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Hello there! I'm Jed. I've been "in the gaming journalism industry" sort of, kind of, for some time. Be it here in the cblogs, Tomodom (a site I made for underrepresented voices in games journalism), Girls Entertainment Network, and on the YouTubes and Twitches.

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You may have noticed that I've been doing videos over on Destructoid's YouTube channel recently, all of which have been let's play content that has soared in views all the way up to somewhere around 300+ views (watch out PewDiePie), but now I'm debuting a new (hopefully) series called Beard View.

Beard View will be short previews of upcoming games, currently focusing on Nintendo 3DS games that I've imported from Japan. The first Beard View is Puzzle & Dragons Z, a game that is like a love child of Pokemon, Bejeweled, and an elderly Jeff Gordon. Nintendo didn't really do a great job of giving you an idea of the overall game, such as it having a story, RPG elements and ya know...not just being a Bejeweled clone, which it really isn't. 

Anyways, check out Beard View: Puzzle & Dragons Z, opening with a theme song written and performed  by one Jonathan Holmes and an intro video made by Bill Zoeker himself. Feedback welcomed, always!

If that wasn't enough for you, you can check out a replay of a live stream of me checking it out for the first time with my viewers. Played for around an hour, and fell in love. I personally can't wait to fall in love all over again in May this year, only on Nintendo 3DS and with the added Mario Edition content!

Lack of any type of marketing made everyone miss the best game of 2014

I've been pouring over everyone's lists of games of the year for 2014 and I'm shocked by one glaring omission that was easily my game of the year. A game that takes hundreds of hours to finish, that has amazing writing, fun multiplayer, lots of replayability, is portable and has extensive download content. 

A game where you can be most anything that your heart desires. My boyfriend chose to be a tailor, I was a paladin, then we mixed it up and I was a lumberjack while he was a wizard who could sew a mean outfit. Later on I took up fishing while he was a miner, getting his rocks off hitting chunks of rocks off. A game that can be described as Chibi Skyrim, or Harvest Moon, meets Skyrim, meets Monster Hunter, meets Animal Crossing. My game of 2014 was hands down, Fantasy Life for 3DS.

Chibi Skyrim, or Harvest Moon, meets Skyrim, meets Monster Hunter, meets Animal Crossing.

Fantasy Life, developed by Level 5 whom are known for such classics as Dark Cloud, Professor Layton and most recently Ni No Kuni, is a cross between a life simulator and a fantasy RPG that mixes in just the right amount of story. While the game looks visually similar to Animal Crossing titles, you won't be playing for short bursts or sticking to the same town, as the map is huge and there is plenty to do. At the start of the game you select a "life", which is the term applied to class in this case. You can switch lives pretty easily at most any time with no penalty for doing so. 

Lives include common fantasy RPG classes like paladin, mercenary, and magician but also include things like tailor, blacksmith, miner, alchemist and angler. Each live will teach you different skills that can be used across each life, and skill levels carry over when switching between lives. The combat lives have you venturing out into the world to kill certain creatures, pickup bounties dropped by larger enemies, and exploring different areas of the map. The more job like lives have you collecting supplies and performing button mashing mini games to create potions, clothes, armor, weapons and furniture, or just fishing.

While on paper the job like lives may sound boring, they are anything but that, especially when combined with some of the skills from the other lives. Perhaps as a blacksmith you'll be tasked with getting a few minerals from a nearby cave, so as a miner you go spelunking until you've got an ample supply. After going back to the guildmaster's you then get to craft a bad ass sword to use when you are switched to the paladin life. It all flows together so nicely and feels so rewarding and fresh along each step of the way that it never seems to get boring. 

Meanwhile you'll also be doing story missions, most of which is just dialogue with various characters, but fret not as the writing is on point. The game will make you laugh, make you cry and almost certainly make you "awwwwwwwwww" at least a few times. While the story can essentially be done in a row, you will bore yourself a bit if you only do that so be sure to break it up with missions along the way, as like I said there is very little combat in story missions. The story centers around a talking butterfly, scary rocks falling from the sky, and kingdoms with bad blood, all presented in the cutest way possible. 

The online multiplayer is a great distraction, allowing up to three players to team up and take down the biggest monsters together that would otherwise be nearly impossible solo. There is no voice chat, but players can communicate with text or emotes, which works alright, or you can always hop on Skype obviously. Overall the process is seamless, with the only negative being that you can't complete story sections together. 

Having put over 80 hours into the game and still loving it, I can easily say that Fantasy Life for 3DS is my game of the year for 2014. I haven't even reached the main portion of the download content which I've heard is a nice extension of the story and has a few added mechanics. I am seriously surprised this has seemingly missed everyone's game of the year list, which can seemingly only be blamed on lack of marketing, even though it was the top game on GameFaqs message boards for some time. Also, speaking of Level 5, I can't wait to get my hands on the US release of Yokai Watch this year, a game that is aiming to be the "next Pokemon" for 3DS. I have a sneaking suspicion that it may be my game of the year 2015. 


Time to catch up

But first some reading music.

So most of you probably saw the post about yours truly playing Titan Souls and are thinking...who the fuck is this guy!? Well, I'm Jed and I used to write here a lot and it was pretty meh at best. I figured it would be in my best interest to update this with a new introduction post as A LOT has changed since my original

First things first, let's get them labels out of the way: 27, bisexual, bearded, man, polyamorous (eventually), partnered YouTuber and Twitch streamer. I have a lovely boyfriend named Gage that I've been with for over a year and a half, he is what they call "rather fem" and adorable, I love him. Gage mostly plays RPGs with his current addictions being Dragon Age: Inquisition, Fantasy Life and Smite. I mostly play... everything. Recently it is almost exclusively Super Smash Bros. and Pokemon though, as that is what my viewers want, plus I'm pretty okay at Smash. 

I've written for a couple of sites that are now mostly defunct. Girls Entertainment Network first, then here on the cblogs, and then I started my own site Tomodom, a site dedicated to given underrepresented voices in game journalism a place to make their voices heard. I had started to plan for a Kickstarter to be called DIG: Diversity and Inclusivity in Gaming, that was to be a series of games with unique characters with unexplored stories. Sadly both projects are now put on the backburner, though may be explored in the future. I plan on writing a bit about them and lessons learned in future cblogs. 

Currently I mostly do let's plays / live streams of games at least 5 days a week typically at 12am EST. I've went from 600 followers to 6,500 and partnered within a year on Twitch, and have been able to pay my rent ($250, it is split 5 ways) just from the ad revenue / subscribers between that my 2 YouTube channels. Currently I put in 40 hours a week at my boring corporate IT desk job, and at least 30+ hours a week on Twitch / YouTube. So as you could imagine, I don't have much free time or social life outside of work. 

But it is all worth it. Besides being something I can see myself doing for a living in the future, I get to have a positive impact on people's lives. I'm very open with who I am in everything I do, and especially on Twitch. I know as someone who didn't have many friends when I was younger, and when I was closeted, I wished someplace like the community in my Twitch channel existed. There have been people come out gay, trans, etc. for the first time in their lives in our chat because they feel at home, safe, welcomed. People send me messages of thanks for providing them entertainment, or a safe place. Others lurk in chat and randomly make donations to ensure I can afford to continue doing what I do (without me asking). Honeslty I don't have much of a social life to begin with working a late second shift, so Twitch has kind of given me one, as well as a lot of the people in my chat.

Anyways, I plan on starting to writitng here as often as I can and making Destructoid my home again (not that it hasn't been my home page for years). I've always liked this place. Also, cocks.

I leave you with a quote:

"If you love something, go do it. If you want to get paid to do something you love, don’t wait for someone to pay you to do it, do it until someone pays you to not stop doing it." - Max Scoville

Alternate title: Am I the only one around here that is tired of playing as a 30 something white cisgender male with a gun?

I have played video games for as long as I can remember, which is over 20 years, and for all of those years a majority of the games have starred middle aged white cisgender males with some form of gun. Retro consoles are just as "guilty" of this as modern consoles, from Mario Bros. (compare the original Mario sprite to modern day Mario) to Megaman to Uncharted and Grand Theft Auto. There is nothing inherently wrong with making a game starring a white male character holding a gun, just isn't there SOMETHING else?

Obviously there are games out there that feature different types of characters as leads, Princess Tomato in Salad Kingdom, Metroid, Mirror's Edge, Heavenly Sword and Okami for example, just not nearly enough. During the recent expos and cons I sat on my couch watching live streams of the big reveals and trailers and I couldn't help but be disappointed time and time again when I found out the cool looking game starred a straight white cisgender male. 

Imagine my excitement when I saw the announcements of Muraski Baby and Lily Bergamo, two new games that feature leading ladies. I felt sad after watching the live reveal of Lily Bergamo because I was excited by the fact that the main character and game title were assumed to be female. No gameplay was really shown, no real story elements explained, just an enemy, a main character and a title. And here I was, excited by the fact I could play as a female or anything outside the "norm".

Heck, I even got excited when the trailer for Call of Duty: Ghosts confirmed female soldiers were finally in the game. If given the chance in multiplayer games to play as a female character, I do, having played as a female spartan in every Halo game that offers it, Evelynn in League of Legends, Peach in Super Mario Bros. 2, etc. It is not that I want to be a women, but I crave variety and something different. I have played so many games as a man, it just feels good to play as ANYTHING different. I posted an article about Natural Selection 2 adding a female soldier on my site and the response was very positive. Someone also pointed out it is sad that the fact you could play as a female was such a big deal in this day and age. I have to say I agree.

Now don't get me wrong, I enjoy many games with a white cisgender male lead, and I don't feel like you should shoehorn in different types of characters just to please the masses. That being said, isn't there a ton of possibilities when you think of all the types of people in the world publishers and game designers aren't using? Women, children, elders, LGBTQ people, handicapped people, and people of others races all could make interesting characters with interesting stories. There are even tons of openings in current series to include female characters, Super Mario Brothers for example, Who are the Mario parents? Bowser Jr.'s mom? Just think of the possibilities. 

So how will this ever change? Currently I'm planning a video series called Diversity and Inclusivity in Gaming or DIG for short, which is going to be short (hopefully) animated examples of hypothetical games featuring a variety of characters in a variety of different game genres. I've been working with my team from Tomodom along with people gathered from various places to conceptualize said video series. Our team consists of many females, LGBTQ people and even a few cisgender white males (gasp! though they are a minority). Right now we have 5 concepts started for episodes that we are working on developing, and without giving away too much detail I'll say one stars a transgender mayor. 

Some teaser artwork done by Alicia Weninger (check out her artwork here) for one of our hypothetical game concepts. Just imagine them on horses. (Yes I'm being cryptic on purpose.) And the following is a rough sketch of another heroine from a different concept we have in the works, also drawn by Alicia, presented without comment.

Currently DIG, while having been being worked on for a few months, is still in its infancy. We have a lot of work to do before we launch, and we would like to run a Kickstarter for it, as animation isn't cheap. Thus far everyone working on it is doing so as a passion project, unpaid and on their own time, because we all agree this is something that needs to happen and needs to be talked about. We are always looking for talented people to help if anyone is interested (and no I didn't make this post to recruit people) so if that is you let me know. 

So what do you think Destructoid? "Can you DIG it!?" Do you think this is something that needs to happen and/or is a good concept? You are the first people I've mentioned the project to outside of close friends and colleagues. I'll be revealing more as work continues in anticipation of launching the Kickstarter.

The Hawken closed beta has started and I've decided to make a little introduction video showing you some different features of the game, a full deathmatch and a few different mechs. I did have a few audio issues, but either way you can get a feel for the gameplay and the available mechs. I was also in the alpha but that is still under NDA. I can say that there are major differences between the two, but can't go into further detail.

Hawken will be available in 45 days, and right now I feel like it is still trying to figure out balancing. Mechs feel very fragile, and battles tend to not last very long, something that I think needs to change. Certain mechs feel more powerful than others, like the more tanky mechs and the fast darting around assault mechs. The sniper feels kind of out of place in the game, sniping a mech just feels weird. That being said I'm never really played too many other mech games other than the original Steal Battalion (FUCK YEAH!) and Mech Assault 2 for like once, so maybe snipers aren't that strange for a mech series?

Hopefully things can get a bit more balanced and less buggy in 45 days, the game is a SHIT LOAD of fun, regardless of the small caveats the game faces at the moment. If anyone has the beta, add me: DimmuJed and let's rub metal together :)

Jim Sterling seems to think that oranges are better than apples and that is just not true. This is probably going to be the shortest rant review on this site, but apples are far better than oranges.

Look at the facts, oranges were great, the first time, but now they are just a boring citrus that we have all had before. We all know citrus is acidic and too much of the same thing is bad for you. But these apples, man are they good. Plus, how many kinds of oranges are there? Like 3? They all taste the same, but there is so much variety in apples from granny smiths to red delicious to curb stompers to grapples. Plus look at the ingredients of most fruit juices, they run on the apple juice engine, the most renowned engine on the market! Apples and the juice they run on is so fucking awesome, way better than oranges and their teeth decaying bullshit and peals.

Go fuck yourself, Jim "Nintendogsexual Banana Loving Sonic Rapist" Sterling apples are so much better!

Sorry about the short amount of time between posts, but I'm sick of people crying about scores like this and comparing games to each other that have nothing in common. It seems like the internet is full of idiots these days and I'm ashamed at the way gamers are reacting to reviews now...disgusted even.