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12:22 PM on 03.02.2010

My Twitter exploded today with a bunch of Indie gamers and developers alike talking about the newly established Indie Fund. Basically it's a program spear-headed by some of the most successful indie developers who really made a name for themselves from the scene, including:

Basically these guys hope to "encourage the next wave of game developers". They want to help keep these budding developers to stay financially independent, and without the help of some greedy corporate publisher. Which projects they will be supporting haven't been announced yet, but they promise a list soon. More info and their reasoning behind starting this fund will be further explained during the Indies and Publishers: Fixing a System That Never Worked talk at GDC 2010.

Personally I feel like this is a fantastic idea on the part of the creators. It really shows you how much these developers care about their games, and how much they want to see others succeed in their own medium. I'm really curious to see who they will be backing. Tim from also has an interview up with Ron Carmel, which I suggest you all give a read. It sheds some more light on this project, and the end statement Ron reflects on the same way I feel; that this is a step in the right direction for not only improving video games as an artistic medium, but to keep the community thriving and producing quality games with nothing holding them back on creating what they want to create.

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