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Derek Yu released version 1.1 of his fantastic Spelunky game as a Christmas present to all of us today. Along with the new version, Derek released the source code for Spelunky, so you know what that means. Mother. Fucking. Spelunky. Mods. Oh hell yes. I don't expect anything less than stellar things being made as a result of this. Just thinking of all the possibilities for a Spelunky mod... it's mind bottling. You can grab both the new version of the game and the source code over at Spelunky World.

All discussion for Spelunky mods will be done over at the Mossmouth forum, so be sure to keep an eye out for the awesomeness that is bound to come out of there. There's no activity over there yet, but just wait until the holidays are over and I bet we can expect to see a lot more over at Mossmouth.

To say that I'm excited that Derek released the source code for Spelunky is an understatement. I spent a good chunk of my 2009 gaming time on Spelunky alone, and every last minute was just fantastic(though at times incredibly frustrating). Since Derek himself is a pillar of the indie gaming community, I expect the first mods to be crossovers from other popular indie games. We could see the worlds of Braid and Aquaria being adapted for the Spelunky caves as the first by-products of the modding scene. Though this is fan speculation, what we get out of this is all a mystery. Even so, I can't wait to see what the fans will turn Spelunky into!

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