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So, there a lot of things people want to see @ E3. Here's some worrying trends I would love to not see in the next fiscal year:

Final Fantasy VII Remake
Burn this idea with fire. Seeing the quality of Final Fantasy products Square has been putting out, there is only one thing Square could do to FF VII: Ruin it. Seriously, the Square of today will fuck this up royally. For now, I'm content with my original copy and I'm occasionally tempted to download it on PSN so I can play it on my PSP.

Music Games
Seriously, just let Rock Band be the king and leave it at that.

Retro Revivals
I love old games. I recently finished A Link to the Past over the weekend. I have the original Sonic the Hedgehog Trilogy (+Knuckles) on Virtual Console. I play Toejam and Earl once a month. I do not need another NES Megaman game, I already have 6 of them. Show me what you can do TODAY within TODAYS limits.

More Realistic Graphics
I'm sick of the ever growing trend towards realism in video game graphics. I see a very negative trend where designers are letting the graphics inform the gameplay instead of the other way around. The push for realism in graphics is equaling the push for realistic games. I hope developers take the opportunity at E3 to show me things I've never imagined.

(Gordon Freeman Pixel Art jacked from Oli Smith)
(3D David Render jacked from Max Wahyudi)
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