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Diverse avatar 5:38 AM on 02.02.2011  (server time)
David Jaffe x Jim Sterling fanfiction + images

Daphaknee, a somewhat minor voice in the indie gaming community, or rather it'd be more appropriate to say she's just close friends with Auntie Pixelante which is what she's mostly known for, made this short fanfic on twitter:

she got this in return:

to which she followed up with this:

"basically these guys are the dumbest fucking videogames 'journalist' and 'designer' ever
i hope they go to gdc
i want to rip them a new one

david jaffe likes to fuck his computers (with his penis)

jim sterling thinks that a PUSSY MOUND IS A 'TRANNY CROTCH'

oh shit never seen a hoo before better fuck my computer
better yet fuck eachotehr and choke on one anothers retarded semen really when it bubbles out of your post mortem mouth itll be more beautiful and true than anything either of you have ever ever ever ever said
women are so crazy and want people to die oh gosh its just as crazy as killing people in video games gosh that must make you crazy if you talk about death gosh gosh gosh SHUT UP DIE"


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