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Dr Judym's blog

9:49 AM on 05.31.2011

Koenigsegg CCX and Cicruit de Catalunya GT in Shift 2: Unleashed

This supercar is nothing short of amazing. The look, engine sound, acceleration, top speed - all designed to knock your socks off. However, this beast is also pretty difficult to handle. Rear wheels often loose traction on ...   read

4:15 AM on 05.28.2011

Dirt 3 - small tribute

Well, Dirt 3 is out and I really like it so far. Seems like the series is getting back on track with more focus on rally and racing, and less on cool style. One of the game features lets you upload your replay straight to Youtube, but as for now there are some problems with that. Anyway, that gave me an idea for this short tribute. Evo X, Finnish forest and the pure joy of rally racing.   read

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