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Half-Life 2 Engine Update Video

Heres a video I threw together to show you guys the new features that were previously only on the 360 and PS3 versions of Half Life 2 and Episode 1. And today Mac owners get HL2 as you may know. The more people that get to experience this masterpiece the better. Proud owner of Raising the Bar. (Best Game art book ever made in my opinion!) Anyone else out that own it?


Listen you.

Bioshock 2. No controller support on PC. You tards say that PC gamers should stop whining and use KB+M. I'll tell you why you're a fuckshitcock. Ok, this is GAMES FOR WINDOWS LIVE. I thought these HAD to support the 36...


Garage Sale / Goodwill hunting.

Always check Goodwill for game stuff, you'll often find awesome deals Today I scored DOUBLE! First, I checked out a garage sale down the street, found an uber sweet box full of goodies. It had: One NES. (I already had one,...


Hello World! (Yes, intro blog post.)

Long time lurker of DTOID, first time blogging. I feel so important, I should probably be blogging on a MacĀ© in StarbucksĀ©. Oh well. Heres some info you can use to stalk me. Location: Chicago, Illinois Favorite Game: Any...


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