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It's that time for year again. The temperature rises and the fist start flying. Yes I'm talking about EVO! All this weekend check out the best of the best (and a bunch of button mashing scrubs) throw down on some of the greatest fighting games ever. Today is kicking off with Street Fighter 4 at 5 PM Pacific. Go check out the action right here.

1:28 AM on 11.07.2007

This video is for all the insomniacs on D-toid. If you're up this late you must be drunk, high on something or just an insomniac. Tonight I am the latter, but on several occasions I've been the former two. So with that said enjoy the video you drunk, insomniatic, bong jockeys. :)

P.S. This post wasn't intended to viewed by Europeans, considering it's about 9 AM over there, so Jim Sterling avert you're gaze!

It seems like all of LA has been on fire for about a week. Over a BILLION dollars in damage and six people are dead all because nobody listens to Smokey the Bear.

And who would have thought that a washed up ska band could be so right?

I'm gonna keep it short and sweet. So lets start with the bad first.

1) It's too small. On top of that there are several huge areas of empty space. It would have been nice to see a few games in these spaces. And that ties into my next point.

2) Shitty publisher support. Square-Enix, Microsoft, Sony, Ubisoft, all MIA. WHAT THE FUCK!? The biggest publishers in the industry pull a no-show at an event tailored to reach their core audience. WHAT THE FUCK indeed...

3) The booth. Craptacular music and performances.

I'm all outta Haterade, so I'll quench my thirst with some Love Juice(tm).

1) The "Indie Corner" was awesome. I saw a couple games that make believe that originality in gaming isn't dead. Braid in particular was impressive. I'll be picking that up when/if it hits XBLA.

2) Live performances. Whether it was the dude playing classic retro tunes on his piano or the outrageous Rock Band wannabes, I had a great time checking those out and can't wait to see more.

3) Cosplay. What can I say I'm a sucker for hot chicks that dress up as video game characters. VirtualGirls Lara Croft was great. Boo was great, and was the crowd favorite by far.

4)The DToid Army! While I only met a few of you I have to admit that it made my day. It's finally great the to see the people that make Destructoid what it is: the best gaming community on the internet. I hope see even more of you guys.

5) While not directly E for All related, I did score some free tickets to the Clippers game, for after the convention, that were kick ass. About 60 feet back from the court and just off center. It was great to see the Suns kick the Clippers asses and see that that Nash hasn't lost a step in the off season.

I wasn't blown away by any shocking announcements, but MS hit a lot of the right points and gave a very solid showing. Actually, the Gears or War featuring Live functionality in XP was big for me, but thats it.

P.S. Thanks to Ted for the Gamespot hook-up in Vent.

I was just realizing that the summer slow down is in full effect (for me at least). And I was mulling thru my gaming archives looking to finish the neglected games that got shelved early. Holy fuck do I have a long summer ahead of me. Many of these games I forgot that I didnt finish or havent even play yet.

Here are the list of offenders in no particular order:

Jak 2
Jak 3
Final Fantasy X
Final Fantasy XII
Silent Bomber
Paper Mario: 1000 year door
Metroid Prime
Battalion Wars
Ocarina of Time: Master Quest
Sonic Rush
Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time
GTA: San Andreas
Dark Cloud 2
Radiata Stories
Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter
Burnout 3
Metal Gear Solid 3
And finally Zone of the Enders 2

This list really got me deppresed. I think imma go get drunk and cry in the shower with my clothes on. If you wanna join my shame spiral, let us all know what games youve left waiting to be finished.