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Er, right then. I'm spose'd to fill this thing out to give you folks a hint as to what kind of a gamer, person i am.
I'll do what i can in a broad overview right now, and polish it up later.
First off, I've been a gamer since as long as i can remember.
But that goes back so far to the age when we gamers didn't even have the title of "gamers".
Now I'll age myself and talk about my Amstrad 464 with the green screen. That was my first computer. Yup!
Spent my formative years cutting my teeth on the arcade machines at the local pub.

Born and raised in Birmingham, England. Moved to Los Angeles in my early teens.
Currently, I'm a retired painter and illustrator, so i make my money as a full time pixel jockey (web designer) for a private corp. It's ok, but doesn't have the freedom of living on a brush stroke. Nor the pitfalls. Gaming is still my constant outlet.
I've done some character illustration work for a couple of game dev companies (That all went belly up, fancy that. I've got the golden touch!) An was an aspiring comic book artist until i got douched by Liefield himself. I dropped that racket, and went straight to gallery work. enff about that.

I've actually been a member of Destructoid for a while now, and i visitor for even longer. I would drop the occasional comment here or there, and mostly just read whatever is in rotation on the top page. What motivated me to step forward into the community? Nothing really. Just felt like doing it today, as opposed to not doing it yesterday. How Destructoid became a regular part of my browsing was due to Marcus, Robert, Hogan and Rance. I used to be their go to guy at the Stickam office. Those were some fun times...

Systems that I'm on (current usage):
DS lite (collecting dust)

I'll play just about any real game once.Don't like rhythm games. Don't much have time for puzzle games either. I'm old school. I game solo or with a partner, but I'm not swinging a plastic guitar.
I'm a fairly lazy gamer. Some games just aren't worth the effort anymore.
I.Don't.Play. Wii. Period!
Anytime someone busts that shit out at a party, it's time to bounce outta there, cos I'm in the wrong place.
Sick of Nintendos usual suspects of games, and i can't take that system seriously.
I get backlogged on games quiet a lot. Mostly because I'm an impulse shopper, and i get carried away and get a shit-ton of titles before i know what's going on.
Not a fan of stealth games anymore. I used to love em, but i had to leave em. Give me a shot at any of the Burnout games instead.

I'm currently playing:

Battlefield 1943 (PS3),
Bi0shock (360),
FFVII Crisis Core (PSP),
Secrets of Monkey island (360)
Mass Effect (360)
Fallout 3 (Ps3)
Elder Scrolls: Oblivion (360. lost my PS3 version)
There are more, but they elude me at this moment.

I'm playing catch up on my 360 titles. I've spent most of my time in the past on the PStriple to be fair. Now my 360 is running hot because I'm on that none stop. No gold account. It's a matter of principle. No need to justify it. That's just the way it is.
Again, sorry for the rushed blurb of nonsense. I'll clean it up later and add more info.

Thanks for reading.

Dizzy (Or rather, just DiZ)

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3:57 PM on 07.24.2009

Not so new actually. Just making my first post.