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Hello there! I'm Jed. I've been "in the gaming journalism industry" sort of, kind of, for some time. Be it here in the cblogs, Tomodom (a site I made for underrepresented voices in games journalism), Girls Entertainment Network, and on the YouTubes and Twitches.

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A continuation of my "fan fiction" from this blog here.

Siamese dug his claws deep into the ground as he sped quickly through the dark forest, weaving between trees with cat like nimbleness. All he could picture was his family, their bodies strewn about like cat nip filled rag dolls. His kittens, his poor, poor kittens, how he missed them so. He remembers the last thing they had said to him, "Meow." They hadn't learned to speak proper yet, but it made his heart purr.

Siamese knew he was nearing Castle Racula, and it would only be a short while longer before he got there, but first he'd have to make it through the bog ahead...

Flashback one week

Siamese's whole world had been turned upside down, but he hit the ground with his paws running. He headed into Catsberry, the closest town where his wife would go to get supplies, to see if anyone there could lead him to Ratcula. Once in town Siamese entered the pub, as he had heard talk of a traveling merchant that frequented it. Once inside the pub, Siamese jumped onto a bar stool, walked in a circle three times and finally sat down. The bar tender, Mittens, came over to him and said, "What will it be: Gravy? Tuna?"

"A saucer full of warm milk please." replied Siamese

"Nice choice." Mittens fired back, "Haven't seen you in these parts, what brings you round this way?"

"I'm looking for Ratcula." Siamese stated as he felt his claws extend

The bar grew silent, everyone's gaze turned to Siamese. It was so silent you could have heard a thread of yarn drop... suddenly a gruff voice broke through the silence, "I know the where abouts of Ratcula." a shadowy figure in the corner said, "Come over here and we can discuss it further."

Approaching with caution, Siamese could now see it was a dog, wearing a leather duster and a cowboy hat over his eyes. "Names Siamese, nice to meet you." Siamese stated as he extended a paw in greeting.

*BARK* *SNAP* "I suggest you keep your paws to yourself," barked the dog, "I don't exactly like your kind."

Stunned, all Siamese could do was stare.

"Names Otis." he said, "I travel from town to town selling maps, relics, bones, information, and other goods...for a price."

"What kind of price?" inquired Siamese

"Well, all my customers must sign a contract to be able to purchase my wares or services." stated Otis

"I just need to find Ratcula!" Siamese had enough of this talk and angrily slammed his balled up paw on the table in front of him.

"Ok, ok, just sign here and we can talk Ratcula." Otis nudged over a contract

"What is this gibberish? You know I can't read Doganese!?" Siamese said frustrated

"Do you want to find Ratcula or not?" Otis barked

"Alright, I'll sign it." Siamese said as he dipped his claw into a container of red ink.

Otis pulled out a map, and explained how to get to Ratcula, who was last seen headed towards his Castle Racula which had seemingly appeared from thin air recently.

Otis also said that if Siamese ever needed help, all he needed to do was, "Throw a bone into the air, as high as you can, and I'll be there."

"What? How does that..." before Siamese could finish his sentence Otis had disappeared. Siamese shrugged and headed out of the pub, towards Castle Ratcula, it would take him nearly two weeks to get there according to what Otis had told him.

As Siamese entered the woods in front of him, a shadowy figure could be seen watching from a far, it was Otis. Otis laughed sadistically to himself, "If only that cat knew what he was getting himself into..."

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