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Hello there! I'm Jed. I've been "in the gaming journalism industry" sort of, kind of, for some time. Be it here in the cblogs, Tomodom (a site I made for underrepresented voices in games journalism), Girls Entertainment Network, and on the YouTubes and Twitches.

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Jim Sterling seems to think that oranges are better than apples and that is just not true. This is probably going to be the shortest rant review on this site, but apples are far better than oranges.

Look at the facts, oranges were great, the first time, but now they are just a boring citrus that we have all had before. We all know citrus is acidic and too much of the same thing is bad for you. But these apples, man are they good. Plus, how many kinds of oranges are there? Like 3? They all taste the same, but there is so much variety in apples from granny smiths to red delicious to curb stompers to grapples. Plus look at the ingredients of most fruit juices, they run on the apple juice engine, the most renowned engine on the market! Apples and the juice they run on is so fucking awesome, way better than oranges and their teeth decaying bullshit and peals.

Go fuck yourself, Jim "Nintendogsexual Banana Loving Sonic Rapist" Sterling apples are so much better!

Sorry about the short amount of time between posts, but I'm sick of people crying about scores like this and comparing games to each other that have nothing in common. It seems like the internet is full of idiots these days and I'm ashamed at the way gamers are reacting to reviews now...disgusted even.

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