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DinosaurPizza's blog

5:14 PM on 03.20.2011

See ya Destructoid

Hey everyone! It's my understanding (after reading my inbox which I've neglected for the past five months) that some people may believe I died in a horrible accident. This is not the case and I thought I'd clarify today. I ...   read

9:09 PM on 08.16.2010

ZPR: Borderlands Thoughts

ZPR means Zero Proof Reading. So this article is going to read LIKE CRAP. I finished up Borderlands today after a spree of intense non-stop six hour sessions for the past three days. That game is alright. I wanted to beat ...   read

3:29 AM on 07.24.2010

I'm Buying Two Copies of Medal of Honor

This article won't be gaining me many friends (PS I couldn't think of a title): When I was fourteen, my high school put on a performance of the highly-controversial play The Laramie Project. The play depicts a true story o...   read

2:53 PM on 07.17.2010

Mass Effect 2: Predetermined Suicide

Donít worry folks. You havenít traveled back six months to January 2010. Before you ask, no I am not late to the party. Like everyone else, I played and finished Mass Effect 2 when it first came out and thoroughly enjoyed m...   read

3:16 AM on 05.13.2010

NOT A FAN of Kick Ass

I donít frequently write about my thoughts on films anymore. Ever since I graduated from High School and left the old Denebola newspaper behind; Iíve found that people donít particularly care for film reviews outside of my ...   read

3:51 AM on 04.23.2010

Every Pill is Red: The Futility of Choice

In 1987, at the height of its popularity, the famous movie series Rambo got a video game adaptation. The game itself wasnít anything memorable, with the exception of a design choice made at the very beginning of the game. U...   read

4:22 PM on 03.11.2010

Vanille is the Worst Character Ever.

Iíve been playing Final Fantasy XIII since release date and Iíve made it quite far in the game considering how much time Iíve had to play it. Unfortunately the game hasnít opened up enough for me to judge its overall value,...   read

10:28 PM on 11.20.2009

Seven Games That Define Me

EDIT: Apparently the images are going loopy for no reason. Sorry if there are no images when you read this. Whenever I start following a new blog, or reading a new website, Iím plagued with one question in the back of my m...   read

11:17 PM on 11.15.2009

First Day of the Rest of my Life

So I've made a Destructoid account. After reading seven or eight articles one after another I decided its probably about time I make an account on this website. I enjoy the editorials and take on news so I...   read

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