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PS3 GTA4 Freeze Fix Follow-Up

A big package came from Sony's repair center in Texas today. After sending my PS3 off, I thought about what could be wrong. I'm a pretty tech savvy guy, so I naturally started wondering what could possibly be the problem th...


Sony's GTA4 Freeze "Solution"

I just got off the phone with SCEA customer support, and it was an interesting call to say the least. After the usual rigmarole of robots and elevator music, I get a hold of a live human being. After describing the problem ...


D-Toid Army Badge Suggestion

ZERO DIVISOR Awarded for getting 5 "0 comment" posts. The posts don't count if you actually post something constructive, funny, informative, or otherwise worth reading. The posts must contain a short phrase such as "first" or "0 comment". People who are awarded this badge are banned from making comments on anything, anywhere, forever.


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