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Diomeneus's blog

3:48 PM on 12.08.2008

Urgent news! Replace the destructoid gallery viewer!

So as Iím sure many of you have noticed, the destructoid picture viewer blows complete junks. This is not an opinion or even an observation; this is a cold, hard, pixilated fact. Time after time I will click on a gallery only to be assaulted with the needlessly hideous behemoth. Now Iím not here just to fling metaphorical feces all over the destructoid galleries; usually the galleries are filled with nice imagesÖ albeit butchered by the overall experience. What I suggest is free, simple to implement and much, MUCH more pleasing to the eye.

Why canít the picture viewer be replaced by a page that simply displays thumbnails that link to something like lightbox 2? Lightbox is pleasing to the eye and most settings can be customized or themed around destructoid. It automatically sizes pictures to their natural size (unless you tell it not to) and is incredibly easy to implement. Itís free and works on all browsers as well.

My eyes would love to peruse the galleries once more without having to deal with the nasty aftertaste.   read

8:02 PM on 12.01.2007

Gotta love voice recognition software

What happens when you're trying to test voice recognition when two other jerks are standing in the room talking loudly to you.

"Hi Matthew are you today are you still as annoying as you were yesterday died really smells bad select died and select died to unite a voice 43 gallons of Turkey that it is trained for my nose of this range pretty much gone to is the thanks to stop you won't and backspace and Whitsitt for $3.00 that are in a string of my noses and is furnished with th of

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Yes seven like to add none of the target kid when you're by yourself I did like a ID like three pages of handheld letters to the lord has lost a few clicks you're really lied about them by letters because I was talking long had even saying was the only voice in the room and I was Ron funds from a listing of me and saying tough law that you play some of you live the life and death toll has instead of a decisions 1 millionth call it has a Ronaldinho is daunting and who claim tax

To fill his livelihood to that has the lively is the only threat has held relief is your dog in making rid the worth of Northstar to orient on real tough stance

To go to the wretched jerks in a room if you're writing my voice recognition and I was trying so aren't jerks jerks. The jerks!! It nice and mark it as if exclamation and who died Zeigler drives all of your excuse to advance Houston in mark that the arduous but it filed a file a writ us to use his resume our live"   read

6:57 PM on 11.15.2007

Drawback of unique online identities

My online alias is used for pretty much everything I do, or at least every game related website I need to register for. My alias is 99% unique on the internet so you will never find another Diomeneus out there that isn't me. The reason for it is that it is a completely non existent name. It sounds like a Greek hero (and is indeed simply the melding of two of them together) and that was pretty much my goal.

Getting to the point of all of this.... search up Diomeneus in google. It has a scary amount of information about me including my real name and where I live. It even has my poxnora account and posts I've made on D&D forums and digg articles.

It is interesting to note how much somebody can learn about you from your online handle. I can't help but be reminded of various times I've intentionally pissed people off online and thought "pffft, it isn't like they know who I am". Not only would they be able to find out who I am and where I live, but they could easily verify due to the various profiles that I so graciously fill out that it is indeed me and no chance of being some other Diomeneus.

Now obviously you all will not find this nearly as cool as I did, but for those of you with unique handles that you use frequently I suggest giving it a try and see how much you can learn about yourself online. It's neat.

And the next time some jackass with an obscure handle starts giving you an earful of verbal rape see how much you can find out about them. Maybe you would even find their email in there (I found mine easily enough) and you could send them an anonymous rebuttal to their eloquent comments about your personal hygiene.

Only if it isn't me though. :P


6:07 PM on 11.15.2007

Community Diggtoids

Now I can understand that not everybody here visits digg... but what i would like to see when I search through the community blogs is not links to front page digg articles but original and meaningful content. The same thing goes for reiterating Destructoid articles (I'm looking at you Namelessted). It isn't original, I don't want to hear about the same damned article five different times from 5 different sources.

If you have something to say that you feel people should heed or have your own clever ideas for a weekly blog with a theme or a series of articles, that's great. That is what community blogs should be. But don't post every other article you found interesting from digg (and especially not destructoid... seriously it is a retarded practice).

To finish off my little rant here, a quote from Plato.

"Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools, because they have to say something."


8:03 PM on 11.12.2007

First Blog

Yeah so I don't expect to be posting much to my blog seeing as I lack any real news or additional input on most things past a comment. But I did make myself a little Robot outfit (only have pictures of the helmet) and wore it to work in the library so i figured I would post about that. Also, I am rank #1000 exactly on the community leader board so i figured why not give that a little push by showing you all what exactly my job at a college library entails. I assure you there is a higher percentage of hot girls in college than university. You just have to put up with every other person being a Hollister or Ambercromby and Fitch clone.

Don't let the clones eat your brain, or give you the clap.

Also included an awesome pic of my HALO3 spartan.

Gamertag: Diomeneus
Real Name: Matt Parker
Residence: Barrie Ontario

Current Games:
HL2: episode one
HL2: team fortress 2
Assassins Creed (tomorrow)
Guitar Hero II

Also, cocks   read

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