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Out of nowhere, one of the most prolific indie developers in not just the Japanese scene, but on the global indie scale, released two new games today. The first being a complete version of a beta game he released nearly two years ago originally as Teppomanto, and a completely new title named Nozumou.

For Ikiki's first release of the day, Teppoman 2, at first it seemed like nothing much was changed from it's original beta release. After getting more into it though, you will experience a ton of new content, including new wepaons, levels, enemies, and a tighter gameplay experience overall. This updated version sees our old hooded hero with a new affinity for bananas, so your eventual endgame is to penetrate an underground fortress holding a stockpile of our heroes favorite brown bananas. The heroes previous skills are still present in Teppoman 2, and just like the beta build they'll need to be mastered to the fullest. A number of guns and bombs are also available throughout any given level, and proper execution and swiftness will need to be practiced if you want to make a successful runthrough of Teppoman 2.

The second game, Nozumou, is a one player arena-type game where you'll see yourself in control of maddened Sumo wrestler who, for whatever reason, needs to destroy all of the other sumos occupying his ring. Nozumou is pretty straight-forward, and it's all about gaining a high score. Four rice bowls are arranged in the arena, and they can be picked up the increase the size of your Sumo so he can easily defeat his more hefty challengers. I haven't figured out any proper strategy to properly play the game and garner a really high score, but I'm sure that there is one, as there is for everyone of Ikiki's other high-score based games.

Ikiki's trademark and oddly-placed, ill-fitting voice sampling returns for both of his new games. As is his solely-made, uplifting music the perfectly fits his unique art style. It's been quite a while since we last from him, and the indie-scene was a little less fun without his presence. Fans of Ikiki's past action platformers and high-score games will find both of his new releases more than enjoyable. Be sure to grab them both from the download links at the bottom!

Download Teppoman 2
Download Nozumou

*EDIT - Download link for Nozumou isn't working, so get it directly from this page. First link at the top.

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