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Dr l0cke's blog

10:51 PM on 04.01.2010

Sonic 4 Soundtrack leaked

Here is one of the songs you can expect to hear in Sonic 4.   read

7:20 PM on 12.16.2009

TF2 with legos

People on steamtoid chat seemed to like it, so I thought I might post it here.   read

6:34 PM on 01.26.2009

Anyone like Jak 3? I have some swag

I picked this up awhile back in some contest, but I don't really like Jak 3 or Jak X all that much. I've got 1 Shirt (Jak 3) 2 Poster things (Jak X) 1 sticker (Jak X) 3 demo discs If anyone wants this lot just pay sh...   read

1:06 AM on 11.02.2008

Eidos knows how to advertise

Check out this email I just got about the demo of Tomb Raider: Underworld   read

11:56 PM on 06.20.2008

Mass Effect on PC... sigh

So I just finished mass effect on PC. It was pretty disappointing. I mean, the game was great, but there where so many glitches it was almost impossible to play. Example: A known glitch where weapons that overheat will not ...   read

10:11 PM on 03.24.2008

My PSP is sad

3 years old today and I did nothing for it. It is just sitting in a shelf behind me with a cover and luminies in it. The battery isn't even charged. Crap, I just realized I have been an early adopter a lot. Maybe tomorrow I will take a pic of all of my first gen gear. BTW: Anyone got a sega nomad for sale?   read

1:26 AM on 03.23.2008

Not My Turning Point Gaming Rig

Here is where my rig lives at times. You can see the cat thingy, ghetto chair, genesis game box, and a really messy desk. Check out this case mod though! I got a 5" LCD right in my PC! Of course, it is crooked and not on 9...   read

12:39 AM on 01.02.2008

I should've thought of this before these guys

This is genius / end generic video with 1 line comment   read

7:31 PM on 12.31.2007

2007 was a triumph

I'm making a note here huge success It had to be done...   read

6:21 PM on 12.12.2007

Cyrsis Physics are serious fucking business

...Holy shit. I need to go upgrade now.   read

7:59 PM on 11.29.2007

Tay Zonday sells out

I find this video hilarious. Yes, it was made by dr pepper   read

9:43 PM on 11.27.2007

Just finished COD4 (spoilers!)

OMG. This has to be one of the most intense games I've played all year. Right up there with EP2. I haven't even played multiplayer yet, but I know it will be awesome! SPOILERS START NOW Seriously, if you haven't beaten i...   read

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