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DigestiveGaming avatar 2:47 PM on 06.23.2012  (server time)
E3: DigestiveGaming

It was announced last year but it's still cool. Right?

There were many announcements at E3, but for me the most interesting thing announced was the Wii U and its tablet. So what could this tablet be in the future? The tablet. It can be your futuristic smartphone or your old fashioned map. This means that you can now find every information out about who you are attacking and rather than having to bring up a phone on the screen, it is on your lap. This adds a level of immersion and excitement. Don't bother pausing. You have to find the best moment to switch weapons or eat some food.

After the first 2 players the rest use a standard Wii Remote or this lovely new controller. FPS, here I come.

I'm looking forward to this and you should be as well. Why? New control schemes. We all like our second screens. Think the DS. It went on to the DSi and the 3DS. Nowadays in the realm of TV you have Zeebox. For those unfamiliar with it, it provides tweets and information about the show and actors. Think Onlive. With their new announcement you have multiview. Looking to see how the game progresses or what is possible? Watch three other people while you are playing it. This is all possible on the Wii U. The control options are expanded. With ZombiU U (see what I did there) aim the sniper using the touchscreen. You then walk around with the control sticks and shoot with the triggers.

Hacking devices with all new accuracy.

It may not seem like a big change, but it is. It makes the game more tense. In scary games I go into the map to take a breather. The Wii U says screw U (again, really Stanley) and forces you to go on. It isn't absolutely revolutionary but it's good. Games like Watch Dogs (not confirmed for Wii U) and ZombiU are going to help you take advantage of this. This is going to be fun. Your futuristic tech dreams of super hacking and ultra PDA's are coming true. Your dreams of old pirate maps are also coming true. Nintendo is giving everyone something. The Wii U is not revultionary but it is a stepping stone to the next generation, and hopefully that stone will not sink

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