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DocHaus 's blog
Drifting somewhere between self-hating geekery and caffeine-fueled Gamer Pride ranting exists the entity known as Doctor Haus, or just DocHaus for short. He claims to play a doctor on TV, but the closest he's ever come was an acting gig in some Telecom major's class project. In reality, DocHaus just happens to be Some Guy With a Website whose moral compass has become so twisted by the internet that the line between snark and "Serious Business" has blurred considerably.

DocHaus first got into gaming at the age of 6, when his parents bought him a Sega Genesis to shut him up. Oh, if only they realized the forces they would unleash upon this young, impressionable mind. Since then, DocHaus has also gone through a Nintendo 64, bought a Gamecube at launch day, and picked up an XBOX 360 off of Ebay. He also plays various games through steam on his laptop when there's a good connection.

DocHaus will probably never refer to himself in the third person outside of this "About Me" section.
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3:10 PM on 05.28.2010
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