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I've started to frequent Reddit recently and have found two threads that I feel need to be discussed here, as I respect a lot of you and would love to hear your opinions on this subject.

EA, in recent years, have started to get the reputation as a company that doesn't care about it's employees, it's customers or fair competition, but are any of these statements true? Can one of the largest video game publishers, if not the largest, really be doing things so underhanded that the only appropriate term for them is evil? The following is evidence supporting this claim...take it for what you will...

Evidence A: EA Customer Support Rep Speaks Out (click evidence A for a copy of the below that can be zoomed in on if you have issues reading it.)

Source Link

Evidence B: Origin Charging People Erroneously

Multiple people are reporting that they are getting charged multiple times or not at all through EA's new service, Origin, for Battlefield 3.

Source Link

I encourage you to observe the evidence provided and come to a conclusion, Do you think EA is evil? /journalism
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