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Dr Milkdad
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Not My Turning Point Gaming Rig

It's got a AMD processor of some kind. A video card that plays games in 3D. Sound comes out. Play videos in windows media player. It has a plastic front, and metal sides. I stack things on top of it sometimes, and the...


Video - Epic Angry German Kid Remix

Apparently this was done by some guy in Japan, it is a remix of the Angry German Kid. Not sure what's it's remixed too, sounds Castlevania like. Anyways, great remix, made me laugh my balls off into pieces.


Footage of Amazing Unreleased PS1 Fighter

Everything about this game is flawless, itís a damn shame Iíve never seen it until now. Easily the most ahead of itís time PS1 fighting game ever. Everything from the animation, to the graphics and the incredible fighting system, blows away anything that comes out these days. Iíd play this over Virtua Fighter 5 any day.


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