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Disturbedmindxx's blog

7:50 PM on 10.16.2011

Online Pass or Not to online Pass

Alright, I've noticed how all you guys treat game Devís like the bad guy or have this false sense of being cheated. I made an argument about how were all being treated like common criminals by needing the cat woman pass but I would never see them as evil. Actually itís in a sense *Fair* because every year more and more games become pirated copy's. I know several who use torrents so its no lie that businesses are losing more than ever before. Pirating is the main issue here so it just makes sense and in good reason. Game companies work hard to give others an enjoyable experience and unlike most hobbies thereís a free ticket to obtain this one and thatís sickening. To all of those who feel that there evil youíre blatantly wrong and itís us who should be treated as such because pirating isnít letting up its just slowly getting worse. You go out one day and ask your peers if they torrent and the numbers might just surprise you. We are a screwed up society, were spoiled and we steal everyday from the businesses that make our lives so fun and interesting. Soon before long Zenimax, Konami, Ea and etc.. will all close there doors once they see they cant win the battle. We arent happy and neither are the software devs so its pointless to argue the question. So instead of pointing a finger and Condemning the online pass why donít we ban together and put a might STOP to piracy will our full force. We the gamers are a huge unmatchable army of people who love games. If we dont do something now we will lose them to the evil pirates that scour the high seas looking for free software *LOL!!*. Just look at zomboids, this is only the beginning so lets do something in all seriousness. Even if the companies dont shut down just imagine how angry the online pass makes you, think about what could be next. Please lets do something for once, take my side and stand with me in the fight against piracy!! For now more than ever games are at risk and unlike all of you I donít want to lose them. To those who feel this post is childish I take my gaming very seriously and even go out to several conventions each year. Gaming is even the reason Destructoid is up and its geared towards the gamers like us. Yet with all these things we still try to bend and shift the world so that it can give us what we want for nothing. They invest hard earned money and time into these games and we just take it like its worth nothing. And in conclusion my question is this, are they truly evil ? Ö or just helpless victims in the world of software?   read

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