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Diverse avatar 8:00 PM on 03.30.2009
10 Things About Diverse: Slowpoke Edition


Yes, I know! But I still felt like I should make one. The funny thing is, I started making this list back on February 3rd, and I even had the general outline already completed, but for some reason I never got around to posting it! So anyways, here it is, 10 things you either want to know, or never wanted to know about me, Diverse.

1. I once fell in love with a girl in an MMO
Turned out to be a 14 year old Phillipino boy.

2. I used to steal from my Grandmom to buy Pokemon cards
Don't look at me like that. Pokemon was my heroin. They were practically all I could think about up until I hit my teens. I know it was wrong to steal from my bubby, but damn... I still do have a nice collection.

3. I'm a very compulsive buyer
When I'm thinking about buying something, either one of two things goes through my mind: 1) If I don't buy this now then I won't be able to even find it in the future. 2) If I don't buy this now then the price will skyrocket in the future. This results in to much shit cluttering my room. I literally have no more room to put shelving. I'm going to suffocate in a pile of DS cartridges and ill-gotten Pokemon cards.

4. I'm a fag for shoes
Srsly. I love shoes. Ever since I got my first pair of white on white Nike Air Force Ones I was hooked. I treat my shoes as if they were shrines, scuff em up and we are going to have a bout of fisticuffs. My latest is a pair of Nike Blazers, J Walking edition.

5. I'm a high school dropout
It's true! I hated high school with a passion. When I dropped out I bummed around for about a year, then got my GED and am currently in community college with that. So yeah! I'm not a total loss yet.

6. I ♥ lolis
Nothing is more appealing to me than a cute, flat chested loli.

7. Kool-Aid Jammers are Gods gift to man
Rarely is my desk not cluttered with the bodies of several dozen Kool-Aid Jammer pouches.

8. I never finish beating a video game
I don't know what it is, but I just never finish a video game. The ratio of the games I own to the games I actually finished is probably something like 25 to 1. I plan to do something about this, but the time I would need to invest on such a project is just something I don't have at the moment.

9. Music is my main passion in life
There is nothing I don't adore more in this life than music(except for maybe lolis). I have left no genre unlistened too, and I can find anything I like anywhere. Hip-Hop, Electronic, Breakcore, J-Core, Gypsy Rock, Reggae, Dub, Chiptune, ANYTHING. I love it all, and without it I just don't see how I could go on living. I'm always looking for something new, so if anyone has any suggestions about anything, just drop me a line, it would be greatly appreciated.

10. I have no IRL friends
Now, before you go thinking I'm some anti-social shut in, that's actually not the case! So here's the story. I grew up in Philly, but my family moved to the quiet(and much safer) suburbs when I was about 14 years old. I still came down on the weekends(my parents run a few businesses in the city), because I had all of my friends here and these were the people I grew up with all my life. For this reason I never really made friends with people at my new home in the suburbs outside of some casual friends at school. Now with me and my friends, weed was just a normal part of life, but as we got older, a lot of my friends(as well as pretty much the rest of the neighborhood) started getting into heavier stuff, like cocaine, meth, and especially heroine. I never wanted to get into shit like that, so as I grew older I just sort of slowly drifted away from my friends in the city I once called home. Many of those friends I had are either still in the same spot they always were waiting to get their next fix, or they have passed on with a needle in their arm. Those few who were smart enough to not get involved moved out of the city like my family did years ago, and I never heard from them again. I still consider Philly as my home since I still live a big portion of my life here(I work in the city, plus I will eventually inherit my parents businesses). I sometimes get a bit lonely, but I'm sure that college(which I just started my first semester last fall) will be able to fill this void in my life.

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