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Discarded Couch Sandwich's blog

10:13 AM on 08.11.2009

Random Recommendations: The stuff I've been playing recently

The premise is simple. I like videogames and so do you, so I’ve had some fun compiling together some of the recent game’s I’ve enjoyed, not enjoyed, or are currently anticipating, and gave a couple of thoughts on each. Easy...   read

11:02 AM on 07.09.2009

Games I Like (that you should too) Why Pokémon Yellow is indubitably better than both Red and Blue

I'm a whore for traffic that I don't deserve in any way, and everyone knows the best way to accumulate that is to vocally disagree with any Super Special Serious Sterling article that comes my side, scour the writing for f...   read

5:04 PM on 07.02.2009

Sandwichreviews: Alone in the Dark (movie) Or my first experience with Mr. Boll.

Have you ever seen an Uwe Boll movie? The passionate director has garnered a lot of criticism over the last few years for his occasional tributes to videogaming, but until a few days ago when ITV4 was brave enough to show hi...   read

3:31 PM on 06.21.2009

Games I Like (which you should too) I'll Tingle her Rosy Rupeeland edition. Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland.

Unwanted. Isolated. If you were a balding, middle aged man who regularly went out in a full green body suit and insisted that everybody called you “Mr Fairy,” these are likely the feelings which would be closest to you; so ...   read

9:41 PM on 06.15.2009

Things I Hate in games I Love.

So, I've recently come out of a play through of the new Prince of Persia, quite happily with the thought that yeah, that was a pretty darn good game. That's fair enough I guess, but it did feel a little strange for me to say...   read

1:33 PM on 06.11.2009

Games I Like (that you should too) My stick in your labyrinth edition. Kuru Kuru Kururin.

For every positive event, there is always a subsequent negative one to balance it out. No, its not something I'd like to believe could be applied to everything in life, but it certainly rings true when upgrading to your ne...   read

10:22 AM on 05.30.2009

Twenty years living with videogames. Aka A birthday story. Aka shameless (late) birthday plug

I was at home the other day, playing Banjo Tooie in front of my very elderly Nan, who, in her rare waking moment on the living room couch, decided to comment, “I remember when you used to play these games when you were young....   read

7:22 AM on 05.25.2009

Games I Like (that you should too) Hidden Treasures and arse guns edition. Astro Boy: Omega Factor.

British game stores are really quite nice. The clean purple tinge of every Game breathes an air of sophistication into this lifestyle/hobby/passion which we carry, while the dank, dungeon-like interior of most Gamestation ...   read

3:03 PM on 05.16.2009

Rememeber when Nintendo were all about connecting your consoles and handhelds? Yeah, that was pretty cool.

So, the Ghostbusters game won't be coming out for a while in Europe, unless you're lucky enough to own a PS3. That kinda sucks for those without. Like, Lost and Damned sucks, or, why the hell did I buy Fallout 3 for this da...   read

6:01 AM on 05.10.2009

Games I Like (that you should too) Take off all your clothes edition. Mystical Ninja.

So you’re in a store one day and find yourself in front of something you’ve really wanted to buy for a long time, but right now its just that little bit out of your price range. You pace about in front of the item for severa...   read

1:58 PM on 05.02.2009

Pre-conceptions in gaming: the good, the bad, and the art of hating Too Human

Peter Molyneux has taught us that its probably better to have no pre-conceptions when it comes to playing video games. You know, the way people think a game is going to translate all the wildest promises from the reviewer, o...   read

6:15 PM on 04.15.2009

Games I like (that you should too) OBJECTION! Castlevania 64 wasn't a terrible game

May the defendant rise to the stand. *hustle in the stalls as the defendant rises* The prosecution of this trial accuses the defendant, Castlevania 64, of the following charges against gaming: tedious back-and-forth quest...   read

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