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Dr Robo avatar 9:21 PM on 03.16.2010  (server time)
"I have returned."

Well, that's not to say that I've exactly left though... Destructoid as a whole that is! Well, ok, I have some explaining to do.

Dear Destructoid,

Hello thar and happy 4th birthday! How are you? It's definitely been awhile. How're the wife and kids, your grandmother, that terrible rash you'd mentioned...? Ok, I'll cut to the chase, I know that you've seen me here and there pretty frequently, checking you out at least once a day from across the room. As silly as it sounds, I've been too bashful and ashamed to come up and talk to you as of recent. I have to say through, I've been more than satisfied with how you've been looking for the past few months; your insightful articles, hilariously entertaining pod-toids, hell, you've even persuaded me into buying a game or two. But I'll get to the point, I need you on a completely different level, more than you or I could ever imagine. I can't stand around and merely dream about how happy we could make each other.

Yes, I remember way back in December when I made the promise that I'd be sticking around on the C blogs for awhile -- I'm so sorry that I broke it. You see, so many things came up! Schooling, stressful college business, a brand new Steam account... alright, alright, I know. Yes, it was that one awful first blog I attempted, the one that tried to relate Banjo Kazooie to Metal Gear 2 on some weird personal level. It was too wordy, it didn't clearly elaborate on important points, it just wasn't me! But I swear that I've changed Destructoid, really I have. I've realized that you have a much more relaxed community than I initially thought, and that the people here (hopefully) don't judge you on your first bad post either!

So I was wondering if maybe we could go out to dinner sometime? See a movie perhaps? I've heard The Crazies is supposed to be pretty good. And, well, we'll see what happens from there. Who knows, maybe we could make a thing out of this, you know, us, together. Just think, I could write some thoughtful posts on you, you could publish them to other bloggers that hang around you, we can all mingle, how lovely it could be...

But I'm getting ahead of myself of course. I'm just telling you to think about it. I believe that you could find that I have some rather nifty things to offer you, Destructoid. Remember to stay in touch, and call me if you're interested, you have my number.

With love always,
Dr. Robo

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