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Hello there! I'm Jed. I've been "in the gaming journalism industry" sort of, kind of, for some time. Be it here in the cblogs, Tomodom (a site I made for underrepresented voices in games journalism), Girls Entertainment Network, and on the YouTubes and Twitches.

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I've been playing Skyrim for a couple of days now and decided to get some eye candy for you guys to swoon over. On my first setting I thought the graphics looked like ball sack, turns out I must have been under the influence of being a hateful bitch that date. The graphics are gorgeous and the gameplay isn't too shabby either. I have these available in 1080p if anyone wants links to download them. Without further a due, I present to you, Skyrim on Xbox 360.

Background / Cover / Description

Skyrim Title Screen

Foggy Forest Wagon Ride as Prisoner

Beautiful Sky, Mountains and Forest

Flowing River Under A Bridge (my favorite, check out the detail on the water / the butterfly in the background)

Check Out That Breast (SFW)

Hunter's Fire Lit Cabin with various animal pelts and his wench

Zombie Wolf!

Snowie Mountain Top Valley View with mace and lightning

Walk Like An Egyptian...?

Foggy Mountain Peak Towering Above Woodlands

My mage in town peering at foggy mountain in 3rd person (sad that you can't see how sexy her mohawk is)

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