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DiscoStu's blog

2:59 AM on 06.22.2011

The Devil's In The Controls: Diablo III Console Fears Illegitimate?

Since announcing plans for a console port for Diablo III, Blizzard has attracted close attention from PC and console gamers alike. The port will be the first since Diablo on the original Playstation. Buzz around the web se...   read

5:28 PM on 06.06.2011

L.A. Noire And The Art Of Roommate Irritation

Sometime during the first few hours of L.A. Noire, I decided that I wasn't going to play the game like a Rockstar game. Before you say it, I know it's a very different Rockstar game and it is not meant to be played lik...   read

3:34 PM on 05.15.2011

Backseat Gaming and Getting Too Attached

It's been over a year since I last played Mass Effect 2, but I remember the experience clearly. I imported my Shepard from the first game, a classy lady named Meghan. She was an angel that didn't take shit from anyone; savi...   read

9:21 PM on 05.10.2011

Portal 2: This Is Not A Test

Portal was gaming's undisputed surprise hit of 2007 and the brainchild of a student group recruited by Valve from The DigiPen Institute. Recruited for their imaginative work on a game called Narbacular Drop, the design team...   read

3:48 PM on 05.03.2011

Let's Go Digital For A Better World

This morning, Destructoid's front page featured an article in which Jim Sterling commented on the announcement by Remedy's CEO, Matias Myllyrinne, that games should go all-digital as quickly as possible. Myllyrinne cited in...   read

4:33 PM on 05.02.2011

On Strategy, 'Griefing' and the Appeal of Player Autonomy

Original Post at Experience Points One of the basic tenets of game theory states that games are, by definition, strategic situations in which the success of any player's choices is directly affected by the choices of other...   read

3:40 PM on 05.02.2011

Adventures You Should Go On in 2011

As I sat on my couch during the wee hours of the morning on this fine May day, watching old episodes of Scrubs, I found my mind wandering to a handful of promising titles coming out this year. These projects each ...   read

3:22 PM on 05.02.2011

Brushing the Dust Off of Old Adventures

Original Post at Experience Points There just isn't anything quite like pulling an old game out from your collection and loading it up for the first time in years. The familiar sights and sounds from yesteryear tickle your ...   read

3:03 PM on 05.02.2011

The Good, The Bad and The Glitchy - Fallout: New Vegas, an Exercise in Patience

Itís been a while since a game has engaged me on a level beyond that of its mechanics and managed to challenge me emotionally. My hours spent with Fallout: New Vegas were filled with mixed emotions, not the least of...   read

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