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Dr Mel's blog

7 hours ago - 7:00 AM on 09.04.2015

Remember Black? That PS2 era shooter from Criterion? It has a REALLY good orchestral soundtrack. I'm gonna throw that in my MGSV iDroid. Why not.


23 hours ago - 2:33 PM on 09.03.2015

There's a Custom Soundtrack folder in MGSV. I can't think of a better thing to put there than the old episodes of podtoid I've been running through lately. I'll be fultoning guys and Holmes will be puttin' on mesh tank tops. Perfect.


6:06 PM on 09.02.2015

I'm ok if someone chooses a character's ethnicity in a story with the intent of being more representative, as long as the story is good. And if even SOME people feel like it helps them relate, then good! Don't bother me none.


3:21 AM on 09.02.2015

Laracraft: World of Tomb Raiders


2:50 PM on 08.25.2015

So if anyone else is playing through Grandia II Anniversary Edition for the first time in a while (or possibly ever), I recommend you really check out all the NPC dialogue. It's surprisingly well written for its time, and there's TONS of it.


12:09 PM on 08.24.2015

Update: Steam version has pushed an update for Grandia 2 with maybe the rest of the files (question mark?). Hopefully it works now.


11:57 AM on 08.24.2015

I also just got the Steam verison of Grandia 2, and it seems to have been uploaded with missing files. It's a 2 gig game with only a 300 meg download. :/


8:09 AM on 08.18.2015

Pistachio pudding. Who wants some?


8:56 PM on 08.16.2015

I've run out of current podcasts to listen to at work. So I'm going to go on an Old-New (aka Jim-era) Podtoid binge. Pray for me.


9:27 AM on 08.15.2015

This really does feel a bit like some kind of Twitter group, except it's a Dtoid "Quickblog". D'ickblog.


9:25 AM on 08.15.2015

"Bag of pizza"


7:38 AM on 08.14.2015

Quick post, more like quick... toast. *makes toast*


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