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Hello there! I'm Jed. I've been "in the gaming journalism industry" sort of, kind of, for some time. Be it here in the cblogs, Tomodom (a site I made for underrepresented voices in games journalism), Girls Entertainment Network, and on the YouTubes and Twitches.

My reintro blog (2014)

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Favorite Games / Series:

The Legend of Zelda
Super Smash Bros.
Bubble Bobble
Final Fight
Mario Kart 64
Dig Dug
River City Ransom

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Just wanted to let everyone know that I joined the Destructoid team for Extra-Life this coming weekend (October 15th) and will be live streaming my gaming / nervous breakdown. http://www.twitch.tv/jed05 The live stream will be there.

I just decided to do this out of the blue today, I felt like I haven't been very helpful to anyone but my self recently and want to give back. Since I won't be able to see my daughter this weekend, I figured the least I could do is donate my time to a charity (Nationwide Children's Hospitals) that could effect her life. The least I could do.

Games wise I'll be playing catchup on some games I've never finished or played such as:

Gears of War 3 (Deathmatch anyone?)
Dead Island
StarFox Assault (I don't know if I've even played this and I've owned it forever)
StarFox Adventures
Hulk Hogan Main Event
Child of Eden
Powerup Heroes
Various Japanese Bullethell Shooters for Xbox 360 (read: Very Japanese)
Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode 1 (pre-release version...horrible mine cart level...hurray)
Parapa The Rapper 1 / 2
Cocoron (English Translation)
Dream Penguin Adventure (English Translation)
Hello Kitty World (English Translation...was released as Balloon Kid on GB if I do recall)

So a nice mixture of new, japanese, rare and cool stuff you won't see anywhere else. I'll see what other rare / hard to find / beta / alpha versions I can pull out of my giant collection. I may even hit up some old school NES games / Betas / Unreleased games on an emulator on 360 for you guys to check out.

Let me know what you think and any feedback / suggestions. I have all 3 current gen consoles and a comptuer that can emulate anything that has an emulator. Perhaps I can break those Bubble Bobble records I've been working so hard to achieve...

If you wish to donate and find out a bit more about the chairty, then clicky here!!!!

Click here to watch the live stream and some preview footage that has been recorded setting up my equipment!

Also, feel free to spread my link if you wish, like rabbits with STDs in a wild fire fueled jacuzzi. www.extra-life.org/participant/jed

Welcome to the first installment of Vidya Game Trivia. I recently got a new, awesome job where I'm on the computer nearly all day and have lots of downtime, so expect more and more activity from me in the following weeks. I hope you find this enjoyable and informitive. Feel free to leave some feedback :)

Welcome to Vidya Game Trivia Episode #1

Tonights prize: 100 Internets

Tonight's theme: Random Bullshiz

queue the Jeopardy music

Question #1: Cortana, Princess Peach, Toad and Zoey from Left 4 Dead have this in common.

Question #2: This short lived console allowed players to battle each other, observe other players games, participate in beta tests, browse the net / forums, message other users, check sports scores / weather /news, listen to music, and create avatars. This system only had 9 game disks officially released for it.

Question #3: This game has the Arwing from the Star Fox series as an enemy in it's code, only encounterable with use of a cheat device?

Question #4: Multipart Question:

A. This system only had ONE game rated by the ESRB, but had tons of games released in stores.

B. What was the title of that game and why was it the only one rated?

C. What was the rating of the game?

D. This game also was the first game released for "this" service.

Question #5: Animal Crossing featured collectable NES consoles that allowed you play emulated versions of classic titles. What two games are included in the game, but not obtainable without a cheat device?

Question #6: What does "Sega" stand for?

Question #7: In this game, you can play as either of two cavemen hell bent on rescuing hot babes from their cavemen captors while beating dinosaurs to death with their own bones. (mmmm...violence) Bonus Question: Name all 3 console games in this series (I'm kind of excited, cause I only thought there were two! Technically there are 4 in all, 1 being arcade exclusive!)

Question #8: In one of the best games of all time, Bubble Bobble, this word is shown on screen when bubbles are popped.

Question #9: This precious beat'em up let players play as a black panther (literally) that could claw and bite enemies to death, all whilst walking on it's hind legs. This game was never officially released on a game cartridge in North America.

Question #10: There have been two home consoles (to the best of my knowledge) with Hello Kitty special editions. Which consoles featured that cute little pussy?

Question #11: This person is the current Donkey Kong (Arcade) World Champion, score wise.

Question #12: The former "King of Kong" Billy Mitchell currently only holds one world record as being the first to do this.

Question #13: This is the only game where Mario is featured as a villian.

Pic unrelated

Question #14: Hard Mode: Name 3 video game juniors.

Question #15: This hollywood hairy/funny man has a daughter named after Zelda, the father / daughter combo appeared in an European commercial for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D recently.


The answers will be posted in the comments once a good deal of them are answered (if anyone cares to answer them.) If not, i'll post the answers in the next trivia (assuming anyone cares) Good Luck!

I'm looking for people interested in co-hosting a video series captured via Xbox Live on Avatar Kinect about video games, tech and our lives (potentially). We could have on guests from Dtoid and the video game industry to interview or join in the discussion. This would be professional captured (capture card) and edited by yours truly and would be uploaded to a few different venues (I have options and potential for add revenue to slit (not guaranteed.)) Ideally each episode would run 15-30 minutes and have gameplay footage and trailers spliced in (also captured by me).

If you have Xbox Live, Kinect, are professional, intelligent and like to discuss gaming and related topics, please comment, PM me or message me over Xbox Live (GT: Jed05) if you are interested. Looking for 1-3 other people to help out with this and develop it further. Would like to do a test run in the next 2 weeks or so and then get some feedback from the community.

Don't be shy!

It's nice to be back "home". :)
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Ah Electronic Entertainment Expo, how I love you so much. I've dreamed of being deep inside of you, putting my hands on things not ready to be exposed to the public, pressing buttons, playing with joysticks and filling you full of my big, massive, sweaty ass. Running gleefully from booth to booth, exploring every up and coming game, but alas, I haven't been able to go, but with SQUIDBEAR AS MY WITNESS, I WILL BE INSIDE OF YOU ONE DAY...

...eh hem... Without further adieu, my E3 predictions.

Microsoft: Will Microsoft come hard, or will they be Micro soft?

Microsoft, in recent years, have been the absolute worst at keeping nearly every announcement from leaking prior to E3, yet this year we have heard nothing, zilch, zip. Why? My theory is that you only hear leaks when they are worth leaking, which means this years presser will suck major ass. Last year Microsoft announced Kinect and launched it as if it were an entirely new console and just like when they launched the 360, had a rather shitty line-up of games with very few releasing in the first year prior to the next E3.

So since Microsoft released their "new console" Kinect last year, I suspect this year they will focus mostly on software for it, as well as a few sequels for their hardcore players. Some easy bets will be the long rumored Halo: CE remake from the ground up with Live support, perhaps another unannounced Halo game, timed exclusive maps for Modern Warfare 3 and lots of numbers being thrown about for Kinect and their online services they now offer (Netflix, Hulu, Last.fm, etc.) More Kinect enabled features will be enabled on the dashboard, allowing you to control more, more easily. Microsoft will announce Kinect Sports 2, Kinectimals 2 this time with more animals that boys could like or potentially Kinectimonsters, think Kinectimals for boys / with monsters. Obviously they will show off Forza with Kinect as well as Mass Effect 3 with Kinect features to which I'm sure they will get roaring golf claps. As well as showing Avatar Kinect or whatever that pointless app will be called...who gives a fuck really!?

Lets not forget Microsoft's other gaming platform, Phone 7, which will have some games / features show off, and hopefully they announced a next generation Zune that can do all of the above, only without having to have a phone contract. If they don't, I think Microsoft if really not giving their fan base enough options, unlike Apple who will surely have a better press conference than Microsoft on the very same day, (iOS 5 anyone!?).

Overall rating: IDGAF

Nintendo: Caffeine or Decaf?

Nintendo announced the 3DS last year and will surely announce Project Cafe this year, the successor to the Wii, but will anyone care? Better yet, will I? The 3DS was rushed out due to Nintendo not making as much profit as it thought it would the last fiscal year and thus far it hasn't really gotten off the ground. The 3DS is the only console I haven't EVER seen sold out of after launch at Best Buy, so the demand for it must be pretty low, and why wouldn't it be, the console has a lackluster line of software, mostly ports from other consoles with a few added extras. Nintendo will be re-releasing some classic games on the 3DS soon, Zelda, Star Fox, etc, but hopefully they announce a few titles to make me actually want to buy the system. At this point I'll probably buy Ocarina 3D just to get whatever special edition they come out with, and NOT the system, unless of course there is a zelda 3DS.

The Cafe will have it's handy dandy new controller with an small LCD in it, which I don't see being very cost effective unless Nintendo plans on losing some money on the hardware at first, as is the usual with console losses except in the case of the Wii. Software wise I predict enhanced HD ports of "Nintendo Classics" as it seems to be the only thing Nintendo can do since Game Boy Advance and Gamecube came out. I can easily name tons of great games from the NES / SNES / N64 that filled my childhood...what games will the kids of today remember from the Gamecube and the Wii? A non console exclusive Zelda? A soulless "NEW" Super Mario Bros? The worst Mario Kart game to date? Boomblox? Mario Sunshine? Luigi's Mansion? I'm just tired of Nintendo riding on it's SNES / N64 days and re-releasing games that I feel were perfect the way they were. I'm all for Ocarina 3DS, but I also want NEW content that doesn't involve those fucking pointless characteristic-less Mii pieces of shit. Who really gives a shit about Mii characters, honestly?

I have a weird feeling that Skyward Sword will release on both consoles at the same time, or at least be forwards compatible. Remember the Kirby game Nintendo quietly announced a while back? Project Cafe exclusive. I can't believe they announced a REAL Kirby game as if it weren't important, but made a huge fucking deal out of Epic Yarn. I remember last year screaming on Twitter over and over ANNOUNCE A NEW KIRBY, ANNOUNCE A NEW FUCKING KIRBY IT HAS BEEN 7 FUCKING YEARS! Then I shat a brick when they announced Epic Yarn, and then I cried painful tears after playing it. Epic Yarn was fun, but I felt like Kirby was tacked on to sell more copies plus the middle 1/2 of the game could have been cut out and the game would have been far more entertaining. Nintendo should also announce a new Mario Party title, for the love of all things good, PLEASE!

The easy bets are a new Pokemon game to fill in the 3 color group of Black and White, a new console Pokemon game, more Professor Layton / Phoenix Wright, new Smash Bros, more Mii bullshit, new Wii Sports bullshit, and lots of other kiddy bullshit that NO...ONE...CARES....ABOUT!

Overall rating: Fuck it, why do I even type anymore, getting more and more disgruntled as this blog goes on and more and more unprofessional, fuck you for reading this.


Ah Sony, you've done SO MUCH in the past year, like get your server pussy fucked up beyond repair, squirting users personal information all over the web for all to see, as well as having your precious PS3 hacked to shreds to pirate all 10 of your decent games. Now you are going to be bringing out a new handheld, since your last one did so well, AMIRIGHT!?!? I can't wait to see the PS Vita, because a fucking touchpad (they work so great on laptops AMIRIGHT!?) on the back of an over prices downloadable only PSP is such a brilliant fucking idea, I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE WHAT IDEAS YOU HAVE STOLEN FROM NINTENDO / 360, YOU ALWAYS DO SO WELL AT STEALING IDEAS AND HALF ASSING THEM! (See: Move, motion control, online play, xbox 360 exclusive / timed content, video game consoles prior to the PS3). Please make the PS Vagina at least $600, PLEASE! That way it can be the giant electronic dick that every person has to carry around as a status symbol, hey LOOK EVERYONE! I HAVE A PS VAGINA, IT COSTS $600 OMG! I hope you announce a bunch of really cool PSP ports for it, like LocoRoco and...what else was on the PSP?

Sony will also announce that the PS Store is BACK UP...then quietly move on from the PS3, just after showing Resistance 3, which again, will get millions of...ah kewls, and golf claps.

Overall rating: *pulls out gun, shoots self in head* GURGLING BLOOD SOUNDS

Fuck this E3 is going to be depressing...like really depressing. Why do I even consider myself a gamer anymore? For the past few years no one has done something that makes me go, HOLY FUCK! JUST WHAT I WANTED! Or even get a half chub...fuck it.

A few weeks ago I was at work bored out of my mind, so I started checking my Twitter feed. Nothing that great caught my eye until I got to chiptune band Anamanaguchi's feed. It said something along the lines of seeing them in Cleveland that night. I've been trying to see them for YEARS, but every time they are in Ohio I seem to not be. I was supposed to work till 7pm, but doors opened then, so I begged my manager to let me out early since we were slow and I got the go ahead! So after some texting of my ex-fiance / baby momma / roommate / friend (aka Andrea) we found a baby sitter and was on our way to Cleveland.

Upon arriving at the venue we were shocked at how tiny and shitty it was. The club could probably fit 100 people tops and the ceiling was a drop ceiling that was falling apart and had water stains from what I could only assume was a leaking roof. Andrea pointed out that she was one of probably under 10 females there, it was a wall to wall sausage fest as you could expect, as Anamanaguchi was opening for a crazy Japanese band, Peelander-Z, whom i'd never heard of. I was starting to think that it was going to be a shitty night and probably get more awkward as it went on.

Once Anamanaguchi took the stage, I thought "Tonight is gonna be a good night" (You just thought of the Black Eyed Peas song) and it was. Anamanaguchi rocked, during their songs I could feel the floor bouncing under my feet, almost trampoline like, as everyone was bouncing and jumping to their songs. Anamanaguchi played all their "hits" ranging from their older CDs to Another Winter from the Scott Pilgrim video game. Sadly, they weren't the head liner so their set was kind of short, but was well worth the $10 ticket price and drive. I hope to see them headline in the future!

The lead "singer" of Anamanaguchi

I was around 2nd or 3rd row from the stage (I didn't take this video) Also, if you look closely you can see everyone slightly bouncing along to the song making the trampoline floor. There are also other videos of the show on Youtube, but this is probably the best sounding one.


As soon as Anamanaguchi finished around 50% of the people left, not even staying to give the headliners a chance! Andrea and I decided to stay to at least see what they were all about. Pulling up Wikipedia on our phones to research them, we found out they do wrestling antics on stage, are from Japan having met each other in New York City and have lots of audience participation. Since a lot of the crowd had left, we pushed to the front of the stage easily, dead center, so close we could reach out and touch the lead singer's microphone.

Peelander-Z took the stage, consiting of Peelander Yellow, Peelander Red, Peelander Green, Peelander Black and occasionally Peelander Pink, each member dressed head to toe in their namesake color. Peelander-Z's lead singer has a haircut similar to Hulk Hogan and is missing a front tooth and he looks like he is old enough to be someones grandpa. Andrea and I keep looking at each other like... WTF is about to happen!?!?!?

Music starts and all the band members start jumping and playing at the same time, the lead singer starts shouting some lyrics that I forget (most of their lyrics are 3 to 4 words in English, over and over and over making up the entirety of the song) and Peelander Red jumps into the crowd with his guitar, and ends up standing on their hands with his head pushing up the drop ceiling while playing! It was the craziest rock antics I'd ever seen, these guys knew how to put on a show!

The show continues, as I continue to lose more and more of my hearing, and Peelander-Z reaches what I assume is one of their bigger hits, Mad Tiger, at which time Peelander Yellow and Red leave the stage and come back wearing tiger colored masks and capes. The lyrics to the song are literally Mad Tiger, Mad Tiger, Mad Tiger over and over. Peelander Pink takes the stage in what looks like a cross between a Power Ranger and a member of Team Rocket and starts handing out pans and drum sticks to everyone in the first two rows (including us.) The lead singer starts blowing a whistle and has us hit our pots and pans to the beat, then he and Red leave the stage and upon returning Red is dressed in a giant squid costume with bass strings on it. Red, Pink and Yellow go into the crowd and reveal a long rope, which spreads from the front of the crowd to the back, under which Red in his squid costume limbos. Then they had the entire crowd limbo as they moved the rope from one side of the club to the other, all while the drummer played and we played our pots and pans. It sounds really stupid, but it was SO MUCH FUN!

We are literally right in front of the lead singer, you can see Andrea, she is the short girl with the ponytail.

At this point I'm covered in sweat and can barely hear and Peelander-Z starts performing a song about Tacos. They repeat the same thing over and over "Taco Taco Taco, Taco..." Something... I have no idea! Then the unthinkable happens, they start holding the microphone to people in the front row, to my left and to my right. I start freaking out inside, I DON'T KNOW THE LYRICS! Yellow holds the microphone to Andrea, she says the lyrics... then the unthinkable happens, he holds the microphone to me...I literally just go "mphhh mphhh mphh" and mumble. I then get a dirty look and get hit with the microphone! I was so embarrassed! They finished the song and started the next song, which was apparently something about how everyone likes their steak medium rare, and Andrea and I turned and ran out of the club while Yellow's back was turned so we didn't get harassed by him.

I still have no idea what the hell the last part of the lyrics are...Tacos x3, today?

It was easily the best concert I've ever been to, not necessarily musically, but fun wise it can't be beat. I plan on going to see Peelander-z in Akron in June and plan on redeeming myself from ruining their Taco song! NARP anyone?
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Pretty self explanatory

Monthly Musing: Aaaaaamazing: Nier

It took far longer to make these than you think, as I'm not great at drawing and I wanted them to get viewed. I know this is more of a forum post, but it involves some of my favorite members of the community, so I turned it into a blog. Anywho, I'm about to go play some Xbox 360, probably Halo: Reach, if anyone wants to join me, my name on there is Jed05.
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