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Hello there! I'm Jed. I've been "in the gaming journalism industry" sort of, kind of, for some time. Be it here in the cblogs, Tomodom (a site I made for underrepresented voices in games journalism), Girls Entertainment Network, and on the YouTubes and Twitches.

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I've started to frequent Reddit recently and have found two threads that I feel need to be discussed here, as I respect a lot of you and would love to hear your opinions on this subject.

EA, in recent years, have started to get the reputation as a company that doesn't care about it's employees, it's customers or fair competition, but are any of these statements true? Can one of the largest video game publishers, if not the largest, really be doing things so underhanded that the only appropriate term for them is evil? The following is evidence supporting this claim...take it for what you will...

Evidence A: EA Customer Support Rep Speaks Out (click evidence A for a copy of the below that can be zoomed in on if you have issues reading it.)

Source Link

Evidence B: Origin Charging People Erroneously

Multiple people are reporting that they are getting charged multiple times or not at all through EA's new service, Origin, for Battlefield 3.

Source Link

I encourage you to observe the evidence provided and come to a conclusion, Do you think EA is evil? /journalism
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It seems you can't see Battlefield 3 mentioned without Modern Warfare 3 also being mentioned. It's like the captain of the volleyball team and the head cheerleader being discussed in the boys locker room, surely someone would rather fuck one over the other, everyone has an opinion. Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3, not unlike those high school babes, are both totally fuckable, just people have a preference. It's a blond versus brunettes kind of battle, either way you end up with a sweet pussy, or in this case a sweet multiplayer shooter with a campaign attached. (Or you are like me in high school and end up with the girl who had visions of Jesus and Mary in her living room, pug dog eyes, is technically a dwarf and watched her father try to stab her mother to death with a flat head screwdriver. I guess the equivalent in this case would be Duke Nukem Forever.)

Therefore, the winner is EVERYONE! The fabricated rivalry has done nothing but promote both games consistently in the same breath. As you probably know, at one point modernwarefare3.com redirected to Battlefield 3's site, which is now "corrected" as it the domain is now in it's rightful owners hands, without much fuss about it. EA and Activision both know, like Kanye and Taylor Swift, that ANY press is good press (unless you rape someone... right Mike Tyson?) So why stop the battle? With each passing argument the dollar signs stack up higher and higher in their green greed monster eyes.

There are lots of fanboys who do nothing but troll Battlefield 3 or Modern Warfare 3 sites and forums making comments about how the other is better and will sell more. In all honesty...who gives a fuck? The way I see it is that we all win, either way...the games will sell a bunch and get this...YOU CAN BUY AND LIKE BOTH! I know I will and I don't have to say I like one over the other, especially when NEITHER ARE RELEASED!

That being said, I haven't seen any real proof of one being better than the other, so I offer you this...take it for what you will. BATTLEFIELD 3 vs MODERN WARFARE 3: FIGHT! Cold. Hard. Statistics. Fanboys should run wild with this, but only the stupid ones will, the game comes out at midnight, of course one is going to have more results than the other...

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If you stand back and look at online passes from both stand points, you will get a better understanding of them. Game developers work hard and deserve their money, while users shouldn't be punished for wanting to get their games for cheaper. But what are the real reasons behind having these passes?

The first logical reason: piracy

Piracy has always been around since the invention of software. Retailers thought computers wouldn't take off and refused to stock software, therefore piracy was the only way most people had to get their software. These days if you know how to use a computer and read you can easily pirate any form of media on the market. But the thing about online passes...they aren't new, they have been around for years on the PC in a way. PC games and software have been using serials to combat piracy for quite some time, serials are required to receive updates or play online, therefore preventing would be pirates from accessing the full game.

Fast forward to today, consoles have online functionality, but are lacking in the security department. If you can download a game and burn a backup, you get access to online, as there is no other verification besides the game data that you own the game and have the right to play online. PC publishers realized a long time ago that if they give pirates a taste of the game, but prevent them from playing online at the very least, that it may actually encourage them to purchase the game, an extended demo, if you will.

Online passes now make this a reality for consoles, in a sense, but instead of buying the game, you pay $10 to play your pirated copy online. Of course this only really applies to Xbox 360, as Wii has no real security or online passes to speak of (maybe EA games?) and the PS3 has it's online locked down, at least to pirates, as they obviously let hackers in willy nilly.

The second logical reason: cost of bandwidth

The initial purchase of the game covers the costs for the development and advertising of the product, but what about all that bandwidth users eat up? Think of it this way, you own a pet shop, you breed some really fine pussies there, you get a hot new litter of kittens in and sell them to people who adore the quality of your pussies, but then you have to pay to feed those pussies until they die...

This mostly applies to Sony consoles and EA games (the two main offenders) but the cost of bandwidth and online is becoming increasingly expensive. Both Sony and EA have dedicated servers for their games that users can freely access, and without a paid online service for either of them, it's like throwing money into a fire. Xbox Live, on the other hand, makes users host games, not giant server clusters...which makes you wonder...why do we continue to pay for Xbox Live...oh that's right, Twitter and Facebook integration... (NOTE: Gears of War 3 has dedicated servers, as well as a few other AAA titles.)

Sony charges publishers for their bandwidth used towards download content, reportedly 18 cents per gigabyte. Notice how few demos there are on PSN when compared to the Xbox Live Marketplace, now you know why. To a publisher, it can be very costly to release a demo on PSN, especially if the game flops. You can't blame Sony for their approach, they don't make people pay to play online, so they have to get their money somewhere, so they go to the publishers and shit is starting to roll down hill to the players.

But does Logic Prevail?

Is it right to punish the user for buying a used game? Near launch it makes sense as the servers are still up and active and they have mouths to feed, but months after release...no. As a gamer you have to realize if you purchase a game months after it has released the online community will be nearly non-existant unless it's a AAA title. So before you cry about online passes, remember, it's a choice you are making if you purchase it, you don't have to.

Batman: Arkham City has some cat women content on the disc that is unlocked for those that purchase the game new, with used consumers having to pony up $10 for that content. It equates to having launch day download content, as it adds trophies and achievements on top of the normal limit. I really don't see a problem with doing this, no one complains about paying for download content down the line that they missed out on cause they didn't pre-order the game, and the same should be the case here.

The Eventual Solution

Soon everything will go digital and will not require you to leave the house to get the latest game, something pirates already have the conveinance of. If the video game industry needs to change anything, they NEED to go digital, It's better for everyone involved. The industry needs to look at the music and movie industry and learn from their pasts. Today ITunes, Spotify, and Netflix reign supreme, people want what they want, and they want it now. Microsoft and Sony have been offering digital versions of their games, but only months after release, which kind of defeats the purpose.

The next generation consoles need to be 100% digital, it impacts piracy, cost of manufacturing discs, and is conveinant for the end user. Look at Steam, you can access your games anywhere, it's magical. Now imagine doing the same thing with the next generation Xbox, now imagine that next generation Xbox streaming the game like OnLive does...can you see it...IT'S THE FUTURE! And that, my friends, is my "Cable Guy" like prediction.

Just wanted to let everyone know that I joined the Destructoid team for Extra-Life this coming weekend (October 15th) and will be live streaming my gaming / nervous breakdown. http://www.twitch.tv/jed05 The live stream will be there.

I just decided to do this out of the blue today, I felt like I haven't been very helpful to anyone but my self recently and want to give back. Since I won't be able to see my daughter this weekend, I figured the least I could do is donate my time to a charity (Nationwide Children's Hospitals) that could effect her life. The least I could do.

Games wise I'll be playing catchup on some games I've never finished or played such as:

Gears of War 3 (Deathmatch anyone?)
Dead Island
StarFox Assault (I don't know if I've even played this and I've owned it forever)
StarFox Adventures
Hulk Hogan Main Event
Child of Eden
Powerup Heroes
Various Japanese Bullethell Shooters for Xbox 360 (read: Very Japanese)
Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode 1 (pre-release version...horrible mine cart level...hurray)
Parapa The Rapper 1 / 2
Cocoron (English Translation)
Dream Penguin Adventure (English Translation)
Hello Kitty World (English Translation...was released as Balloon Kid on GB if I do recall)

So a nice mixture of new, japanese, rare and cool stuff you won't see anywhere else. I'll see what other rare / hard to find / beta / alpha versions I can pull out of my giant collection. I may even hit up some old school NES games / Betas / Unreleased games on an emulator on 360 for you guys to check out.

Let me know what you think and any feedback / suggestions. I have all 3 current gen consoles and a comptuer that can emulate anything that has an emulator. Perhaps I can break those Bubble Bobble records I've been working so hard to achieve...

If you wish to donate and find out a bit more about the chairty, then clicky here!!!!

Click here to watch the live stream and some preview footage that has been recorded setting up my equipment!

Also, feel free to spread my link if you wish, like rabbits with STDs in a wild fire fueled jacuzzi. www.extra-life.org/participant/jed

Welcome to the first installment of Vidya Game Trivia. I recently got a new, awesome job where I'm on the computer nearly all day and have lots of downtime, so expect more and more activity from me in the following weeks. I hope you find this enjoyable and informitive. Feel free to leave some feedback :)

Welcome to Vidya Game Trivia Episode #1

Tonights prize: 100 Internets

Tonight's theme: Random Bullshiz

queue the Jeopardy music

Question #1: Cortana, Princess Peach, Toad and Zoey from Left 4 Dead have this in common.

Question #2: This short lived console allowed players to battle each other, observe other players games, participate in beta tests, browse the net / forums, message other users, check sports scores / weather /news, listen to music, and create avatars. This system only had 9 game disks officially released for it.

Question #3: This game has the Arwing from the Star Fox series as an enemy in it's code, only encounterable with use of a cheat device?

Question #4: Multipart Question:

A. This system only had ONE game rated by the ESRB, but had tons of games released in stores.

B. What was the title of that game and why was it the only one rated?

C. What was the rating of the game?

D. This game also was the first game released for "this" service.

Question #5: Animal Crossing featured collectable NES consoles that allowed you play emulated versions of classic titles. What two games are included in the game, but not obtainable without a cheat device?

Question #6: What does "Sega" stand for?

Question #7: In this game, you can play as either of two cavemen hell bent on rescuing hot babes from their cavemen captors while beating dinosaurs to death with their own bones. (mmmm...violence) Bonus Question: Name all 3 console games in this series (I'm kind of excited, cause I only thought there were two! Technically there are 4 in all, 1 being arcade exclusive!)

Question #8: In one of the best games of all time, Bubble Bobble, this word is shown on screen when bubbles are popped.

Question #9: This precious beat'em up let players play as a black panther (literally) that could claw and bite enemies to death, all whilst walking on it's hind legs. This game was never officially released on a game cartridge in North America.

Question #10: There have been two home consoles (to the best of my knowledge) with Hello Kitty special editions. Which consoles featured that cute little pussy?

Question #11: This person is the current Donkey Kong (Arcade) World Champion, score wise.

Question #12: The former "King of Kong" Billy Mitchell currently only holds one world record as being the first to do this.

Question #13: This is the only game where Mario is featured as a villian.

Pic unrelated

Question #14: Hard Mode: Name 3 video game juniors.

Question #15: This hollywood hairy/funny man has a daughter named after Zelda, the father / daughter combo appeared in an European commercial for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D recently.


The answers will be posted in the comments once a good deal of them are answered (if anyone cares to answer them.) If not, i'll post the answers in the next trivia (assuming anyone cares) Good Luck!

I'm looking for people interested in co-hosting a video series captured via Xbox Live on Avatar Kinect about video games, tech and our lives (potentially). We could have on guests from Dtoid and the video game industry to interview or join in the discussion. This would be professional captured (capture card) and edited by yours truly and would be uploaded to a few different venues (I have options and potential for add revenue to slit (not guaranteed.)) Ideally each episode would run 15-30 minutes and have gameplay footage and trailers spliced in (also captured by me).

If you have Xbox Live, Kinect, are professional, intelligent and like to discuss gaming and related topics, please comment, PM me or message me over Xbox Live (GT: Jed05) if you are interested. Looking for 1-3 other people to help out with this and develop it further. Would like to do a test run in the next 2 weeks or so and then get some feedback from the community.

Don't be shy!

It's nice to be back "home". :)
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