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DigitalMase avatar 11:46 PM on 05.23.2011  (server time)
So, what're re you looking forward to @ E3?

E3 is a little over a week away…here's what I'm looking forward to:

Project Cafe'/Wii 2/Wii HD etc. - Nintendo's new home console is set to be revealed @ E3. With all the rumors flying around, I'm really curious to know what this thing actually is and what it can do.

New 3DS games - I have a 3DS. It reminds me of when I first got a PS2 and all I used it for was to play PS1 games. I Have a 3DS and all I use it for is to play DS games. I can't wait tot see more games announced and shown for this system.

Microsoft/Sony counter announcements? - I figure Sony will finally show some NGP games and nail down exactly what the hardware does. Microsoft supposedly has an Xbox 3D upgrade. Their last upgrade added support for a new Disc format with a supposed larger capacity then the DLDVD's they were using before, so it would not surprise me that they could add a firmware upgrade that would allow stereoscopic 3D support as well. Unless these companies have been playing very close to their hand, I don't think either one is going to be able to outdo the bombshell Nintendo has promised this year.

Versus XIII - Last I saw of this game, it looked like crap…but as the game the FFXIII creator wanted to make, it has to be better then the crap FFXIII we actually got. For me, this game still has potential although my faith in the core FF team was lost a long time ago.

That's all I'm really looking forward to hearing about…what about you?

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