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Dnky666's blog

7:34 AM on 07.05.2009

Next gen SSX on the way?

Was listening to a recent Podcast over on another blog/network (1up) and they were discussing Tony Hawks board controller. One of the guys chimes in with;

"Well I'm sure you will be able to use it with the new SSX game.) !!!!

3 minutes later, he corrects himself, saying he had only mentioned it because, like, it would be nice to use with a new SSX. Not that he knew of one in production.......Honest. Yeah, right.

Anyone know anything about this? Go on, break that embargo!!!! SSX kicks ass and the fact that we have only had SSX Blur this gen is a crime against gaming.   read

7:24 AM on 07.05.2009

Skate 3 should ring the changes by staying the same.

Good to see Skate 3 announced. The Tony Hawk series had gotten weak and Skate & Skate 2 were really enjoyable and brought a new dimension to boarding via console.

Let's just hope that Skate 3 is controller controlled. I think that that would really work in its favour. The whole board controller thingy is the sort of gimmick that games simply do not need. I want to put on some tunes and kick back gamepad in hand, not jump about my cramped lounge scratching up my landlords laminate flooring.

Not to mention the fact that it is going to break. It's $120 and you jump on it, it slides from under you and takes out your xbox/PS3.

Ring the changes Skate 3, by staying controller controlled and half the price of your weak ass competitor. You will shred their Hawk asses.   read

8:13 PM on 06.19.2009

RROD: 3 and a half years from launch.

Don't know why I was so lucky. I bought my Xbox 360 at launch in the Uk and as all around me were having problems I have had none. No lock ups, glitches or anything. Then today 5 hours after I switched of my Xbox it Red Ringed. Gutted. Off to get an Arcade tomorrow. Just thought I'd share.   read

6:59 AM on 06.04.2009

Miyamoto video interview.

Taken from the BBC. It is quite broad, as aimed at the non gamer but they do ask him about Microsoft and Sony in regatds to motion control post E3.


[embed]134855:19840[/embed]   read

8:00 AM on 05.18.2009

Is it just me #2: I don't want to go Home!!!

I own all 3 of the current consoles. Why wouldn't I. I have/had the cash and as a discerning gamer utterley bemused by all the fanboy bullshit I hooked myself up. Although owning them all brings its own problems....

Basically, I have had a 360 since launch (Yep, it still works) and as most of my friends own the same if a game is available across all the consoles, I buy the 360 edition. That and the fact that I am sadly attracted by gamerpoints. I have very few, but I like to think that one day I will work my way through the 40+ games I own and max them all out. Hey, a guy can dream.

But having followed both Infamous and Uncharted 2 I'm prediciting that this year may well belong to Sony, certainly in the exclusives anyhow. Don't get me started on Quakezone 2. I'm with the somewhat infamous Edge review when it come to KZ2. It is a safe 7. Looks a lot like Quake 2 albeit with a next gen update. Anyhow, I digress.

So top of my shopping list is Infamous. BUT....I have no interest in Home. It seems to me that Sony have yet to sort out the whole trophy thing. Basically when I boot up my PS3 I do not want a menu. I do not want what basically amounts to my laptops desktop. I want ON TOP my profile, my trophies, my friends and their trophies. I do not want to have to boot up HOME. I have no interest in a 3D avatar. I do not want to walk around a 3D world. I just want a nice sleek menu based system that totals up my achievements vs my friends achievements and lets me access the PSN Store & my game(s).

Is Sony that pissed off with Microsoft that they feel the need to cut there own nose off to spite their face? Surely I am not the only person who sees HOME as a massive waste of hard disc, bandwith and most of all time. It would take Sony a couple of weeks I'm sure to come up with something that basically amounts to the NXE. it just me.   read

9:15 AM on 05.14.2009

Is it just me #1

It may just be me, certainly no-one else seems to have made the parallel but doesn't Killzone 2 just smack of Quake 2.

It's as if Guerilla have taken Quake and updated it for the next generation. Far more so than any of the other big FPS series.

Let us consider the facts.

1. It looks like Quake 2 in tone and colour. Primarily orange. Or burnt sienna for you interior decorator types. Just much prettier.

2. The Helghast are pretty much The Strogg. They even have the same taste in flags.

3. The planet could be Mars. It certainly seems to look like it. More Orange/Reddy tones. Dusty. Hot.

Now don't get me wrong. Killzone 2 does lots of stuff pretty well. But running about the general localities it just keeps reminding me of Quake 2. A very very lovely next gen update. But Quake 2 nonetheless.

But then, it could just be me.   read

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