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Dr Rainbow avatar 2:27 AM on 04.06.2012  (server time)
10 things you didn't know about Dr Rainbow

Hey, Destructoid! If you've seen my previous posts, then you know what to expect. It is going to be a really short blog, because I am a sad, boring, dull and uninteresting person. Let's do this shit!
1) I’m from Russia, comrades

Yeah, Russia - country of bears, vodka, balalaika, never ending winter and NUCLEAR MISSILES. Except it's nothing like that. It's actually a pretty cool place to live and not that much different from, let's say USA or England. And my name is Anton, by the way.
2) I have a penis

Yep. I don't see any vaginas in my crotch area. I guess, that means that I'm a man. I'M A MAN!!
3) I smoke like a chimney

I could go through 2 packs in a day. I know it's very bad for my health and recently I had a heart attack (but not because of that), so I kinda need to slow down. But on the other hand, FFFFFUCK THAT. I'll smoke, I'll cough, I'll get the tumors, I'll die. And everybody wins!
4) Adventure time is my favorite TV show

I honestly don't know how anyone can dislike Adventure Time. It's hilarious and really random and I love it.
5) My favorite game is Gungrave/Gungrave Overdose

I know these games are mediocre at best, but I can't help it, I'm deeply in love with them. I should say that I'm a huge fan of Yasuhiro Nightow, the creator of Trigun and Trigun Maximum. And when I found out he was working on Gungrave games, I knew it is going to be something special. And it certainly was. With that being said, Gungrave is not for everyone. Like I already mentioned, these games are not all that good, but for me they are DAMN PERFECT. I even have this bomb ass art book.

I've beaten Gungrave and Gungrave OD like a thousand times. I know everything about them and I still play them sometimes. I should probably mention the anime series. It was decent. It had the same brilliant soundtrack by Tsuneo Imahori, but it was lacking the style of the original games.
6) I want to be a Ninja Turtle

I was told when I grew up I could be anything I wanted. But I always wanted to be a Ninja Turtle. Who knows, maybe one day I can become one.
7) I'm a comic book artist

I'm working on my dream project for about 4 years already. It's called Fake Plastic Trees (very pretentious name, indeed) and it's kinda like Scott Pilgrim vs The World and Sharknife. I hope that I will be able to finish at least first volume in the near future.
8) I love anime and manga

I don't even know what to say about that. My favorite manga series is 20th century boy and my favorite anime movie is Mind Game. By the way, you should really see Mind Game. It's gonna blow your mind. DICKS.
9) Shit Happens to me

Recently I lost the most important person in my life and I had a heart attack. And because of my health condition I probably won't live too long. But I try to stay cheerful and videogames really help me with this.

If you didn't noticed already, I really love videogames.

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