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Besides pwning n00bs, in my spare time I like to chew bubble gum and think about the best way to cook hot pockets and ramen noodles in the same microwave, at the same time.

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Here is where my rig lives at times. You can see the cat thingy, ghetto chair, genesis game box, and a really messy desk.

Check out this case mod though! I got a 5" LCD right in my PC! Of course, it is crooked and not on 90% of the time.

This 17" LCD monitor only cost me $80! Max resoultion of 1280x1204. Also thought I shoudl point out that right now I have 32 tabs open in firefox.

But this mouse pad makes up for it. It's an old spiral notebook which I right things down in that I need to remember while I am on the PC. Notice the giant sweat stains from Counter-Strike. Mouse is MX518.

Here is my keyboard. Microsoft Natural 4000. The pimpest keyboard I have ever used. However, mine is old and full of cat hair.

Skullcandy GI headphones. When I got these I thought they were indestructible. I was wrong it turned out.

Two DVD burners! However, because of the Nforce4 chipset, only one works for burning! Take note of the card reader and cold cathode light switch. Also the mess of wires.

Check out these insides! Through the scratched up window you can see:

AMD Athlon X2 3800+ (Arctic freezer 64)
Nvidia Geforce 6800gs (another arctic freezer on this one)
Corsair Value RAM 2GB
480w coolermaster PSU
120gb SATA HDD

I like to keep things clean though, so not much dust. The CPU is overclocked to 2.45 ghz (I could probably go further but I got distracted in the middle of OC'ing and just left it there).

CPU-Z of course.
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This is genius

/ end generic video with 1 line comment

Dr l0cke
7:31 PM on 12.31.2007

I'm making a note here
huge success

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It had to be done...

...Holy shit. I need to go upgrade now.

Dr l0cke
7:59 PM on 11.29.2007

I find this video hilarious.

Yes, it was made by dr pepper

OMG. This has to be one of the most intense games I've played all year. Right up there with EP2. I haven't even played multiplayer yet, but I know it will be awesome!


Seriously, if you haven't beaten it yet don't read these. The story is totally fucking epic. Click on the home page link above and ignore this post until you've finished the game.

The story was awesome, but there is one part I did not like. That whole dieing after the nuke thing. I felt like "HOLY SHIT I'M ALIVE! Time to do some uber cool last man standing stuff that will completely own". But then the game was like "YOU DIE, go back to SAS man". Anyone else feel like they got shifted?