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Dinin Vorta
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I want 'couch soiling' Horror

I recently completed Alan Wake. I enjoyed my time tramping through the dark forests with a rather temperamental flash light and an assortment of conveniently placed weapons. However, it wasn't far into the game before I rea...


Deus Ex 3 Trailer. Musings.

This is a really really exciting trailer and it seems everyone has their interpretation of what everything means/symbolises. Figured I could use some of my Classics degree for once, combine it with my many replays of the o...


A Chocolate-Layered Cake of Awesome.

Every few months myself and various friends will inevitably have the conversation about our favorite game of all time (insert booming voice and thunder) and in my case it has always been Deus Ex. Always. I even have a JC De...


Ice-Firing Lazerpistol? Sweet ^^

So I pre-ordered my copy of Borderlands earlier. Largely due to Mad Max films and the original Fallout, I've always found post-apocalyptic dystopias really interesting environments. That interest had led me to read, watch an...


Dissertation? I'd rather be ODST'n.

Rather than spend my evening being judged by my history dissertation, I figured now would be as good a time as any to make my first blog post. So student loan finally arrived and I scampered to my local GAME store to pick up...


About Dinin Vortaone of us since 11:28 AM on 08.25.2009

Currently I'm 23, a recent graduate and I live in London.

I'm very proud to actually have something promoted to the front page, and as its been moved off my blog; I figured I'd post a link here.

The Future will be about the little things.


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