games of the last decade. This is a game that makes Ninja Gaiden look plain soft. This is Demon's Souls."

RPGfan: "Ignore the scores to the right of this paragraph. Demon's Souls is a game that escapes being numerically defined by a scale, since it will mean so many different things to so many different people. Demon's Souls is tough, stylistically different from anything you've ever played before, and introduces gameplay elements that are at the same time both archaic and gloriously new. It's a game that some people will play time and time again and some people will absolutely abhor. Which type of gamer are you? Hopefully this review will help you figure that out, because if you're in the first group, this is a day one purchase."

Gamervision: "The enemy design is, simply put, wonderful, and so many different elements of Demonís Souls call out to me, demanding love and affection. Sadly, I cannot return its calls. It just goes so far out of its way to be difficult that it misses some key, important elements that would have made it a vastly better game."

Metacritic is up to 89, nice!
I might get this one but I'll wait to hear gamer's feedback. Leave your comments guys they are deeply appreciated.
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