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Diverse avatar 5:52 PM on 06.20.2009  (server time)
Official Cave Story Shirts coming soon

Recently announced in the July 2009 issue of Play magazine, a 4-way collaboration team consisting of Nicalis(the guys in charge of the WiiWare remake of Cave Story), Attract Mode, James Harvey, and Mitch Ansara will be releasing a few Cave Story shirts and sold through Attract Mode's website. How fucking awesome is this? The answer is Very. It's very, very fucking awesome. The best part about it? Pixel will be hand picking which designs will be finalized to go into production. The x-ray design of Balrog's innards might not make it as a shirt design, but I'm hoping it does. As a die-hard fan of Pixel's little indie gem practically since it was released, I simply can not wait to wear a shirt bearing one of the characters of Cave Story. Maybe they'll release a shirt bearing the entire cast of the game? I'm getting wet just thinking about it. A few of the could-be designs are featured in the small Play article about the shirts, which I've scanned for you and can be viewed in the gallery.

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